Awards of Merit February 2019

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

A.P. Gonzalez (USA), The Wetback, Latin / Hispanic
Brenda Whitehall (Canada), Little Oliver, Film Short
Chris Stuckmann (USA), Notes From Melanie, Actor: Leading (Mason Heidger as Joe), Actress: Leading (KateLynn E. Newberry as Melanie), Film Short
Daniel Lee Pitcher (Australia), Broken Wings, Film Short (Student)
Danielle Durchslag (USA), Eleanor of Illinois, Film Short
David Chavez (USA), Iniquity, Film Short
Jim Tierney and Michael Tranzilli (USA), All Talk: The Series, Web Series
Katsuya Satoh and Sprout Japan (Japan), Legendary Samurai, Asian
Marc Saez (France), THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME, Actress: Leading (Véronique Picciotto)
Ramesh Jai (Ghana), Life!, Film Short
Ronn Kilby (USA), SKIN: The Movie, Film Short
Rose Massett (USA), Refugee Is Not My Name, Documentary Short
Vipul Sharma (India), RATANPUR, Film Feature
Xingyu Zhao (Australia), Neverland, Asian

Indie Film Festival winner

Adrian Elliot (USA), Low-Achieving Children, LGBT
Alyssa Rachelle (USA), GUMBO, Documentary Short
Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (Norway), The Way Things End, Women Filmmakers
Cam Cowan (USA), MADAGASIKARA, Documentary Feature, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwaters Digital Support INC., Ing-Jer Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), IT Superhero, Documentary Program / Series, Health / Medicine / Science, Script / Writer, Original Song (Because of you)
Christian Stark (USA), Vers La Lune, Film Short (Student)
Danny Simmons (USA), Suffer for Good, Documentary Feature
David E Valdez (USA), Without Shame, Latin / Hispanic
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Let the Butterflies Fly Once More, Children / Family Programming
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Getting into the Analysis of Force and Motion, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Sparkling Glass, Children / Family Programming
Ella McKeon (USA), The Butcher Shop, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Faleena Hopkins (USA), Just One More Kiss, Actor: Leading (Patrick Zeller as Max O’Connell), Women Filmmakers, Dramatic Impact, Original Score (Just One More Kiss by David Yousefi and René Osmanczyk), Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Garland Waller (USA), The Silent Soldier and the Portrait, Documentary Feature
Gregory Cusumano (USA), If Only You Were Free, Film Short
Haston McLaren (United Kingdom), A Life in August, Actress: Leading (Lisa Miller as Lisa)
Helen O’Reilly (Ireland), First Disco, Film Short
Herbert Kimble (USA), The Blame Game, Actor: Leading (Matthew Grant Godbey as Alex)
Ian Fielding (United Kingdom), Dead Unicorns, Film Feature
Jaideep Chopra (India), MANGALSUTRA, Film Short
Jakob Hardy (Australia), The Golden Road, Actress: Leading (Student) (Megan Hollier as Gale)
Jamie Knox (Canada), The Wolf, Actor: Leading (Student) (Cesare Scarpone as Jack)
John Bevilacqua (USA), No Way Home: Homeless In America, Documentary Feature
John Bickerton (USA), Artistes Burlesques, Experimental
John Broadhead (USA), Zilly’s War, Film Short

John Thornton Caldwell (USA), LAND HACKS: Masculine Media Anxiety Disorder (or 55 Film Locations Near Bakersfield), Experimental
Jonas Haldemann (Germany), A bowl full of cereals, Film Short
Jordan Brown (USA), Red River, Film Short (Student)
Julia Whitehead (USA), My Friend Mickey: Common Decency and the American Dream, Documentary Feature, Jewish, Women Filmmakers
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana -Sleep under the stars, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Action / Adventure
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana – Animals We love- Turtle Miracle, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Tourism / Travel
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana – Island Hopping – Nangan, Tourism / Travel, History / Biographical / Travel
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana – Island Hopping – Swimming Around Green Island, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Tourism / Travel
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana – An Ecological Tour, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, On-Camera Talent
Jumping Chiang (Taiwan), Follow Alana – Camping together, Tourism / Travel, On-Camera Talent
Kait Ziegler (USA), Before Night, Film Short
Karen Morales (USA), Unscripted, Experimental (Student)
Kasper Juhl (Denmark), Moonfire, Film Feature
Katherine Dudas (USA), Weird In Bed, Web Series
Katrina Zimmerman (USA), Big Operation, Music Video
Kazuhiko Yamauchi and Sprout Japan (Japan), Be a Samurai, Experimental
Konark Sarangi and Snehasis Das (USA), Hausla Na Ruthe : The Stories Untold, Music Video
Kyle Saylors, Pisces Productions (USA/China), Against the Wall, Documentary Short
Marc Saez (France), THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME, Film Short
Matthew Godbey (USA), It Followed Me Here, Actor: Leading (Matthew Grant Godbey as Daniel/Monster)
Matthew Kelly (USA), A Bridge – An Unlikely Story of Friendship, Documentary Short
Max Jordan (USA), Broken, Film Short (Student)
Max Kozik (USA), Chatter, Animation (Student)
Micah Ellars and Reginald Buchanan (USA), The Killer Postman, Movie Trailer
Michael Carvaines (USA), Dr. Otis, Documentary Short
Mike Tweddle and Kate McClean (United Kingdom), Sparrowhawk, Film Feature

Nani Sahra Walker and Grace Oyenubi (USA), Forced, Documentary Short (Student)
Narineh Tahmasebian (USA), Creative Urges, Film Short
Noman Robin (USA), BLOSSOMS FROM ASH, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Paul Kampf (USA), Me Too, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Paul Kampf as Father)
Paul Kampf (USA), Anonymous Content, Film Short
Perrine Productions (USA), Funny Married Stuff (Season 2), Web Series
Philip Harder (USA), A Work In Progress: The Worlds Oldest Emerging Film Maker, Documentary Feature
Phillip  Lopez (USA), Spoon, Film Short
Rob Filios (USA), The Beginning, Film Short
Robin Wang, Duke University (USA), Fair Faults, Film Short (Student), Editing (Student), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Student)
Ryan Famulari and Anthony Famulari (USA), Trust Ball, Film Short
Silvia Malagrino (USA), Burnt Oranges, Documentary Feature
Srividya Basawa (India), MADHA, Women Filmmakers
Todd Lillethun (USA), The Quit, Film Short
Tricia Brouk (USA), Right Livelihood A Journey To Here, Documentary Short
Tyler Stuart (USA), The Book Of Craig, Television – Pilot Program
UNICEF Bangladesh, Asiatic 360 and PCI Media (USA), IccheDana Telenovela: Ending Child Marriage and Empowering Girls in Bangladesh, Drama Program / Series, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Varadaraj Venkataswamy (India), GNANAM, Film Feature
Will Kindrick (USA), The New Great Depression, Actor: Leading (Jack V Heath as Jake), Music Video
Yuanhao Du (USA), Patrick, Film Short
Zachary Just (USA), Senior Living: Pilot Episode, Television – Pilot Program

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