IndieFEST is a FilmFreeway Top 100 Reviewed Festival

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Communication and promotion of winning films is top notch

Incredible awards competition with great exposure for films to be screened and judged by top industry professionals! The communication and promotion/marketing of winning films is top notch. I highly recommend the IndieFEST FILM AWARDS to filmmakers! WOW Films

WOW Films

Supports, Encourages and Rewards Filmmakers

The IndieFEST Film Awards is an excellent platform which truly supports, encourages and rewards filmmakers from around the globe. We would like to express our gratitude to your expert panel of judges for acknowledging our work.

Kaushik Das

IMDb Qualified!

Notification and win received in a timely fashion. Very good communication. A lovely array of choices of laurels to choose from for my win. And a wonderful plus is being IMDb qualified, so my win could be added to my IMDb profile.

Michele Lyman

Really helping up-and-coming filmmakers

IndieFEST Film Awards is an invaluable competition! The way it is structured allows for many deserving filmmakers to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work! They are really helping up-and-coming filmmakers to get their work and names out there. I plan to submit all of my work in the future! Thanks IndieFEST!

Timothy Collins

Incredible relevant feedback … its invaluable

IndieFEST Film Awards is one of the best online competitions we’ve entered so far. Though you may not get to meet people at an actual event, you get incredible relevant feedback on your art… its invaluable.

Kendall Bryant

Opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from other industry professionals

The IndieFEST organizers and staff were extremely helpful and professional in their communication with my team and me throughout this process. This festival also offers the filmmaker the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from other professionals in the industry.

Matthew Starr

Feedback and encouragement are amazing

Their feedback and encouragement are amazing. Grateful to Indiefest for providing filmmakers a fair forum for all filmmakers. They are truly supportive of the indie filmmaker!

Bob Celli

Support and communication was tremendous!

A marvelous place to submit your films! Support and communication was tremendous! Well done IndieFEST Film Awards. Keep up the great work!

Michael Raso

The honorable board of judges give you honest and valuable feedback

I cannot recommend The IndieFEST Film Awards too highly–particularly for filmmakers who have created something that is out of the box, because IndieFEST loves original, edgy, risky films that defy the mainstream. And here’s a bonus. As a fellow filmmaker I know how expensive it is to attend film festivals throughout the world. I love this fest because it’s an online experience. All you have to do is submit your film via FilmFreeway and the good people at the IndieFEST will do the rest. The honorable board of judges will dedicate their undivided attention to your film and will give you honest and valuable feedback. And best of all for us starving artists, no airfare, no hotel costs or travel expenses. You don’t want to miss this fest!

John Henry Richardson

Five stars from start to finish!

Participating in IndieFEST has been one of our very best festival experiences. Communication and follow-up are exceptional, attention to detail and respect for the artists work are paramount. Five stars from start to finish!

Kai Morgan

For filmmakers looking to boost their recognition

Great award festival for filmmakers looking to boost their recognition.

Robert Nishimura

Helping to get exposure to indie films!

Thank you for helping to get exposure to indie films! A great platform for films trying to get noticed. The entire process with the IndieFest team has been great.

Sebastien Tobler

Amazing communication and work from the staff

Excellent. Amazing communication and work from the staff. Absolutely recommended

Dhyan Valdés Ramírez

A huge opportunity for all the filmmakers

Thank you The IndieFEST Film Awards a lot! You give a huge opportunity to all the filmmakers from all over the world to make their dream comes true.

An Pham

Friendly supportive staff and a great experience!!!

Excellent Festival!!! I Highly recommend!!!  Friendly supportive staff and a great experience!!!

Steven Lawson

Just awesome from beginning to end

This could only have been more effortless if it had come with free anti-anxiety medication. Just awesome from beginning to end. Thanks!

Dylan Brody

Very grateful for all the information and support

Communication was excellent and many thanks to the whole team at The Indie Fest Film Awards. I was delighted to receive the award of excellence and I’m very grateful for all the information and support.

Steve Graf

Couldn’t have been happier with the IndieFEST experience

Couldn’t have been happier with the IndieFEST experience, communication, and interaction. Top Notch!

Lisa Rodriguez

I am an honored actress and fan! This crew is ultra professional, very fair and super respectful of the indie filmmaker! I will surely be back with future projects! Thank you!

Brooke Lewis

Marketing and promotion, unique Laurels and gorgeous Trophies

Really great festival. Rick Prickett and the IndieFest Film Awards Team really love indie films and the independent filmmakers. Friendly, helpful, professional, very good social media push, they help with marketing and promotion, they have unique Laurels and offer the option of gorgeous Trophies! Very competitive too! It’s thrilling! Thank you IndieFest for a memorable experience!

Maritza Brikisak

They sincerely love and support small movies!

An absolute honor to participate in this award. The team was generous and communicative and sincerely love and support small movies!

Brendan Bradley

Highly motivating for young filmmakers

It’s an honor to have won The IndieFEST Film Award. It’s highly motivating for young filmmakers like us to be recognized on a global platform. Thank you Mr. Rick Prickett and the entire team.

Ganesh Nallari

Professionalism and confidence they provide to their participants

Simply awesome, It would be hard to describe their professionalism and above all confidence that they provide to their participants. Unlike other festivals, this is something prestigious and I am glad to have won an award from them.

Fahad Kahut

A great and honorable experience

A great and honorable experience, this is very encouraging for my creation!

Elvis Lu

Gives voices that may not otherwise be heard the arena to shine and thrive

I want to extend a heartfelt THANKS to The IndieFest Film Awards. Everyone was overjoyed when I shared the news with them. I’m so grateful for festivals like this one that gives voices that may not otherwise be heard the arena to shine and to thrive. There are some exceptional filmmakers in the world and I’m humbled to be counted in some small way among them.

Eric Ayala

Amplifies the voice of Indie Filmmakers

Amazing festival!! The festival is very relevant for unique & independent filmmakers. The festival encourages and strengthens the community of independent film makers. It amplifies their voice.  I am extremely thankful to The IndieFEST Film Awards for the honor.  Great work!!

Ankit Kadam

Excellent for both first time and veteran filmmakers

The IndieFEST is an excellent and hassle free Award Festival. Excellent for both first time and veteran filmmakers.

Andy Galloway

Very Professional. Super Communicative!

Very Professional. Super Communicative! Thank you!!!!

David-Hien Bui



Charles Mandracchia

Very helpful, organized, responsive – great opportunity!

Very helpful and well organized team, really responsive to all the messages and inquiries and a great opportunity for any independent filmmaker to have his movie screened by this amazing festival…Thank you for such opportunity

Nada Ibrahim

The award is really something special and worth having

Great awards fest! The award is really something special and worth having. Thank you IndieFEST!

Brian Barsuglia

Fantastic – so many categories and we got quick updates!

This festival is fantastic, there are so many categories and we got quick updates on or films progress, I’m hoping to submit more here soon!

Lily Barfield

Legitimizing films and giving motivation

Getting a recognition award is such a cool concept of legitimizing a film maker’s art and giving him/her the motivation required for a positive future. I appreciate this appreciation. Thank You so much IndieFest

Anugat Raj FILMS

Excellent communication, friendly and professional

Excellent communication, friendly and professional throughout the entire process. It is a great honor to win.   I definitely recommend this festival and will submit again in the future

Caroline Cory

Excellent communications and an encouraging approach with film makers

Our core team felt very thankful and humble for this recognition. The IndieFEST has excellent communications management and an encouraging way to approach film makers. Keep up the good work!

Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

Motivating emerging filmmakers like myself

Thank you for recognizing & motivating new emerging filmmakers like myself. Fantastic festival and I look forward to submit my next entry soon!!

Prab Kainth

Very helpful every step of the way.

Very helpful every step of the way.

Indian Maiden

Impressed with the quality of the trophy

The trophy was a nice touch. Something to immortalize my life long pursuit. I’ll never forget the day I brought home the trophy and showed it off to my friends and family.  It was a special day for me. Everyone was so proud of my accomplishment and impressed with the quality of the trophy. They told me that all my hard was finally starting to pay off. Hopefully this will be the first of many awards I’ll be receiving as my skills grow as a film maker and an animator.

Shawn Myles

Kind and professional

Kind and also very professional.

Harry Assouline

Well worth the submission fee

We were thrilled to have received an award for our film and the ensuing recognition. I felt the festival’s communication was incredible. It was well worth the submission fee.

Ric Osuna



Larry Blackman

Great experience

Loved it. The cast and crew of our feature film wish to thank Rick and the IndieFEST Awards for a great experience

James L. Perry

Great Experience

Thanks for a great experience IndieFEST!

Jack Nordstrom

Communication was GREAT!

Communication was GREAT! Thank You to the Organizers For a Wonderful Experience

Liz Taylor

Professional group of people with a great vision for filmmakers

Very professional group of people with a great vision for filmmakers. Thanks so much for the award.

James Carroll

Great opportunity for my work

A very competent and supportive festival. Always a great opportunity for my work.

Ross Carey

A quality festival

Communication was excellent. A quality festival.  I am very glad that I participated.

Alexis Chaviaras

Variety of laurels and great communication

This festival was easy to enter and the communication was great! We were very happy to see the variety of laurels that the fest provided.

Jason Zink

Professional and fair in judging

The IndieFEST was professional and also uplifting through the entire experience. I appreciate their international status, the promotion to so many industry professionals, and would submit to them again. They are fair in their judging. Thank you.

Willow Hale

Phenomenal, filmmaker-focused competition

The IndieFEST Film Awards is a phenomenal, filmmaker-focused film competition–a professionally planned and well-organized event from start to finish. The three awards my short film received are posted to IMDb. The awards have given “Final Polish” a boost in getting accepted into several film festivals. Thank you Rick Prickett and the IndieFEST team for everything!!!!

Paul Kelly

Prestigious organization

I am thrilled to find out that i’ve been awarded  in such an esteemed Film Festival. You made me feel so happy and proud. This is a festival where a film gets selected or wins an award solely on merit basis and getting an award from such a prestigious organization is a great honour for me. Highly Recommended Festival for genuine film makers. 🙂

Avantika Khattri

One of the best festivals – help with how to proceed after the award

It was an honor to win an Award from The IndieFEST Film Awards. It is a well recognized film festival and they instruct us very well on how to proceed after winning the award. It was one of the best festivals that my film made part. For sure, I will submit my future films in The IndieFest Film Awards again.

Camila Rizzo

Amazing festival. Nice communication.

Thanks for selection. Amazing festival. Nice communication.  I would like to participate again.

Ramprabhu Nakate

Good communication

At all times you are kept informed of the evolution of the Festival. Good communication.



Hector Suñol

A competitive festival for the veteran filmmakers

I needed a competitive festival for the veteran film makers, that is capable of granting credibility. Which also have to have an opened mind to appreciate an artistic film that is not a main stream creation. I found myself at home in The IndieFest Film Awards. Heavenly landing amongst great staff and appreciative judges. Highly recommended.

Amr Al-hariri

Award has helped to raise the profile of our film!

Five stars all the way for The IndieFEST Film Awards! Wonderfully supportive staff and our award has helped to raise the profile of our film Shoe Horn/Office. Thank you!

Ingrid Nachstern

Supporting independent filmmakers!

Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers! I was honored that we received the Award of Recognition and look forward to submitting to this festival again in the future.

Adrian Pacini

Passionate people, communicate clearly and promptly and good transparency

Passionate group of people, communicate clearly and promptly and good transparency. Didn’t sense any whiff of politics. Great experience.

David Prosser