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Common Ground – Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New Talent

Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell (USA), Common Ground – Doc Feature – A tour-de-force in environmental filmmaking – “Common Ground” skillfully promotes the “Regenerative Movement” and weaves together critical information from exceptional experts, powerful supporting stories of real lives and heart-warming inspiration as it explores the regenerative agriculture movement and the connections between farming, politics and human health.

Featuring Oscar-Winner Laura Dern (Jurassic Park, Big Little Lies), Oscar-Nominee & Emmy Winner Woody Harrelson (Zombieland, The People vs Larry Flynt), Emmy-Winner Donald Glover (Solo, A Star Wars Story, Community, Spider-Man) Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones, Fast X), Rosario Dawson (The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, Men in Black, Dopesick) and Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries, Pulse, Lost).

Blending investigative journalism with profoundly moving personal stories, the film explores how Americans from different walks of life, different political backgrounds and different parts of the country share one thing in common – the very soil beneath their feet.  It investigates the power of “regenerative” farming systems – from large to small scale farmers who are the champions of soil health as the key to unlocking more (and healthier) food to feed America and the world and highlights the contributions of indigenous farmers and African Americans. It is the hopeful and uplifting story of the pioneers of the “Regenerative Movement” who produce tremendous quantities of nutritionally dense food and are working to balance the climate – all while bringing our entire ecosystem back to life. Tribeca Human Nature award winner.  A film that needs to be seen and a catalyst for change – they provide practical ways everyone can get involved.

Censure – Richard Bazley (United Kingdom)

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New Talent
Richard Bazley (United Kingdom)
, Censure, Film Short – Emmy-nominee Bazley delivers an impactful film exploring identity, family and emotional betrayal. The film features Oscar-nominee Tom Conti (The Dark Knight Rises , Reuben, Reuben) supporting talented newcomer Connor William’s anguished performance as Aaron – an introvert struggling under the weight of a revelation and dreaming of escaping to the only place he can breathe. But escape has a cost, and he must ask himself if it is a price he is willing to pay. Creative and uniquely crafted storytelling. Talented animator turned live action director Bazley (Disney’s Pocahontas, Hercules, Tarzan, and Centurion Resurrection) delivers a powerful emotional impact. Stars: Connor William (Death Follows, The Relented). The film, beautifully shot by DOP John E Fry (Adventures of the Crystal Skull) and with a musical score produced by Adrian Chivers, Censure offers a powerful emotional impact, inviting viewers to sit in Aaron’s discomfort and experience his emotions in real-time. Features Vivien Taylor (Buggers, Annika) and Elaine M Ellis (The Dark Mile, Only an Excuse?).

Award of Excellence SP

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentDamon Brown and Allen Robertson (USA)Dance Hall, Film Short – Emmy-winners Brown and Robertson deliver a warm-hearted musical that is both entertaining and thought provoking – creatively addressing the paradox of modern life. Technology, grief, personal connections come together through a gifted cast of musical performers. Stars talented Stella Frye-Ginsberg and Anderson Zoll.

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentAmirabas Rabi’ei (Iran), The Opposition (ZED), Film Feature – A potent, chilling political drama that takes place during the country’s critical situation in 1981. Within the heat of political events it follows the impossible love story between Bita and Saeed with intrigue and tragic consequences. Well crafted with a talented cast. Leila Zare (Night Shift), Mehdi Nosrati (The Undercover), Linda Kiani (Cold Blood), Nader Soleimani (Lottery).

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentGilda Sheppard (USA), Since I Been Down – Doc Feature / African American – Follows a group of prisoners as they break free from their fate and create a model of education that is transforming lives, prisons and communities. Spotlighting young men that were given life-sentences due to outdated laws – it highlights the possibilities of rehabilitation and the strength of spirit. Thought-provoking and inspiring. (Screened Doc NYC)

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentRichard Yelland (USA), UNDIVIDED: Pandemic with A Purpose, Doc Short – Emmy-nominated Yelland designed UNDIVIDED as a give-back project, launched at COVID-19’s outset, when hope was in short supply. It unites physicians, thought leaders, service, non-profits and corporate brands – who united with innovations to save lives. Skillfully woven stories create a stirring portrait of cooperation and collaboration.

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentYaser Talebi (Iran), BELOVED – Doc Feature – The remarkable life of Firouzeh – a solitary and extraordinary 82-year old woman whose life as a herder in rural Iran is hard and lonely. Shaped by a grueling past, she finds solace in her beloved cows and strength in nature. Talebi adeptly depicts her triumphs and pains, blending inspiration and compassion. Lush cinematography and impactful sound design. Screened Hot Docs / IDFA

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New Talent

Dragos Teglas (United Kingdom), Meet the Local HeroGlenn Johnstone – A moving and compelling short doc showcasing Glenn’s inspiring journey from a bone tumor diagnosis to amputation. With a custom prosthetic leg, and unwavering support from his father, he reclaims his passion for biking, celebrating resilience, family, and the triumph of the human spirit. Tightly crafted and genuinely inspiring.

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentKacey Cox (Canada), Finding Manny, Doc Feature – 70 years after jumping from a Nazi death train—Manny Drukier returns to Poland and Germany to face his past and heal the wounds he has never shared. Contacted by a volunteer from the Indersdorf Orphanage where he went after the war– he revisits his darkest memories in an attempt to teach children “never again. Deftly directed, a poignant tale for our times.

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentAndrea Lodovichetti and Nicola Nicoletti (Italy), Sports Around the World – Mission Rwanda, Doc Feature – An inspirational story of the “Sports Around the World” program and the positive impact it has on the African communities it serves. Directed by Globo d’Oro winner Lodovichetti – it follows dedicated and encouraging coaches to show how sport can not only change lives, but also entire communities.

IndieFEST Film Awards from Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentBayou Bennett and Daniel Lir (USA), Time is Eternal,  Film Short – A prestigious feminine writer examines what it means to be a woman across history and conjures up Cleopatra and writer/philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft. They cross deserts of eternal time to meet, sharing their victories, defeats and loves. Stunning lighting, lush cinematography and sets, beautiful elaborate costumes. Stars international model Berite Labelle.

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Alan Williams (USA), Legend of the Forest, Original Score
Andrea Lodovichetti and Nicola Nicoletti (Italy), Sports Around the World – Mission Rwanda, Direction, Editing
Ashkan Shapouri (Iran), The Last Tango with Pari, Film Feature
Beatie Wolfe and Ross Harris (USA), Trees & Seas, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Original Song (Little Things composed by Beatie Wolfe)
Chris Mugford (United Kingdom), Percussion Play, Commercial / Infomercial, Editing, Original Score
Chris Mugford (United Kingdom), MUTU System, Commercial / Infomercial, Fitness / Nutrition, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Corrado Rizza (Italy), Dino’s Dark Room, Documentary Feature
Curtis Boggs (USA), Worth Guitars, Documentary Short, Cinematography, Editing
Damian Overton (Australia), ARLO AND THE SEA, Original Score (Composed by Michael Drew)
Daniel Ramos (USA), Bring Me Up, Music Video

David W. King (USA), A Theatre Near You, Documentary Feature, Direction, Editing
Dragos Teglas (United Kingdom), Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone, Disability Issues, Editing
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Bambolina and the Doodles, Music Video, Script / Writer
Gilda Sheppard (USA), Since I Been Down, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Editing
Hashem Moradi (Iran), Imo, Film Feature
Jeffrey van Davis (Germany), All My Tomorrows, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Marisa Roman as Maria)
Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell (USA), Common Ground, Native Peoples, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Lesley Coleman (Australia), Home Truths, Script / Writer
Lynn Elliott (USA), Only You Can Save Her, pilot for THE BOY WHO EARNED HIS MAGIC, Television – Pilot Program, Children / Family Programming, Pilot Program / Series
Nils A. Witt (Germany), The Washer, Film Feature

Pamela Tomlinson (Canada), By Hook or By Cook (III), Disability Issues, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Tyler Gilis)
Rebecca Hardy (United Kingdom), After the Evidence – The Short Film, Ensemble Cast, Women Filmmakers
Richard Bazley (United Kingdom), Censure, Direction, Script / Writer
Richard Yelland (USA), UNDIVIDED: Pandemic with A Purpose, Health / Medicine / Science, Public Service Programming / PSA
Shuja Moore (USA), Pardon Me, Documentary Short
Tim Searfoss (USA), One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction, Documentary Feature
Wang Wang (China), Never, Film Short, Editing (Zhang Jun Feng , Ma Jun and Xu Zai Cheng)
Yaser Talebi (Iran), Sarnevesht, Documentary Short
Yousef Jafary (Iran), Black Light, Film Short

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