Award of Merit November 2021

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Ali Dekmak (Lebanon), Tamouzi, Film Short
Brandon Okumura (USA), Another Beautiful Day, Experimental, Asian
Chance W. Leonard and Sergio Valenzuela (USA), (USA), The Price of Legacy: Wrestling with a Dynasty, Documentary Feature
Craig Tovey (USA), Prime of Your Life, Actress: Leading (Tara Erickson as Samantha)
Dastan Khalili (DGA) (USA), The Way, Direction, Film Feature
Gigi Burgdorf (United Kingdom), The Plan, Film Short, Direction
Heloise Magny (Canada), Keep Painting, Mom, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Isaac Kerlow (USA/Mexico), Tsunami of New Dreams, Documentary Feature
Jeannie Stachniewska (United Kingdom), On Charge, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Keren Green, Wild Greens Productions (New Zealand), Defense +4, Film Short
Kevin M. Turner (USA), Beta, Actress: Leading (Aubree Bouche as Beta)
Kevin T. Morales (USA), Generation Wrecks, Film Feature
Laurel Levey (USA), BOXED, Jewish
Michelle Rose and POEM KING (USA), Ghosted, Music Video, Original Song (Ghosted composed by Mvxmilli)
Sydney Geiger (USA), Bearly Awake, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Takayuki Kayano (Japan), percentage, Film Short

Indie Film Festival winner

Adam Moses (USA), 34902, Film Short, Direction, Jewish, Actor: Supporting (Yisrael Dubov as Lale Soklov)
Allen Kool (Canada), The Taste of Blood, Film Feature, Script / Writer (Robin E. Crozier)
Angel Galmes Sureda (Spain), NUMDI OODI true history, Documentary Short, Experimental
Brad Simanski (USA), Dr. Mania, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Brandon Lopez (USA), Honey Drop, Animation (Student)
Brett Salamin (USA), 4 LOVE & EMBRYOS, Film Short, Editing
César Rozas (Spain), The Spirit of Pioneers, Documentary Short, Editing, Cinematography
Charlita Gaston (USA), The Party, African American, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Chris Michael Whalen (USA), Glitter Tang, Film Feature
Christian Hernández Sánchez, Asociación Colibrí (Mexico), History of the Olympic Games, Educational / Instructional / Training (Student), Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Courtland Shakespeare (Canada), Robotic Enchanter, Film Short
Cristian Ciorăneanu (Romania), ON THE FOOTSTEPS OF HIS MAJESTY – St. PRICE NEAGOE BASARAB, Documentary Feature (Student)
Daniel Lee (USA), The Art of Stealing, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Daniel Sheahan (USA), Disconnected, Actress: Leading (Student) (Danielle Joy Foley as Kathy McKuster)
David Naglieri (USA), Courage and Conviction: The True Story of Christopher Columbus, Documentary Short
Denise Richards (Mexico), Day of the Dead: a Celebration of Life, Documentary Feature, Native Peoples
Dox Bernard (USA), 13 AM THE MOVIE, Film Short
Ema Poposka (Hong Kong), The Living Sea, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Emery Secor (USA), Froggumentary, Documentary Short (Student)
George Rodriguez (USA), STASH The Movie, Film Feature
Giacomo Arrigoni (Italy), Spicy Calabria, Documentary Feature, On-Camera Talent (Esmeralda Spadea as Esmeralda)
Giulia Brazzale (Italy), The pigeons lady, Documentary Short

Hao Wei Chen and Wei Chiao Wang (Taiwan), Irritable  Boy, Film Short (Student), Editing (Student)
Heather May (USA), Awaiting Tiresias, Disability Issues, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
J.C. Heins (USA), MOUSETRAP!, LGBTQ+, Original Score (Mousetrap! Original Soundtrack composed by Jeremy Wisoff)
Jason Gullifer (USA), The Decipio, Television – Pilot Program
Jeffrey Israelson and Steven Israelson (USA), Time Traveler, Film Short
Jenni Gold, Gold Pictures (USA), The Corona Files, Film Feature
Jennifer Hathaway (USA), I’m Here, Animation (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
Jill Roberts (Canada), Sensei, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
John Andrew Rado (Australia), Dreaming Mia Wigini, LGBTQ+
Jon Matthews (USA), Ang Motel, Film Short
Joseph Richardson and Che Bullock (USA), Life After the Gunshot, Documentary Feature
June Mock (USA), To Be MELO, Actor: Leading (June Mock as Melo), Asian, Film Feature, Cinematography (Calvert David Miles)
Justin Odell Stuckey (USA), Boundary, Cinematography
Justine Kaneda (USA), Kintsugi, Asian, Creativity / Originality
Kassy Mahea (USA), What Happens In The Desert, Women Filmmakers
Kate O’Neill and Mathew Young (USA), Hangman, Actress: Leading (Kate O’Neill as Anne), Script / Writer (Kate O’Neill and Jessica Orcsik)
Keren Green, Wild Greens Productions (New Zealand), Defense +4, Actor: Leading (Nye Green as Simon)
KL Prasad (India), SCREENPLAY of an Indian Love Story, Film Feature

Laurel Levey (USA), BOXED, Women Filmmakers
Liddy Salter (USA), Oliver, Animation (Student)
Lisa Gerstner (USA), EARL BISS,  The Spirit Who Walks Among His People, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, History / Biographical
Manuel Sanchez (France), Les Arcandiers, Film Feature, Direction, Original Score (Composed by Manual Sanchez and Étienne Perruchon)
Mary Tilden (USA), Rough River Lake, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Massimo Pibiri (France), Sweet Dreams, Direction, Film Short
Maxwell John Frost (USA), Between Giants, Documentary Feature
Merivelle Hannah (USA), When I Met Mia, Film Short (Student)
Michael Rognlie (USA), Gary, Film Short, Direction
Nathan Colby (USA), Dungo’s Palace, Television – Pilot Program
Olga Lucía Jaramillo S. (USA), Of Dreams, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Olga Lucía Jaramillo S. (USA), The United States was my Mom, Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Patricio J. Salinas (USA), TAPIZ (Tapestry), Documentary Feature
Peggy Lane (USA), Donna On The Go: STAIRS, Disability Issues
Randy Allan (USA), Time Boys, Children / Family Programming, Christian, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Randy Allan as Josiah O’Neil and Josiah O’Neil IV), Direction (Randy Allan), Original Score (Composed by Randy Allan), Original Song (I Just Wanna Fit In composed by Randy Allan, Sung by Justin Terry), Original Song (The Gig Is Up composed by Randy Allan, performed by Eric Gales), Original Song (I Feel Crazy composed by Randy Allan, Performed by Dee Snider, Al Pitrelli and Derek Sherinian)
Raul Perez, Marcelle Baber and Thai Edwards (USA), The ICE CREAM STOP, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Thai “THE THAIGA” Edwards as Dr. Michael Harris), Script / Writer (Raul Perez, Marcelle Baber and Thai Edwards)
Rich Chambers (Canada), I’m So Tired, Music Video
Rich West (USA), Julie Leaves the Nest, Jewish, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Robert J. Permenter (USA), Kate, Film Short

Rodney Matthews and Sarah Matthews (United Kingdom), Yendor – The Journey of a Junior Adventurer, Children / Family Programming, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Sarah Matthews)
Roger Tertocha (USA), Modern Histories – VFW Tribute, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Sharmistha Mitra Chakraborty (India), JONGOM, Women Filmmakers
Simone Origio (Italy), In the inner labyrinth, Experimental, Original Song (Il labirinto composed by Andrea D’Alpaos)
Stephanie Alton (USA), Yupiit: Eye of Both Worlds, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Stevan Zivkov Andicin (Serbia), ANIMALS: A PARALLEL HISTORY, Documentary Feature
Sudeep Mehta (India), Unfinished, Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Susan Smith and Rodrigo Cruz (Mexico), Returning to Strength Lessons about development from Tlamacazapa, Mexico, Educational / Instructional / Training
Susan Thomson (United Kingdom), Ghost Empire § Belize, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Suzanne Schmidt (USA), Not Nothing, Women Filmmakers
Sydney Geiger (USA), Bearly Awake, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Sylvia Ray (USA), My Human Experience: Episode #1, Webisode
Tessa Grace Morell (USA), Absence of Light, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, LGBTQ+
The Shenanigans (USA), Mad World, Film Short
Thomas R. Bloom (USA), Footsteps of Suicide, Web Tube Length Video, Dramatic Impact
Timothy Clough (Australia), Untouched, Documentary Feature
Tiziana Caminada (Switzerland), Hell in Paradise, Documentary Feature
Tony Moore (United Kingdom), The Voodoo Vortex, Film Short
Veronica Small (USA), SIPHON, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Vikki Thompson (United Kingdom), A Special Place, Women Filmmakers
Wendy Watts (USA), The Aran Sweater, Movie Trailer
Will Jacobs (USA), Olympus: A Retrospective (Episode 1), Webisode
Yen-Chang Lin (Taiwan), No Rules, Film Short (Student)

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