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Milked – Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor (New Zealand), MILKED, Nature / Environment / Wildlife – “MILKED” exposes the whitewash of New Zealand’s multi-billion-dollar dairy industry and the horrific animal abuse, human health issues and environmental devastation all dairy “farming” perpetrates. Wrapped in an engaging story following charismatic host and Māori activist Chris Huriwai – it also features interviews with high-profile experts Dr. Jane Goodall, environmentalist and former actress Suzy Amis Cameron and Cowspiracy co-director Keegan Kuhn, as well as experts from the fields of ecology, economy, politics, medicine and more. Well balanced and based on solid science, it exposes the brutal animal cruelty, the sustainability crisis as well as the dangerous denial of impending agricultural disruption, but it also offers innovative solutions for countries around the globe to change their fate. Exceptional research, insightful scripting and tight editing.

About a Girl – Michael Easton

IndieFEST film festival awards

Michael Easton (USA)
, About a Girl, Film Short Directed by Emmy-nominee Michael Easton and written by and starring Emmy-nominee Rebecca BudigAbout a Girl is an emotionally impactful short film about a mother suffering from severe post-partum depression and its  devastating impact on her and her family. A deeply insightful script and skillful direction lays the foundation for Budig’s pitch-perfect performance. With an outstanding supporting cast featuring Emmy-nominee Trevor St John (The Bourne Ultimatum) and Emmy-nominee Sherri Saum (The Fosters) and excellent art direction, cinematography and sound design.

Award of Excellence SP

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalFrances Causey (USA), The Long Shadow, Doc Feature – Emmy Award-winning former CNN Senior Producer Causey, and producer Sally Holst deliver a potent, informative and excruciatingly honest portrait of systematic racism in the USA as she traces her family’s legacy of white privilege, from slavery to modern day. Outstandingly researched, superbly scripted, impacful and beautifully crafted.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film Festival Juliette BinocheLuc Marescot (France), Green Forests and Red Carpet, Doc Feature – Emmy-nominated Marescot, a veteran director of documentaries decides to experience the feature film world and make a movie, to reach a larger audience with his messages of environmental destruction. This well crafted and entertaining doc chronicles his quest from France to Hollywood and finally a meeting with Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalJessie Oldfield and Adam Murfet (Australia), Why Are You Like This?, TV Series – Netflix series following Aussie friends Mia, Penny and Austin through the divisive socio-political hellscape of 2021, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Bold, edgy, unflinching and wildly entertaining. Deftly directed with superb cast of young actors embodying their unique characters. Stars Naomi Higgins, Olivia Junkeer, Wil King.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalRonan Tynan (Ireland), Bringing Assad to Justice, Liberation / Social Justice – The remarkable story of efforts working against the odds to make one of the worst regime’s of our time accountable for heinous crimes without parallel since the Nazis. Told at great personal risk from torture survivors Anwar al-Bunni, Mazen Darwish and others it delivers a potent and impactful message.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalCarlos Iglesias (Spain), Ispansi! (Spaniards!), Film Feature – This beautifully crafted film follows a woman from a loyalist family and a communist man who meet while traveling with a convoy of children sent to the Soviet Union amidst the Spanish Civil War. With exceptional performances by a talented cast led by Esther Regina (The Night Manager) and Carlos Iglesias (Crossing Borders) who is also the film’s writer and director.

Jerry van de Beek and Betsy De Fries, Little Fluffy Clouds LLC (USA), Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire, Nature / Environment – Emmy-winner Peter Coyote powerfully narrates this story- based on the poem Song of Fire this animation poetically tells the tale of the 1988 fire begun by a lightning spark, and burned 1.5 million acres – only extinguished with severe snow. Beautiful animation, creative visuals and impactful score by Mark Murphy.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalMauraya Sharma (India), Seeped, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger – With a nuanced maturity beyond his years – Sharma delivers a short about contemplation and correlation through visual metaphors. A paper-making artist tussles with her past and the exploration of sexuality, pain and relations. Beautiful visuals and design. Stars: Pooja Shyam, Prabhat, Saloni Thakral, Pooja Verma.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalLiam Petite (Canada), Five Pounds of Pressure, Film Short – A despondent man is parked on the side of the road with a gun and a single bullet. His encounters with a female hitchhiker changes their destiny forever. Creative, compelling story well executed with technical craft and convincing performances. Stars Kevin Jollimore (Halifax Homicide), Ella Grace and Thomas Durfee.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalRossano Bagialemani (Italy), LEGIONARIUS by YAMAMOTO Nutrition, Commercial – A high impact commercial featuring mixed martial art (MMA) fighter, TV presenter and Italian actor Alessio Sakara as he moves through his grueling trainings and workout routines. Driven by a pulsing soundtrack, creative cinematography and crisp editing  this commercial delivers maximum impact.

IndieFEST Film Awards Indie Fest Film FestivalNicole Vernarec and Matthew Vieira (USA), Rumors, Web Series – A quintessential Hollywood story of starry eyed ingénue and jealous conniving “friend” takes a romp through the lives of aspiring actresses against the backdrop of L.A.  An entertaining ensemble cast lead by creator/actress Nicole Vernarec. Ashley St. George, Jodi Moore Lewis, Cheyenne Rae Hernandez, Kira Reed Lorsch, Andy Cohen.

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Allen Robertson and Damon Brown (USA), Scout, Children / Family Programming
Amnon Carmi (USA), Tasteless, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Amy Taylor (New Zealand), MILKED, Women Filmmakers
Andra Tevy (USA), Crossroads Life, Educational / Instructional / Training, Women Filmmakers
Byrne Owens (USA), My Roommate the Jedi, Direction
Daizy Gedeon (Australia), ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour, Documentary Feature
Daniel Sheahan (USA), Disconnected, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
David Naglieri (USA), Armed with the Faith: The Knights of Columbus and The Military, Christian
David Naglieri and Tim Moriarty (USA), Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholics, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
David Naglieri and Tim Moriarty (USA), Service and Sacrifice: Remembering 9/11, Documentary Short
Diana Dai (Canada), T&T supermarket secret mission, Commercial / Infomercial, Direction
Florence Ordesh (USA), An Extinction, Actress: Leading (Florence Ordesh as Aoife)
Gui Agustini (USA), Roses are Blind, Actor: Supporting (Boyd Gaines as Uncle Oscar), Actor: Leading (Daniel Davis as Addison Spellings)
Hemzah Naveed (USA), The Last Sunset, Film Short

Hung Cheng Chang (Taiwan), Invisible Justice, Film Feature, Disability Issues
Ian Bridgman (USA), Professor M, Film Short
Jake Hunsicker (USA), The Arrangement, Film Feature
Jan Jalenak (USA), You Can Kiss Me, Film Short, LGBTQ+
Jean-Christophe Meneec, Pimiento Films (France), The Shame and the Courage, Film Feature, LGBTQ+
Jeff Joslin (USA), Sparks-The Ken Sparks Story, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics
Jerry van de Beek and Betsy De Fries, Little Fluffy Clouds LLC (USA), Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire, Script / Writer
Jorge Herrera (Germany), Club Habana, Direction, Latin / Hispanic, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Joshua & Amelia Peterson, River & Rail Theatre Company (USA), Ghostlight, Documentary Feature, Direction
Karen Bartholomew, Rich Rusk, Dan Watson and Charli Ward; Mind the Gap and Gecko (United Kingdom), A Little Space, Experimental
Keren Green, Wild Greens Productions (New Zealand), Defense +4, Script / Writer (Keren Green)
Keren Green,Wild Greens Productions (New Zealand), Holding South, Direction, Film Short, Television – Pilot Program, Editing, Actor: Leading (Rupert Green as Hank), Actress: Leading (Charisse Uy as Mae), Women Filmmakers, Cinematography, Art Direction, Makeup, Original Score, Movie Trailer, Script / Writer

Kevin M. Turner (USA), Beta, Actor: Leading (William Nicol as Byron), Film Short
Kris Millgate, Tight Line Media (USA), Ocean to Idaho, Women Filmmakers, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Kristy Espinoza (Chile), They Are Fine, Editing (Carlos Martinez)
Liam Petite (Canada), Five Pounds of Pressure, Dramatic Impact
Lucas Renault (France), Second Wind, Film Short (Student)
Matt Omeara (USA), Remember Me, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Michael Easton (USA), About a Girl, Actress: Leading (Rebecca Budig as Jill)
Mike Schiff (USA), The History of Metal and Horror, Documentary Feature, Creativity / Originality
Nathan Castiel, Always You, and Dawna Lee Heising (USA), Black City Nights, Music Video
Nicole Vernarec and Matthew Vieira (USA), Rumors Full Series, LGBTQ+
Richard Wicksteed (South Africa), SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture, Documentary Feature
Robert Michael (USA), Girl, Chill, Actor: Leading (Robert Michael as Darren), Web Series

Ronan Tynan (Ireland), Bringing Assad To Justice, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Rusty Sarhan (USA), Reparenting, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Sergio Fernández Muñoz (Peru), Holestepper, Actor: Leading (Oswaldo Salas as Angel), Film Short
Shuja Paul (USA), Waiting to Explode, Documentary Short, Movie Trailer
Sibo Zhu (China), The Memories of A Song, Film Short (Student)
Stephen Janis (USA), The Friendliest Town, Documentary Feature
Steven MacKay and Ben Davies (Australia), Twelve Foot Ninja – Over and Out feat. Tatiana Shmayluk, Direction, Experimental, Music Video, Editing
Stevic Mackay (Australia), Twelve Foot Ninja – LONG WAY HOME, Experimental, Music Video, Editing (Ben Davies)
Tiziana Caminada (Switzerland), LITTLE BIG STEVE, Documentary Short
Toni Escandell (Spain), CABRERA,  The ancestral Mediterranean, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ying Chih Chen (Taiwan), Outsider, Music Video
Yves Matthey (Switzerland), Wet Dogs, Film Feature

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