Award of Merit February 2021

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Brian Burkhardt (USA), Ecstasy Outlaws, Film Short
Carmela Schönenberger (Switzerland), Serafin, Film Short (Student)
Christine Jezior (Germany), GOSIA@TOMEK, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Claudio Insegno (Italy), And Suddenly it’s Evening, Actor: Leading (Paco de Rosa as Moccuso)
Cynthia M. Uhrich (USA), Lorna Landvik’s “Oh My Stars”, Women Filmmakers
Daniele Cini (Italy), GENNARO’S FEVER, Documentary Feature
Elia Cmiral (Czech Republic), Altered Mind of 20-20, Experimental
Elinor Lüdde (Germany), V O I D, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Felix Igori Ramos (USA), In the Defense Against Tyranny, Film Feature
Hemantkumar Mahale (India), Kaali Maati, Film Feature
Iker Bilbao (Spain), The Last Wolves, Movie Trailer
John Voth (Canada), Identivacation by Jordan Klassen, Music Video
Julie Flanders (USA), Doubts, Web Tube Length Video
Kelly Bakos (USA), Ephemeral, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Maxime Duval (Canada), Spleen, Original Score
Patricia Nazario (USA), Backstreet to the American Dream, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Renee Bourke (Australia), Pebbles, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography
Sea Jin Park (USA), Humanatee, Animation (Student), Film Short (Student), Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student), Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery (Student)
Sharrod Williams (USA), Neighbors, Web Series, LGBT
Theo Eifrig (France), I am the ONE!, Music Video
Vishal Krishnaiah (USA), Crisis In The City By The Bay, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
William D. MacGillivray (Canada), Under The Weather, Film Feature
Winter Light Productions (Canada), The Colour of Spring, Original Song (Mysterio composed by Paul Andrew Kimball), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Yana Alliata (USA), Prude, Film Short

Indie Film Festival winner

Adam Williams, ADCY Media Inc (Canada), Transmutation – The music video, Music Video
Alex Guo (USA), Dear Anxiety, Public Service Programming / PSA
Alex Wroten (USA), 23rd Century Giants: The Story of Renaldo & The Loaf, Documentary Feature, Editing
Andrew Burdette (USA), Bruh.MP4, Actor: Leading (Andrew Burdette as Tyler)
Anthony Saldana (USA), Straight Off The Canvas, Disability Issues
Armin Korsos (USA), Showman, Documentary Short (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Aurora Jimenez (USA), Lessons From My Mother, Film Short (Student)
Brian Chambliss (USA), The Art of Rescue, Documentary Short
Bruce Goldsmith and Asaad Kelada (USA), Hear Me Out, Film Short
Cameron Barrett (USA), How To Be A Smoke Alarm Hero, Educational / Instructional / Training
Cameron Barrett (USA), Ready, Set, GO! – Watsonville, Public Service Programming / PSA
Caroline Locke (USA), CarolineLocke_The Winner, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Cecilia Choi (USA), Palm Sunday, Women Filmmakers
Chenthur Rathnam (India), A Night Under The Moon, Film Short
Chia Chen and Jack Gastelbondo (USA), 5, Actress: Leading Chia Chen as Lena), Film Short
Christine Jezior (Germany), GOSIA@TOMEK, Disability Issues
Christopher Kennedy (USA), The Promise, Film Short
Claudio Insegno (Italy)And Suddenly it’s Evening, Actress: Supporting (Simona Ceruti as Maria)
Damien Donnelly (Ireland), Space Rocks!, Film Short
Daniel Carrillo and Francisco Villarroel  (Venezuela), Webidemic, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Francisco Villarroel as Professor)

Danny Thykaer (Denmark), Louise & Louise, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Tanja Fleth Boenke as Louise)
David Mai (USA), Ashes of Alyssa, Asian
Dhiney Ramos (Netherlands), Father of a Broken Angel, Disability Issues
Emily Felder and Christa Whitney (USA), Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?), Jewish
George A. Tramountanas (USA), Win a Trip to Browntown!, Actress: Supporting (Heather Reynosa as Jen)
Guo Xiang (China), Invisible Love, Asian, Film Feature
Harley Wallen (USA), Tale of Tails, Actress: Leading (Kaiti Wallen as Detective Alison Olsen)
Harold Klein and Dan Saulnier (USA), Trauma To Triumph – The Rise of the Entrepreneur, Documentary Feature
Hee chul Kwon (Korea), Call (The) Girl, Asian, Editing
Isaac Kerlow (USA), Bend or Break, Educational / Instructional / Training
Isabel Hundt (USA), The Power of Connection – Change The World By Changing Your Perception, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Educational / Instructional / Training
J.D. Cohen (USA), Introducing Jodea, Actress: Leading (Chloe Traicos as Jodea Maxwell), Film Feature
Jack Marziliano (USA), Mask, Film Short (Student)
Jay Eunjin Lee (Korea), SANGSANGBA, Animation (Student)
Jena Burchick (USA), Mom & M, Women Filmmakers, LGBT
Jennifer Zhang (USA), Charon, Actor: Leading (Eric Radic as Jerry), Actress: Leading (Jennifer Zhang as Charon)
John Darbonne (USA), Companion, Film Feature, Actress: Leading (Anna Flynn as Ella Grace), Editing, Cinematography, Direction, Special Effects: Non-Animation, Script / Writer

John Gregor (United Kingdom), Triggers, Film Short, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
John Mollison (USA), Actions Speak Louder than Medals, Documentary Short
JuanJose De La Cruz (USA), The Secrets We Keep, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Julie Flanders (USA), Doubts, Women Filmmakers
Juliet Ellis (United Kingdom), Ruby, Film Feature
Jumpoth Ruayjaroensap (Thailand), Resemblance, Asian
Katherine Shannon (United Kingdom), Tables Turned, Film Short, Cinematography
Kaye Cleave and James Daggett (USA), Catherine’s Kindergarten, Documentary Feature
Ken Klein (USA), Almost There, Film Short
Lei Zhao (USA), Margie’s Christmas Eve, Film Short (Student)
Matt Gray (USA), MADISON BAKER WAS HERE, Film Feature, Actress: Leading (Madeline L’Engle as Madison Baker)
Matthew Everett (United Kingdom), Britain’s Big Cat Mystery, Documentary Feature
Maxime Duval (Canada), Spleen, Film Short
Melissa Farris (USA), Life Reflecting, Film Short
Michael Thomas DeLano (USA), Artifact-DedBeach, Film Short
Mickey Blaine and Nicole Blaine (USA), Unboxing the Bennetts, Television – Pilot Program
Mikell Limbrick (USA), P.E.N.S. (Poetic Energy Needed in Society), Documentary Feature
Mitchell Tepper and Mark Schoen (USA), Love After War, Disability Issues
Monica Bauer (USA), Democracy Sucks, Web / Internet Programming, Script / Writer, Actor: Leading (John Fico as Professor B)
Nick Snow and Don Hatton, Dashford Studios (USA), Blacklight, Actress: Leading (Samantha Aneson as Hannah Hirsch)

Nicola Rinciari (USA), The Pages of Destiny, Direction (Student)
Noah Waldron, Trevor Bloom and Charlie Craighead (USA), Shifting of Seasons (SOS): Spring, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Documentary Short
Noelle Clarke (Ireland), Afternoon Tea, Film Short
Pablo Fuentes Fernández (Spain), Roots, Film Short (Student)
Patricia Nazario (USA), Backstreet to the American Dream, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Latin / Hispanic, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Pierre Smith Khanna (Spain), Fairytales of Growth, Educational / Instructional / Training
Raito Nishizaka and Michael Williams (Japan), Benza English Series One, Original Song (Rise Above It composed by Takahiro Nomiya featuring Shayna Magnuson)
Ramy Gheit (USA), Essential Worker, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Ramy Gheit as Marc)
Reece Daniels and Jivensley Alexis (USA), Good Thing Going, Film Short (Student)
Rubén Arnaiz (Spain), Drama19, Film Short
Ruben Avitia (USA), Just the Tip, Actress: Supporting (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Smokey)
Sajan Jose (USA), Project Bau, Actor: Leading (John Henry Richardson as Peter McFarlin), Film Short
Sam Farage (Finland), 2 Down, Music Video
Sean Tansey (Greece), The Stones of Rome, Film Short
Shubham Sanjay Shevade (USA), The BIG Rant, Actor: Leading (Poorva Wachh as Harry Chandra)
Taokan Xu (Germany), Audenie, Experimental
Tayo Giwa (USA), Soul Summit Doin’ It in the Park, Documentary Short
Vishal Krishnaiah (USA), Crisis In The City By The Bay, Documentary Short
William Lorton (USA), Ina’s Circle, Documentary Short
Yuezhu Wang (USA), Video Letter, Animation (Student)
Zachary James (USA), The Raven, Music Video (Composed by Kristin Hevner, words by Edgar Allan Poe)

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