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 The Requiem Boogie – Jordan Walker-Pearlman

IndieFEST Film Awards Film Festival

Jordan Walker-Pearlman (USA), The Requiem Boogie, Film Feature – A middle-aged former child actor has been in deep grief and isolation over the death of his movie star father when an increasingly surreal bunch of rascals show up at his house to convince him to participate in a reunion show of the long ago sitcom he starred in. The experience further blurs his ability to distinguish between reality and fiction, real life and screen life. Walker-Pearlman’s semi-autobiographical tale details some of his own memories his co-parent the late Oscar-Nominee Gene Wilder and their brief time as a family with the late Emmy-winner Gilda Radner. Engaging performances by a very talented cast bring heart and soul to this colorful story. Pearlman (The Visit), Rosie Fellner (Heist), Hill Harper (CSI: NY), Ever Carradine (The Handmaid’s Tale), Emmy-winner David Clennon (Missing), Emmy-nominee Tracie Thoms (Sidetracked) and Emmy-nominee Gregory Itzen (24). Soundtrack Emmy-nominee David Kahne.

BREARTH – Julio del Alamo

IndieFEST Film Awards Film Festival

Julio del Alamo (Spain)Brearth, Experimental – Filmmaker del Alamo marries creative, exceptional and provocative images with a chilling message relevant to our times. An emotionally moving and stunning visual odyssey of an evolutionary journey through a contaminated human dystopia – packed in plastic waste that suffocates. Each stage of life is uniquely represented with inventive characters displaying emotions of a world that is subtly choking them. Carried along with an emotive soundtrack and impactful sound design – it relays the message that the future is now, the earth is dying. The human being decomposes and recycles – until man’s use of plastic ruins the natural cycles and kills those in its path. It takes great skill to focus a compelling, potent message in such a short period of time. An experimental animation with AI-generated visuals that will take your breath away. Exceptional and Powerful.

Award of Excellence SP

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalDana Marisa Schoenfeld (USA), EAST, TV Pilot Program – An attorney gets fired on the day she finds her fiancé cheating and decides to pursue a dream to be an actress. Smart, engaging and witty with all the makings of a successful show. A talented ensemble cast: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld (Divorce School), Jolie Curtsinger (Shackled), Guyviad Joseph (Harlem), Jen Rudolph (Transformers), Tara Pacheco (First Wives Club).

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalPaul Cadenhead (USA), The Cowboy Pecan Pie, Film Short – A  seven-year-old boy is sexually abused by his neighbor as he transcends reality into the mystic Wild West to learn self-reliance from a colorful cowboy. A brilliant take on a difficult theme with deft direction and achingly authentic performances. Don DiPetta (Green Book), Kue Lawrence (Beautiful Boy), Ronnie Clark (Future Man) Kristin Cary (Hall Pass).

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalMike Corey (USA), Welcome to Texas, Animation / Social Justice – Corey’s pitch-perfect animated short showcases the intersection of art and activism. A university freshman learns firsthand about the state’s restrictive abortion laws in “Welcome to Texas”. Engaging characters, compelling soundtrack (John Guth) tight editing and a gut-punch ending designed to inspire viewers as a call to action.

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalPierre et David Callant (Belgium), Like a Mark, Film Short (Comme une Empreinte) – In a forest in the Ardennes, a grizzled old man protectively runs a wilderness lodge until one fateful day he meets a real estate agent who is drawn there for reasons he only later comes to know. Deft direction and compelling performances by Olivier Bonjour (In Bruges) and Michael Erpelding (Tribes of Europa).

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalJoseph Keckler and M. Sharkey (USA), Ghost Song, Music Video – A narrator reveals the details of a mysterious, transformative encounter that took place in a remote locale on an artist’s retreat. What follows is a totally unexpected, utterly clever and wildly creative ride – delivered by innovative and talented performer Joseph Keckler and supported by lush lighting, cinematography and sound design.

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalMark Parry (USA), Who is Watson?, Doc Feature – A beautifully crafted documentary chronicles the life of Bernard Watson and his extraordinary life and accomplishments – including opening doors to education, championing African Americans for significant government positions and building opportunities in communities of color. Enlightening interviews, tight editing and outstanding craft.

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalDwayne Cameron (New Zealand), June, Film Short – A couple deals with a serious diagnosis and 24 hours of raw despair until a transcendent occurrence offers them hope. Compelling performances. Dwayne Cameron (McLaren), Sarah James (Holding the Sun), John Callen (The Hobbit) lush cinematography Adam Clark (Lord of the Rings,) exceptional effects Emmy-Nominated Charlie Tait (Guardians of the Galaxy).

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalMaggie Jones and Brad Jones (USA), CANCER/EVOLUTION: The Dustbin of History, Doc Feature – Episode 1 of a docuseries on the metabolic theory of cancer. From Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, a gay, Jewish scientist under aegis of the Nazis – it shows how his theories informed discoveries, biases and politics of future research. Interesting interviews and exceptional graphics.

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalTitouan Laporte (France), Le Magasin des Compliments, Film Short – An imaginative story of a “compliment store” where customers come to be recharged or send acknowledgement to a loved one. Beautiful technical craft and engaging performances. Stars: François-Dominique Blin (Ici tout Commence), Mathilde Guzzo, Laly Meignan (Love in Paris), Eric Jakobiak (Commissariat Bastille).

IndieFEST Film Awards Film FestivalYannis Bennegent (France), Laura, Film Short – Laura needs to feed on blood every day to survive. But when her parents can no longer provide they must face her danger and choose between her and them.  Chilling premise and brought to life by a talented cast and crew. Anais Yazit (Salies), Laurent Le Doyen (Les Charpentiers de Babel), Stéphane Pouplard (Netsef), Marianne Anska (French Kiss).

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Alan Lacy (USA), The Lone Wolverine of the Wallowas, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Amit Ashraf (Bangladesh), Kathal, Film Short
Björn Granberg Ahlmark (Sweden), What a Match, Animation
Charles Reynoso (USA), Faith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality, Religion / Ethics
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld (USA), EAST, Actor: Supporting (Guyviaud Joseph as Jarred), Actress: Leading (Dana Marisa Schoenfeld as Ella Goldman), Actress: Supporting (Jolie Curtsinger as Lacey Stone), Direction, Editing (Cliff Birbrower and Dana Marisa Schoenfeld), Ensemble Cast, Script / Writer (Dana Marisa Schoenfeld), Television – Program / Series, Webisode, Web Series, Women Filmmakers (Dana Marisa Schoenfeld and Jolie Curtsinger)
Dr. Cecilia Choi (USA), Kombucha Cure, Actress: Supporting (Denise Boutte as Gabriela)

Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand), JUNE, Actor: Leading (Dwayne Cameron as David), Direction, Editing (Dwayne Cameron and Peter Roberts), Experimental, Cinematography (Adam Clark), Script / Writer (Dwayne Cameron), Special Effects: Animation
Endre Lund Eriksen, Daniel Damm (Norway), Home office, Animation
Eric Frodsham (USA), Rear View Cataclysm, Actress: Leading (Caroline Ducey as Mazie)
Fella Cederbaum (USA), It’s All Your Fault, Script / Writer
Ilja Dombrovskij (Netherlands), Come on Baby, Music Video
Jared Gagnon-Palick (USA), Live To Farm, Direction, Documentary Short, Editing, Film Short, Reality Programming, Television – Program / Series
Jordan Held (USA), Ovaryacting, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jordan Walker-Pearlman (USA), The Requiem Boogie, Original Song (Boy There’s Something Wrong With You, lyrics by Jordan Walker-Pearlman, David Kahne, and Nathaniel Hoho, music by David Kahne), Ensemble Cast, Direction, Actor: Leading (Jordan Walker-Pearlman as Ranny), Actress: Supporting (Tracie Thoms as Fabulous Executive), Actress: Supporting (Ever Carradine as Aunt Geoff), Script / Writer, Editing (Brian Johnson and Jordan Walker-Pearlman), Actress: Leading (Rosie Fellner as Lisa), Original Score (Composed by David Kahne)

Julian Austin Palmer (Australia), Contemplations: On The Psychedelic Experience, Special Effects: Animation
Julio del Alamo (Spain), BREARTH, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
K.K. Electronics (Netherlands), We Must Arm (By Winston Churchill), Music Video
Kapitan Kenguru (Netherlands), Eva Braun, Music Video
Kurt Hartel (Germany), La Clave – A Mystery of Musica Cubana, Documentary Feature
Lynn Elliott (USA), Alta California, Native Peoples
Maartje Nevejan (Netherlands), Descending The Mountain. a Story about Mushrooms and Meditation., Documentary Feature
Maggie Jones and Brad Jones (USA), CANCER/EVOLUTION Episode 1: The Dustbin of History, Women Filmmakers, Editing (Brad Jones)
Mark Parry (USA), Who is Watson?, History / Biographical
Mike Corey (USA), Welcome To Texas, Animation, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Nathan Robert Blackburn (USA), Track Shack, Television – Program / Series, Television – Pilot Program
Paul Cadenhead (USA), The Cowboy Pecan Pie, Actor: Leading (Kue Lawrence as Andrew), Actor: Supporting (Ronnie Clark as Pecan Pie), Direction, Editing, Script / Writer
Rik Langan (United Kingdom), The Wait, Film Short
Rukmini Vijayakumar (India), Matsya, Experimental

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