Award of Recognition February 2021

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Absent Chronicles (Netherlands), Hidden in Plain Fright, Experimental
Alex Bowling and Stephen Byrum (USA), La Schema, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Alexandra Gilbert (United Kingdom), Welcome To Chernobyl, Documentary Short
Alfonso “Cronopio” Moreno (USA), Infected, Music Video
Amy McCorkle (USA), Recovery Unplugged Stephanie Ray, Disability Issues, Web Series
André Szöts (USA), Grizzly II. Revenge, Film Feature
Angie McMahon (USA), Wisecrackin, Web / Internet Programming
Anthony Saldana (USA), Straight Off The Canvas, Documentary Feature
Austin Hall (USA), Lying Still, Film Feature
Bela Kolozsvari (USA), What Keeps Me Up At Night – More Than Skies, Music Video, Direction
Bijoy Banerjee and Kaushik Mondal (India), Ali – the Blind Boxer, Disability Issues
Bradley Young (USA), Quarantine Dream, Film Short
Brooke Harris Wolff (USA), Eye of the Storm, Documentary Feature
Brunella Martina (Brazil), Anti-corpos: pieces of a queer tour, Documentary Short
C.D.Ruiz3 and John Rainwaters (USA), American Cannibals, Film Feature
Carlos Dohrn (Brazil), The Ghost Writer Show – The Call of Cthulhu, Webisode, Original Score
Casey Iles (USA), Benched, Film Short (Student)
Casting Kids, #ghosting (United Kingdom), #Ghosting, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Daniel Marracino (USA), Heart of the Bear, Documentary Feature
David E. Ballard (USA), An Occurrence at Generic ATM, Film Short

David Scarbrough (USA), Bob Gomel : Eyewitness, Documentary Feature, Editing
Don Tjernagel (USA), Happy’s, Actor: Supporting (Matt Lee Ingebritson as Frank), Film Feature
Dr. Khadir (India), The Hauntings in Madhya Pradesh., Experimental, Direction
Eddie Eniel (USA), Attraction Man, Film Short (Student)
Emily Felder and Christa Whitney (USA), Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?), Documentary Feature
Fathia Absie (USA), Pursued, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Islamic
Felicia Gonzalez Brown (USA), She Saved Me, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
George A. Tramountanas (USA), Win a Trip to Browntown!, Film Feature
Ian Liberatore (USA), All-American Boy, LGBT, Actor: Leading (Christopher Brian as Sean)
Jack F. Marziliano (USA), Death of a Goon, Film Short (Student)
Jacqueline Rhodes (USA), Once a Fury, LGBT, Women Filmmakers
Jantel Hope (USA), Wolves, Women Filmmakers
Jarrett Bryant (USA), Maxie, Film Feature
Jason Eliot (USA), Tales of a Scorpio’s Stinger, Film Short
Jason Ryan (USA), The Four Horsemen, Film Short
Jay Pennington (USA), SENIOR DISCOUNT’d, Christian
Jeanette Groenendaal (Netherlands), Reformation, Experimental
Jennifer Zhang (USA), Charon, Asian, Women Filmmakers, Film Feature
Jessica N. Todmann (USA), She’s Not Alone, Women Filmmakers (Student), Film Short (Student)

Jim Nowak (USA), Glimpses From The Great War, Documentary Short
Johanne Chagnon (Canada), A Walk in the Forest, Experimental
Joni Renee Whitworth (USA), Lilies, Experimental, LGBT, Women Filmmakers
Kane Tian (USA), The Big Lie, Film Short (Student)
Karem Ferguson (USA), imurder/the series, African American, Web Series
Keili Fernando, KLiF Productions (USA), What’s Next For Me?, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kenny Shedd (USA), The Snake That Almost Got Me!, Movie Trailer
Lachi and Angela Bianchi (USA/Italy), The Bigger Plans Project, Disability Issues
Mario Roccato (Italy), WRITING ABOUT A LOVE, Film Feature
Melissa Farris (USA), Life Reflecting, Women Filmmakers
Michael Gavino (USA), For the Greater Good, Film Short
MM Serra (USA), Endless Possibilities:  Jack Waters & Peter Cramer, Experimental
Moises Barrgan and William Diament (USA), Raven, Film Short
Nikita Hattangady (USA), Falafel, Asian, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer
Patrick Masteller (USA), Game, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Paul Lapushkin (Russia ), The Moon 2050, Animation
Peter Scheiner and Susanne Scheiner (Switzerland), Forgiveness?, Christian
Pierre Tetrault (Canada), Lanna Style and Grace, Documentary Short
RAD ARTS (USA), Earth to Heaven, Music Video

Raito Nishizaka and Michael Williams (Japan), Benza English Series One, Actress: Supporting (Michiko Noguchi as Noguchi and Za)
Ricardo Unto (Malaysia), Disappearing Verses, Documentary Short, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Rick Gene (USA), There Goes The Neighborhood, Animation, Film Short
Sam Sharpe (USA), Rat Run City, Webisode
Sarbik Saha and Sal Hussain (USA), Paradise, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sarbik Saha and Salmaan Hussain (USA), My Greatest Critic, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sasha Santiago (USA), The Fuse, Television – Pilot Program
Seun Okimi (USA), The Truth About the Use of Relaxers in Nigeria, African American (Student)
Shannon Anderson (USA), Stripper To Striver, Documentary Feature
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), A solider from the past, Asian, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), China’s most beautiful poems, Asian
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), DISEASED FREAKS, Movie Trailer
Swaminathan Venkatraman (USA), The Neighbor, Actor: Leading (Amit Mishra as Moin Khan)
Tara Jasminaz (United Kingdom), Archangel Ali, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
T’yonna Boswell, PVAMU (USA), Affliction Between Us, African American (Student)
Ubong Inyang, Ubong Inyang Production, USA (USA), SUNITA, Movie Trailer, African American
Ulrike Korbach (Germany), Shade Guzzling, Disability Issues
Vasco Diogo (Portugal), Paint On Paint # 3, Experimental
Vianlix Mestey (USA), For Money Or Love, Film Feature
Willie Singh (Trinidad and Tobago), Temptation, Christian, Cinematography
Yana Pan (USA), 0000E8, Animation (Student)
Zhang Zhiqiang (China), The South Wind, Documentary Feature
zwtral (USA), zwtral, Experimental

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