Award of Merit May 2023

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Alan Lacy (USA), The Lone Wolverine of the Wallowas, Documentary Short
Aurora Iler (Australia), Melon Head, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Charles Reynoso (USA), Faith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality, Documentary Short
Eamonn Larsen (USA), April is Missing, Film Feature
Eric Frodsham (USA), Rear View Cataclysm, Film Feature
Grayson R. Reed (USA), DIY Music Communities of Fort Collins, Documentary Short (Student)
James Werner (USA), BLONSH, Film Short
Julian Austin Palmer (Australia), Contemplations: On The Psychedelic Experience, Documentary Feature
Julian Biba (USA), Leap of Faith, Script / Writer (Julian Biba), Creativity / Originality
Julya Jara (USA), The Quilt: A Living History of African American Music, Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers, African American
Katherine Myers (USA), San Miguel, Latin / Hispanic
Linda Pallotta (USA), The Friend, Script / Writer
Maggie Jones and Brad Jones (USA), CANCER/EVOLUTION Episode 1: The Dustbin of History, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Brad Jones)
Pradhumna Mishra (Nepal), Dubidha (Dilemma), Film Short
Raphaëlle Chovin (France), GRACELESS, Music Video
Senel Rodrigo Muñoz (Chile), We are Bullying, Film Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Wajahat Malik (Pakistan), Jalavaan, Documentary Feature
William Terry Woodward (Australia), To Mitchell, Film Short (Student)

Indie Film Festival winner

Alberto Rubio Herrera (USA), Músika, Animation
Alexander Davidowski (USA), Rise of the Clambassador, Documentary Short, Cinematography
Alexander Hugo (USA), They came from Bensenhurst, Television – Pilot Program
Andreas Heinrich (Switzerland), Terra Sancta, Direction, Film Short
Aurora Iler (Australia), Melon Head, Actress: Leading (Student) (Aurora Iler as Harper)
Benjamin Allen Cha (USA), Food For Thought, Documentary Short (Student)
Chen Liang (USA), A Beautiful Zither, Film Short
Danna Gilbertson and Jocelyn Rose Sanchez (USA), The Girl Next Door, LGBTQ+, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dave Haws (USA), Feel The Love by Sookie Sookie, Music Video
Desislava Chuturkova (Bulgaria), The Smith, Experimental
Dominic Floreno and Dan Carroll (USA), Class is in Session, Film Short (Student)

Dr. Cecilia Choi (USA), Kombucha Cure, Actor: Supporting (Ali Zahiri as Dr. Rami), Direction, Ensemble Cast, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series, Webisode, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Let the Love Flow, Original Song (Composition and lyrics by Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher)
Emma Dickson, Neoteric Dance Company (United Kingdom), Hear Her Voice, Film Short
Gabriel Hostetler (USA), The Rebellion, Music Video
George Kleanthous (Greece), A very small gentleman, Film Short (Student)
Gianni Bodo and Martin Gauthier (Canada), Gianni Bodo – Fly, Music Video
Gordon Christopher Greene (USA), Lufalo Rising, Editing (Samuel Menell)
Huayu Yang (China), New Creation in Love, Christian
John Robert Seeley and Sean Werner (USA), Love Lies, Original Song, Creativity / Originality
Jon Cohen (Australia), Volunteer, Film Short
Jon Cohen (Australia), The Haunting at Saint Joseph’s, Film Feature, Actress: Supporting (Elke Hinrichsen as Jess Samuels)

Joseph Salvatore (USA), This Is Real Love, Actor: Leading (Student) (Brendan Mohen as Painter), Editing (Student)
Juliet Clare Warren (USA), Such Is Life, Women Filmmakers
Kostoula Tomadaki (Greece), Mother of the Station, Documentary Feature
Linda Pallotta (USA), Mother Ukraine – Layers of War, Script / Writer, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Lynn Liu (China), The Master, Asian, History / Biographical
Matt Bolin (Australia), The Adventures of Wolfdogg and Red Ridinghood, Web Series
Matthew Luppino (Canada), Fragments, Film Short, Cinematography (Matthew Luppino)
Mitchell Nurse (Canada), Tomorrow, Film Short
Mohamad Reza Mehrafarin (Iran), Playing in the Wind, Native Peoples
Naser D. Shahrivar (USA), The Persian Lover – subtitle – Creed and Greed, Script / Writer
Nicolay Renard (Russia), Future Ads, Film Short
Puneet Rakheja (India), The Unaccused, Film Short
Ralph Giordano (USA), Knockout, Film Short
Rhoyce Nova (Australia), Say My Name, Women Filmmakers
Richard Lounello (USA), LifeQuest, Film Short, Television – Pilot Program

Robin de Levita (Netherlands), Lost Cos, Direction, Film Feature, Script / Writer (Robin de Levita)
Rudy Strukoff (USA), Love In Vain, Music Video, Cinematography
Sam O’Neill (Ireland), Whispers We Share, Film Short (Student), Direction (Student)
Sammie Ray and Justin Frick (USA), Savage Sam, Actress: Leading (Sammie Ray as herself), Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Sammie Ray)
Shahin Jabbarzadeh (Iran), A Few Strands of Hair, Film Short
Shaily Sanghvi (USA), Pirouette, Film Short
Spencer Cohen (USA), Bidding War, Film Short
Timur Garafutdinov (Russia), Grandson/Внук, Film Feature
Tyler John Dooghan (USA), Break The Record, Break The Stigma, Documentary Short
Will Adams (USA), John Ed: A Pastor’s Story, Documentary Short
William Terry Woodward (Australia), To Mitchell, Direction (Student)
Zakea Page (New Zealand), Ink and Gold: An Artist’s Journey to Olympic Glory, Documentary Short, Editing (K.W. Miller)
Zeebruh (USA), Life’s Been A Mess, Music Video

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