Awards of Recognition February 2019

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition
Adam Maurer and Mike Yosh (USA), The Grail, Film Feature
Adebayo Alawiye (USA), The King’s Cross, Film Feature
Andrey Summers and Fiona Revil (Canada), In Summertime, Film Short
Andy Dubick (USA), (North) Hollywood, Film Short
Armand Hamouth (Canada), GIVE + TAKE, Film Short
Bobby Chase, Justin Alvis and Daniel B. Martin (USA), Welcome Home : Renovations & Reinventions, Television – Program / Series
Brett Salamin, Dominic Sarafa, Julia Stankiewicz, Fatimah Zeni and Erin Brennan (USA), 365, Film Short
Brianna Dent (USA), Voice for the Wild, Documentary Short (Student)
Bryan Nash-Sapphire, Eric Darnell Redding and Katherine King (USA), More Cake, Film Short
C. Kimberly Toms (USA), ESCAPING FED, Documentary Feature
Cameron S. Mitchell (USA), The Co-Op, Disability Issues
Chia-Lin Tan, Deep Waters Digital Support INC., Ing-Jer Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), IT Superhero, Videography
Chris Corulla (USA), Vendetta Games, Actor: Leading (Chris Corulla as Miller)
Christopher Williams (USA), Bulls & Bears (EP1 & EP2), Webisode
Cornell Calhoun III (USA), Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade, Film Short
Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock (USA), The Princess of Suburbia® TV Show with Dr. Fumi, Web Series
Eduardo Ramirez (USA), Beautiful, Diverse, Fun!, Documentary Short
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Shorts, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Eric Berman (USA), Bus Money, Disability Issues
Eric Esser (Germany), Dawn of the Dorks, Film Short (Student)
Eric Newcombe (USA), Feed My Eyes, Film Short
Erin Nene-Lee Ramirez (USA), La Guerra, Documentary Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)

Fay Goodman (United Kingdom), THUNDERFINGERS – A Tribute to JOHN ENTWISTLE of ‘THE WHO’, Documentary Short, Women Filmmaker
Fay Goodman (United Kingdom), Riches to Rags (Lady Victoria Starkey), Documentary Short, Women Filmmaker
Friedrich Reimer (USA), Telescape, Animation
Glenn Ellis (Australia), NEW DAWN, Actor: Leading (Glenn Ellis as Kerion), Actor: Supporting (Aleziah Spheres as Harry Stone), Actress: Leading (Ally Aurora as Hope Marshal), Actress: Supporting (Vivienne Howarth as Rein Ryder), Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Goran Pavišić (Croatia), get paid, get laid & get Lucky, Film Feature
Hamidreza Hassani (Austria), My girlfriend Chipo, Film Short
Haston McLaren (United Kingdom), A Life in August, Film Feature
Işıl Reina (Turkey), Pick A Number, Film Short
Jaime Zevallos (USA), Sunny Side, Television – Pilot Program
Jeff Rector (USA), Who Is Jeff Rector?, Documentary Short (Student)
John Jeffrey Martin (USA), Geeble: a short film, Actor: Leading (John Jeffrey Martin as Geeble), Film Short
John Thornton Caldwell (USA), LAND HACKS: Masculine Media Anxiety Disorder (or 55 Film Locations Near Bakersfield), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Special Purpose Productions
Josh Pierson (USA), Where Sleeping Dogs Lie, Film Feature
Julia Deak (Hungary), Noises and silences, Film Short
Julian D. Jackson (USA), Orimos, Documentary Short
Kurt Kubicek (USA), Come Die With Me, Film Short
Laurie Little and Justin T. Jones (USA), Totalité, Documentary Short
Luis Yuré (USA), Gentes 3: Isolated, Latin / Hispanic
Manuel Sanchez (France), The Arcandiers, Movie Trailer
Marina Esther San Martin Alberro (Mexico), ZOI, Women Filmmakers
Michael J. Grundmann (USA), Breaking Free, Documentary Short
Michelle Brezinski (Canada), FLIGHT NORTH, Women Filmmakers
Mike Johnston (Canada), Line of Fire, Film Short

Paul Hendrix (USA), Riding Remote… And Alone, Web Series, Direction, Editing, On-Camera Talent (Paul Hendrix), Script / Writer, Documentary Program / Series, Television – Pilot Program
Robin Wang, Duke University (USA), Fair Faults, Direction (Student), Art Direction (Student)
Rodney Roldan (USA), Remembering Private Quagliano, Documentary Short
Rodney Roldan (USA), Honor Thy Fallen: A Memorial Day Tribute, Documentary Short
Russell s Robertson (USA), Life On Set, Web Series
Samantha Saltzman (USA), Parent Teacher Conference, Women Filmmakers
Sammie Johnson, Empire Thang Films (USA), Quintessential The Movie, African American
Silvia Malagrino (USA), Burnt Oranges, Women Filmmakers
Sophie Zawadzki (USA), Tina’s Story, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Spencer Thornton (USA), Celebrity Entrepreneur, Documentary Short
Susan Confrey (USA), Flirty Thirty!, Film Short
Tatiana Sokolova (USA), Evening Installation, Film Feature
The Church of Almighty God (South Korea), The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel, Christian and The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, Christian
Thomas Jernigan (USA), Lament, Film Short
Tony Aaron II (USA), Triggers, Film Feature
Toshi Asaka (Japan), Kaishaku, the Honor of Samurai, Asian
Tyler Adams (USA), Reap What You Sew, Documentary Short
Ulli Lommel, Hollywood Storybook (USA), Queen of Rio, LGBT
Ulli Lommel, Hollywood Storybook (USA), Factory Cowboys – Working with Warhol, Documentary Feature
Ulli Lommel, Hollywood Storybook (USA), America Land of the FreeKS, Reality Programming
Yi Seung Hyeon (Korea ), A long way around (Ae-Eum-Gil), Asian

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