Award of Recognition January 2024

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Alexandros Kelepeshis (Cyprus), Black Veil, Actress: Supporting (Student) (Fani Petsa as Sergiani), Direction (Student)
Ali Khonsari (Iran), Gilda, Documentary Short
Ali Parvizi (Iran), Impossible, Experimental
Alireza Rajabzadeh (Iran), Metronome, Script / Writer
Amirhossein Hatami (Iran), Somewhere to Stay, Direction
Andrew Koltuniuk (USA), Neuro-Intimate, Direction, Cinematography
Azza Brummer (USA), Uncle Joe, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, African American Filmmaker (Student)
Ben Bortner (USA), Partner in Crime, Film Short (Student)
Brett Sylvia (USA), Exciting Day, Children / Family Programming, Creativity / Originality
Carlos Puig Mundó (Spain), One More Day, Actress: Leading (Noa Flores Rodríguez as Maria)
Carol J. Amore (USA), Ancient Lands and Lives-Above the Grand Canyon Rims, Music Video
Charli Brown (USA), Little Miss Sunshine, Film Short
Chen Liang (USA), Long Way To Yesterday, Music Video
Coco Bigles (USA), Crushed, Direction (Student), Film Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Damian Overton (Australia), ARLO AND THE SEA, Actor: Leading (Ruben Russo as Arlo)

Daniele Marchioni (Italy), C19 TRITTICO PANDEMICO, Cinematography
Deborah Marlene Pittman and Gabriel Isiah Gonzeles (USA), The World According to Earl, Animation
Diego Dávila and Francisco Morales (Ecuador), Andean Eagle Animated, Animation
Dorsa Moayedi (Iran), Inverted, Experimental
Elham Ahmadi (Iran), The Shadow Yearning To Fly, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Double Decade Vegan, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Original Song
Fatemeh Hosseini (Iran), Ghazal, Film Short
Fernando Montes de Oca Martin (Mexico), Deathle Labyrinth, Concept
Francesca Jandasek (USA), Genesis, Experimental, Original Score
Gabrielle Desroches (USA), Born to Be Bad, Music Video (Student)
Garrett Duncan (USA), THE DARKENED, Original Song (Fear composed by Garrett Duncan)
Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi (Iran), The Game The Doubt, Film Short
Hayden Bone (USA), Opaque Buckets, Script / Writer (Hayden Bone)
Hooshmand Varaei (USA), Knife, Chocolate, Asian
James Balsamo and Bill Victor Arucan (USA), Raven Van Slender Saves Christmas!, Actor: Supporting (Greg Tally as Diz)
James Balsamo and Bill Victor Arucan (USA), Alien Danger 2 with Raven van Slender, Editing (James Balsamo)

Jamie Doughty (United Kingdom), This is the Life, Actor: Leading (Ryan Noire as Ernest Winslow), Actress: Leading (Abi Louise as Viola Clark), Actress: Supporting (Jessi Stritch as Clara Young)
JJ Lippman (USA), Human Nature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Kimia Haghighi (Iran), The Milky Way Galaxy, Experimental
Kyle Chase (USA), So you want to see Japan?, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lindsey Haun and Nick Roth (USA), Hanky Panky, Special Effects: Non-Animation / Stunts
Marcia Morgan (USA), The Honest Earth, Animation
Matthew Reidy (USA), Billy Comes Home, Actress: Supporting (Linda Bisesti as Connie), Actor: Leading (Robert Shields as Billy), Film Short
Mauro Bussani (Italy), Green Forge 2030 (MultiVersion), Experimental, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Creativity / Originality
Maxim Churilin (Russia), FUTURE 001 AD 01, Experimental
Mia Rivera (USA), Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It!, Script / Writer
Moein Rahmanzadeh (Iran), It’s Not the Time, Asian
Mohammad Zare (Iran), ANTHRAX, Film Short
Mohsen Jafari Rad (Iran), Pain Under The Skin, Documentary Feature

Natalie Rodriguez, Extraordinary Pictures and Peter M. Olsen (USA), Matty Cat, Script / Writer (Natalie Rodriguez, Extraordinary Pictures)
Nathan J. Lee, Tharun Dulla and Joshua R. Bruce (USA), The Story of Rascal Bic, Film Short, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Joshua R. Bruce)
Peggy Marie Kiefer (USA), Beneath the curtain, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Rabner Amill (USA), Undercover, 48-Hour Film (Savannah, GA)
Ralph Cinque, Lost Maples Productions (USA), Three Days or Else, Actor: Leading (Mickeal Freeland as Detective Tyrell Banks), Film Feature
Rose Patterson, Priyanka Desai and Avinash Bujhawan (Canada), My Journey Home, Documentary Short, Native Peoples
Rustin Moghdam Mehr (Iran), Maybe Another Time, Experimental
Ryan Jay Luskin (USA), The Sailing Movie, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (non-acting) (Saelyn Savage)
Sadie Duarte (Spain), Sheltered from Time, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (Iván Gisbert as Adam/Almaaz)
Sal Cirmi (USA), Mailbox, Actress: Leading (Giuliana Sciortino as Monica), Film Short
Sara Alaeddiny (Iran), Archive, Film Short
Sequoia Holton (USA), Inshallah, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (Hong Kong), Home – FuJian, Asian
Soheil Saee (Iran), Niagara, Film Short
Spyros Vrettos, Bell Tower Cine Productions (Greece), Whiter than Snow, Film Short
Wafa Kanan (USA), Awakenings, Film Short, Special Purpose Productions, Creativity / Originality


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