Award of Merit February 2022

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Angad Aulakh, Last Carnival (USA), The Atomic Dream, Actor: Leading (Guy Kent as Frank), Direction (Angad Aulakh), Original Score (Composed by Tim Despic)
Luciano Barsuglia (USA), The Electric Man, Actor: Leading (Jed Rowen as Trace McNeil)
Christopher Charles Scott (USA), Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl, Documentary Feature
Colton Eschief Mastro and Eric Jackowitz (USA), DELIVERY, Actress: Leading (Jessie Gill as Madison)
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Thud, Music Video, Creativity / Originality
Fella Cederbaum (USA), No Gyroscope, Original Score
Kate Bohan (USA), Harper, Film Feature
Malcolm H. Parker (USA), The Birth of Innocence, Experimental
Mida Chu (USA), Eureka, Asian (Student)
Phoenix Shi, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), An Eye for An Eye, Film Short, Cinematography
Sofia Monzerratt (USA), Martha’s Day, Film Short
Todd Lien and YiFu Li, iStage Entertainment (USA), Always Come In Second, Actor: Supporting (Todd Lien as Thomas), Film Short, Script / Writer (Todd Lien)

Indie Film Festival winner

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Dykes (USA), The Trust Game, Web Series, Research
Alex Bowling (USA), Poached Eggs, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Susannah Devereux as Carrie/Amanda)
Alex Ngan (Hong Kong), A Lost City, Asian
Alexei Chernenkoff (Canada), Stormy².5, Web Tube Length Video, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Alyssa Poteet (USA), Dog Moms, Web Series
Amanda Frances and Sierra Schnack (USA), Halfway To Fifty, Web Series, Asian
Andrew Michael Kovalchek (USA), Something More, Film Short
Andrey Arutyunov (Uzbekistan), Phantoms of the Sea, Film Feature
Armin Etemadi (Iran), The Woman Who Laughs, Film Short
Attila Iacob Peli, Centru Media Adventist (Romania), The Great Controversy between Good and Evil, Christian, Original Score
Luciano Barsuglia (USA), The Electric Man, Actress: Supporting (Rachel Riley as Rose), Direction (B. Luciano Barsuglia), Film Feature
Calvin T. Shepherd (USA), Safe House 1618, Actress: Leading (Jasmine Day as Joe Holt), Direction, Film Feature
Daniel Adams (USA), The Walk, Actress: Supporting (Anastasiya Mitrunen as Pat Coughlin)
Daniel Carrera Pasternac and Danae Reynaud (Mexico), Casanova, Film Short
Darryl M. Haase (USA), Fred Niblo: A Life of Art and Love, Documentary Short, History / Biographical
Daryn Strauss (USA), I AM YOU, Web Series
Dexter Carver (United Kingdom), The Greatest Gift, Film Short
Dmitry Kormann (United Kingdom), OVERLOAD, Experimental

Earl Shaun Kopeledi (South Africa), 2 Thirds of a Man, Film Feature
Emma Grace Saquing (USA), What’s Your Favorite Color?, Film Short (Student)
Federica Pontari (Italy), Feeling Blue, Experimental
Fella Cederbaum (USA), No Gyroscope, Film Short
Gui Agustini (USA), Southern Hospitality, Film Short, Direction
Heloise Magny (Canada), Keep Painting, Mom, Direction
Hunter Paul Nickless (USA), Haunted for Life, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Hyunwoo Zong, Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (Korea), Falling, Film Short (Student)
Ioannis Spiliopoulos (Greece), Kythnos Ancestral Memories. Traditional Practices Throughout History., Documentary Feature, History / Biographical
Jake Jurich (USA), Take a Little Time, Film Short (Student), Script / Writer (Student)
Jared B. Callan (USA), Dear Lady Joan, Film Short
Jared Elkin (USA), Becoming Lucy, Women Filmmakers (Student), Actress: Leading (Student) (Alexis Nichols as Lucille Ball)
Jason Anthony Jones (USA), The Road to Show Love, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Jen Baker (USA), Bethesda, Christian (Student)
Jimmie Lee Ward (USA), D.D.I.T. Dads Do It Too, Television – Program / Series, Television – Pilot Program
Jimmy Chan (Canada), Saving Chinatown – The Rise of The Dragons, Documentary Short
John Murphy (Canada), Forgotten Masters, Web Series, Editing
Jon Cohen, AIPA (Australia), If You Go Into the Woods, Film Short, Ensemble Cast

Jori Grönroos (Finland), Fourteen Days, Film Short, Script / Writer
Joseph Le (USA), Twisting Tiger, African American, Film Short
Joy Millana (USA), Jacob, Broken by God, Christian
Kara M. Canton (USA), Merry Go Round, Actress: Leading (Nicole Marie Hunt as Alyssa), Dramatic Impact
Kate Bohan (USA), Back to School, Music Video
Kate Bohan (USA), Harper, Actress: Leading (Kayla Victoria Bohan as Harper Brown), Direction, Women Filmmakers
Kelton White (USA), Folding In, Actor: Leading (Kelton White as Hamsen)
Kristen Swinkels (Canada), Death and the Kid, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Creativity / Originality
Linda D. Taylor (USA), Champions Together: an Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioner Works with Special Needs Children and Their Parents , Disability Issues
Liv McClymont (New Zealand), Mothering Sunday, Film Short, Script / Writer
Mahshid Modares, Social Documentation, Department of Film and Digital Media, UCSC (USA), Sanctions on the Sky, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
Mariam Avetisyan (Armenia), The Desire To Live, Documentary Feature, Original Score (The Desire To Live composed by Alan Derian)
Mark B. Pearce (Australia), The Message of the Lyrebird, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Martina Webster and Dalea Faulkner, Darmar Production LLC (USA), Hashtag Blessed The Movie, Film Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Women Filmmakers (Martina Webster and Dalea Faulkner), Script / Writer (Dalea Faulkner)
Mary Elizabeth Gentle, Alia Tarraf and Dr. Staci Emerson (USA), A Hidden Star, Documentary Feature, Original Song (Sorrow by Gareth Dunlop)
Mary O’Leary (USA), DARK SHADOWS AND BEYOND – THE JONATHAN FRID STORY, Documentary Feature, Editing (Michael Giglio)
Mel Mah (USA), CLING, Actress: Leading (Enisha Brewster as Jade), Original Score (Composed by Tony Neiman)
Michael Carzo and Derrick Caballes (Australia), A Dance Through Time, Film Short (Student), Concept (Student)

Mingu Kang (Korea ), Near the Boundary of Water Surface, Experimental
Nadia Talel (USA), WEDDING MARCH, Women Filmmakers
Nathan Cragun (USA), Switchboard, Film Short
Nathan Crowder (USA), The Dealer Smiles, Christian, Religion / Ethics
Nick Pusic (Canada), Mr. March, Film Short
Peter  Krygowski (USA), The Joes, Film Short
Petya Iossifova (Bulgaria), Giri, Women Filmmakers, Film Feature
Robin Uriel Russin (USA), The Anxiety of Laughing, Disability Issues
Rodney Roldan (USA), Country and Courage, Documentary Feature
Ron G. Ranson (USA), TATTOOED TRUCKS OF NEPAL- Horn Please, Documentary Short, Editing
Sheila Houlahan (USA), Night, Mother, Actress: Leading (Sheila Houlahan as Jessie), Direction, Disability Issues, Experimental, Film Feature, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers
Simone Chierici, Rainy Island Studio (Italy), Where Are You, Film Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Stuart K. Robinson (USA), Yontif, Jewish
Sushrut Bhagwat (India), 8 Don 75 Fakta Ichashakti Havi, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Sharvani Pilae as Vatsala)
Taylor Kavanaugh (USA), Friendz, Television – Pilot Program
Thomas S. Biebers (USA), What She Lost: The Story of Sarah Waldman Werthaiser, Jewish
Todd Lien and YiFu Li, iStage Entertainment (USA), Always Come In Second, Actor: Leading (Jeffery Liu as Tyler), Actress: Leading (Lin Qu as Mrs. Bai)
Tony Capes (USA), The Three Year Itch, Film Short
Van Allen Cooper (USA), Jonnie Sunset…., Actress: Supporting (Rachel Taggart as Professor Bernard)
Zoya Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Happy Stones, Documentary Feature

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