Award of Recognition February 2022

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Afeez Ahammed (United Arab Emirates), YOUR CALL, Film Short, Cinematography (Mr. Shinoy Ansari)
Alex Nabors (USA), Food Apnea, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Amir Jalali (Iran), Recovery, Islamic
Amy Leigh McCorkle and Tim Druck (USA), Breaking Through, Disability Issues
An Nuo (USA), An Nuo’s Spiritual Dance Drama Film: ENLIGHTENMENT FROM THE MOON, Experimental
Anand Krishna Raj (India), RJ MADONNA, Direction, Script / Writer
Ange Luzitu (USA), NEW YORK LOCKDOWN, Film Short
Bernardo Gasparini (USA), Facsimile, Experimental
Betsy True (USA), Cells of Quarantine, Web Series, Script / Writer (Nadine Bernard)
Braininacat (USA), FALLOUT : HILO, Animation, Concept
Bramwell Noah and Dan Noah (Australia), Song Without Words, Actress: Leading (Annie Thorold as Maria), Direction
Chaitanya Godsay (USA), Perfect Misunderstanding, Direction, Film Short
Chaitanya Godsay (USA), Paper Plane, Direction, Film Short
Cintia de Mita (USA), Christmas, I Guess…, Direction, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Original Song (Christmas Time is Here composed by Cintia de Mita and Charlotte de Mita)
Dana Verde (USA), The House She Left Behind, Documentary Short
Don Tjernagel (USA), TOM, Experimental
Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr. and Jay Dixon (USA), Sound Off, Documentary Short
Ed Breeding (USA), Unshackled :The Revision Nov 2021, Documentary Short, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Geronimo Vela)
Elliott Ambrosio (USA), The Train to Moscow, Film Short

Ethan McKellar (USA), 21st Century Love Story, Film Short (Student)
Finley Partin (USA), Daisy, Experimental (Student)
Francisco Huergo (USA), Norma Doesn’t Know She’s Magic, Script / Writer (Francisco Huergo)
George Elias (USA), Kevin and Winnie, Film Short
Grace Belgrader (USA), Crowd Pleaser, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Graham Northrup (USA), The Cure, Film Short
Hunter Paul Nickless (USA), Haunted for Life, Actor: Leading (Hunter Paul Nickless as Hunter)
Ilya Kulikov and Andrey Semenov (Russia)ЛАМПА/LAMP, Webisode
Isaiah Marcotte and Danny Voyles (USA), CATALYST COMET THE MOVIE, Music Video
James Boss (USA), Money Fight, Asian
Jared B. Callan (USA), Dear Lady Joan, Actor: Leading (David Caffey as Gary)
Javid Farahani (Iran), Front Window, Film Short
Jeff Kazanjian (USA), Big Momma Earth, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Americans in Japan, Film Short, Music Video
Joseph Brandon (USA), Coincidental Romance, Film Feature
Joshua Benjaminguido De Rango (Canada), No Greater Gift, Film Feature
Julián De La Chica (USA), Dora, LGBTQ+

Kara M. Canton (USA), Merry Go Round, Actor: Leading (Don Knill as Matthew)
Kate Bohan (USA), Back to School, Original Song (Back to School composed by Kayla Victoria Bohan)
Kate Bohan (USA), Just Like You, Music Video, Original Song (Just Like You composed by Kayla Victoria Bohan)
Kelton White (USA), Folding In, Film Short
Lucio Fonza (USA), Modern Living & You!, Actress: Leading (Cindy Lou Howard as Margie), Latin / Hispanic
Mahshid Modares, Social Documentation, Department of Film and Digital Media, UCSC (USA), Sanctions on the Sky, Documentary Short (Student)
Martha Davis (Canada), PANDALAND:  Making IT Count, Children / Family Programming
Mike Rae Anderson (USA), A Polished Soul: A Tale of a Fayettenam Vet, Film Feature, African American
Mishael Simonovich Sheinin (Russia ), A museum that doesn’t exist… good bye museum!, Jewish
Nathan Cragun (USA), Switchboard, Actress: Leading (Karissa Cragun as Ruth)
Oren Affias (Israel), sensitive fate, Music Video
Orlagh Heverin (Ireland), Deoch Dance, Women Filmmakers
Patricia A. Burke (USA), A Different Kind of Trash Talk, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Peter Menchini (USA), When Momma & Me Lived Outside: One Family’s Journey Through Homelessness, Film Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Quentin Smith (USA), Squatters, Film Short, Webisode
Richard Dominguez (USA), Esperanza, Latin / Hispanic
Rick Williamson (USA), TempaKILL (Season Two), Actress: Leading (Julie Marie Hassett as Julia), LGBTQ+, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Sam Suni (United Kingdom), Lena, Actress: Leading (Francesca Baccarella as Lena Sanders)
Shihun Wang (Taiwan), Chinese prophecy song, Music Video
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Veteran stories, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), The unspeakable prophecy, Editing
Shihyun Wang (USA), The legendary comet in Prophecies, Documentary Short, Webisode
Shihyun Wang (USA), Omicron according to Nostradamus, Editing
Sonia DuPree/E.N.D. It (USA), Daddy, African American, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Steve Firkins (USA), The Filmmakers, Film Feature
Steven Siegel (USA), New York Then and Now, Experimental
Tanja Sakota (South Africa), Shattered Reflection, Documentary Short
Van Allen Cooper (USA), Jonnie Sunset…., Script / Writer (Van Allen Cooper)
Vic Yuen (USA), This Modern Love, Asian (Student)
Wesley Mullins (USA), Two Weeks to Slow the Spread, Film Short
Yoshiko Sienkiewicz (USA), No One, Asian, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

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