Award of Recognition May 2023

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Alexander Hugo Alvarez (USA), 10 1/2 dates, Film Short
Alicia Hayes (USA), Lucy’s Last Song, Movie Trailer, Editing (Alicia Hayes)
Amrik Singh Pabla and Javier Schialer (USA), Assassinators: Into The Night, Actor: Leading (Timothy Krabill as Chase)
Angel Knight (USA), Worth It, Film Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Bella Cruz (USA), 180, African American, Actress: Leading (Bella Cruz as Olivia)
Ben Steele (USA), After the Uniform | A Mark On Your Soul, Documentary Short
Bonne Jones (Australia), Folie `a Cinq, Television – Program / Series (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Briar Prestidge (United Arab Emirates), 48 Hours in the Metaverse, Documentary Feature
Bryanny (Canada), Gender Reveal, Film Short (Student)
Carol Jean McPhee (Canada), The Paragraph, Script / Writer
Cazebon-Taveau (France), The priory of Sion published  by editions edilivre in france, Script / Writer
Christopher J. Sanders and Roberta Sanders (USA), Divided We Stand, Actor: Leading (Will Moleon as CJ/ Mr. Caesar ), Actor: Supporting (James Drake Coleman as Bobby), Actress: Leading (Leila Annastasia as Tammy), African American, Direction, Disability Issues, Film Short, Movie Trailer
Darryl M. Haase (USA), HOLLYWOOD’S PASTOR: The H.K. Rasbach Story, Documentary Short, Religion / Ethics
Derek Brueckner (Canada), BLANKET, Experimental
Derrick Christie (USA), I Chose Jesse, Film Short, Script / Writer (Derrick Christie)

Douglas W. Dunklin (USA), Patient Zero, Film Short (Student)
Drea Castro (USA), Baldy for the Blind, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Let the Love Flow, Editing (Shirley Lynn)
Emma Dickson, Neoteric Dance Company (United Kingdom), Hear Her Voice, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Erica Hubbard (USA), Policies and Procedures, African American, Dramatic Impact
Fella Cederbaum (USA), It’s All Your Fault, Music Video
Frank Kilpatrick, Rayko Takahashi and Alex Wand (USA), Rebirth, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Gavin Hunter Checchi (USA), THE LAST HOMERUN, Disability Issues
Gordon Christopher Greene (USA), Lufalo Rising, Ensemble Cast (Emmanuel Kabongo, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Robert Wu, Gordon Greene, Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Saskia Garel, Temple Greene, Keilan Matthews, Joseph V. Oreste, Kosey Baskin, Andre Andrews, Sam Menell, Kristian Greene, Toni Polucki), Film Short (Gordon Christopher Greene)
Greg Di Roma (USA), Our Triumphant Holy Day, Christian
Guillermo Rosabal-Coto (Costa Rica), We are the Music, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
James Greer (USA), MIRROR MOVES, Experimental
Janis Hepburn (USA), Love & Loyalty, Women Filmmakers
Jason Killian Meath (USA), Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom, Christian, Documentary Short, Direction, Editing, Movie Trailer
Jenn Sullivan (USA), June 24th, Film Short
John Robert Seeley and Sean Werner (USA), Love Lies, Music Video, Dramatic Impact, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Concept, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery

Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Sunday In The Park With Clare, Editing
Jon Cohen (Australia), Volunteer, Actress: Leading (Charlie Donnellan as Nora Stanley)
Jon Gillette (USA), The Hitman’s Apprentice – Chapter 2, Film Short
Jonathan Filion (USA), Date Jitters, Actress: Leading (Gina Omilon as Jenny)
Kerr Lordygan, Brad C. Wilcox, Justin T. Bowler, Rachel Kanouse and Laura Lee Bahr (USA), Iron Nest of the Moon, Web / Internet Programming
Kevin Michael Morin (USA), 16th Street, Television – Pilot Program
Kevin Michael Morin (USA), Personal Relocation, Television – Pilot Program
Ladine Harvey and Dashay Dalton (USA), 30 Days of Heartbreak, Women Filmmakers, Dramatic Impact
Levi Wise and Kenneth Catoe Jr (USA), Libras, African American, Script / Writer
Lillian Glass (USA), Hey Beautiful, Disability Issues
LJ Aryeetey and Joyce Lee (USA), ESSENCE OF LOVE, Actress: Leading (Cecilia Mazimba as Sadika)
Manouchehr Kholghi (Denmark), Sunrise Dance ; WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM, Music Video
Mark Gabriel Galliano (USA), Hopeless, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Jaycob Maya as Sean)
Michael Bliss (USA), Christ 2022, Christian, Original Score (Composed by Swara Nanda)
Michael Buckley (Canada), Mekong Apocalypse, Documentary Feature
Mitchell Nurse (Canada), Perseverance, Documentary Short

Nuno Madeira Rodrigues (Portugal), In Silence, Film Short
Patrick Leiphart (USA), 3 Days, Film Short, Original Song (Hello Lucifer written and performed by Tumbleweed Jones)
Rhoyce Nova (Australia), Say My Name, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Robbie Joseph Del Latto (USA), Yearning For Angel, Editing (Student)
Robert L. Butler Jr (USA), The Alliance 2 the Hunt for Breeze, African American, Music Video, Original Song (The Alliance 2 The Hunt for Breeze, lyrics by Thaartist Kali, music by Alonzo Carrillo)
Roberta Pyzel (USA), PHYLLIS, Script / Writer (Roberta Pyzel)
Robyn Hayle and Caroline Macfarlane (Canada), ISMFH (I’m Still Motherfucking Here), Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Sabrina Dubner (USA), Fresh Company, Film Short (Student)
Sammie Ray and Justin Frick (USA), Savage Sam, Script / Writer (Sammie Ray), Women Filmmakers
Sandra Vida (Canada), WAY STATION, Experimental
Scott Wynn, Elley Norman (USA), Synchronism, Film Short
Sharieff Walters (USA), Blood on the Leaves, African American
Shawn Kosmerly (Canada), Hommage/Picaroon, Music Video, Original Song (Mclean)
Shihyun Wang (Austria), Dysability, Disability Issues
Shogo Hashimoto (Japan), SUMIYAKI-Please Keep the Fire of Charcoal Eternally, Documentary Short
Steve Sugarman (Canada), Chad Valyear – Up From The Dark, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Tanzira Rahman Rashid (USA), The un(Dying) Warriors, Asian, Documentary Short, History / Biographical
Thomas McKellick (USA), Soul Line, Direction
Todd E. Davis, TODDDA Films (USA), SILENT CONVERSATIONS -the short film, Film Short
William Green (USA), History in the Forgotten, Film Short
Yuting Liu (China), FETTER, Documentary Short (Student)

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