Awards of Recognition May 2019

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAlan Chriest (USA), Last Words, Film Short
Andreas Auinger (Austria), THE CRAZIEST END OF THE WORLD, Film Feature
Asher Crispe (USA), Quantum Torah, Jewish
Beth Harrington (USA), The Musicianer, Television – Pilot Program
Beth Hoyt and Emily Maya Mills (USA), Poached, Actress: Leading (Beth Hoyt as Annie)
Chris Frint (USA), Claude, Actor: Leading (Taylor Jorgensen as David)
Dan Cooley (USA), The Drive – Faithless, Music Video
David Solomon (USA), Apathetic Epidemic, Film Short
David Tovar (USA), SHOT, Film Short (Student)
Demetrius Barry (USA), Renee, Film Short
Dennis Dalmark (USA), Happy Together, Film Short
Diego Raf Diaz (USA), Percy Talks, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Donald Tjernagel (USA), RED, Film Short
Doug Grean (USA), Starman, Web Series
Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock (USA), Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil, the Trailer, Special Purpose Productions
Dr. Vertna Bradley and Michelle R. Britto, LMSW (USA), Mystic Lotus, Experimental
Elaine Zhang (USA), Lesbian Dating Tips, Webisode (Student)
Frank Ritz (USA), A Life in Our Times, Film Short
Hamid Khan (USA), OLD MAN & THE LOVE, Film Feature
Hiroshige Goto (Japan), TOKYO NOSTALGIE, Music Video
Igor Runov (USA), Prelude, Experimental, Music Video

Ilkka Leva (Finland), Agilem or Fragments of a Life of Head, Experimental
Jamie Shinko (USA), Revenge, Film Short
Jim Huggins (USA), Forgotten Heroes – The Robert Hartsock Story, Documentary Feature, Direction
John E. Lewis, Calin Laur, Vlad Bolgarin, Lucia Lupu (USA/Moldova), Lost in Moldova, Web Series
Joseph Neuman (USA), ALT + <3, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Alice)
Kate Amesbury (USA), A Perfect World, Music Video
Kevin Veatch (USA), The Wacky Windup Circus, Original Score (The Wacky Windup Circus Score by Kevin Veatch)
Kyle Mosonyi (Canada), To the Madness, Television – Pilot Program
Laura Dorn (United Kingdom), Fragments, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Lucy Darrington (United Kingdom), The Significant Lives, Disability Issues, Liberation / Social Justicet, Women Filmmakers
Luke Van Mol (USA), A Day Late, Film Short (Student)
Marcela Biven (USA), Virginia, Film Short
Marco WestWood Gonzalez (USA), Sonny Days, Film Short
Mathivanan Sakthivel (India), Nunnunarvu, Film Feature
Michele Lyman (USA), Acceptables, Film Short
Mohammed Paika (USA), So Many Divisions – Ya Rahman (“O Beneficient”), Islamic, Music Video
Moisés García Guzmán, Hilary Brashear, Laura Deutch, Sabea K. Evans, Vicky Funari, Kathryn Goldberg, Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Edward Ogborn, Lucia Palmarini, and Catherine Rodgers (USA), Dizhsa Nabani – Lengua Viva – Living Language, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Montgomery Mauro (USA), 8 Million is the Loneliest Number, Film Short
Nawal Kaffouf (France), L-P-D-M, Film Short
Nicolas Drolc (France), BUNGALOW SESSIONS, Documentary Feature
Oleg Loparev (USA), Woe, Film Short
Peter Hsui (Taiwan), Looking for Mom, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Rafael Souza (USA), Mateo, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Rebecca Marrow (USA), Stress & Success: A Georgetown Story, Documentary Feature (Student)

Richard H. Alpert (USA), AVE — (Alta Velocidad Espanol) variation #7, Experimental
Richeler Aladin (USA), Trimillennial: Edd-Mun-Dash, Television – Pilot Program and Evinced, Film Short
Robyn Killian (USA), VISION, Women Filmmakers (Student) and FRACTURE, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ron  Phippin (USA), CANADA, Film Short
Roshan Hill (Australia), I WANT TO DO IT, Film Short
Sagar Pagar (India), The Voice, Documentary Short
Scott Boxenbaum (USA), Fully Formed Adults Episode 5: Black Shabbat!, Webisode, Web Series
Sean Price (United Kingdom), Electric Angel, Film Feature
Sergey Popolsin (Austria), Music, Canvas, Oil…, Experimental
Sonya Kulyk (USA), Kaleidoscope City, Film Short
Stream Gao (USA), Snail’s Prance, Experimental
Tatiana Marcovitch (USA), Sacred water, Experimental, Cinematography (Student) (Daniel Marcovitch)
The Church of Almighty God (Canada), The Sun Never Sets on Integrity, Christian
The Church of Almighty God (Italy), The People of the Heavenly Kingdom, Christian
Tony DeSantis (Canada), BOOMBATS, Web Series
Touji Sawamura (Japan), yorozuya detective story, Asian and Creatures Of Cowardice, Film Short
Travis Patten (USA), Debrief, Film Short (Student)
Valeri Milev (Kazakhstan), Project Zenit – Bongo Dance, Music Video
VCs in a VAN LLC (USA), VCs IN A VAN, Episode 1, Reality Programming
Vern Hass (USA), La La Laundry, Film Short (Student) and Fuck, LGBT (Student)
Verna Gillis and Laura deNey (USA), bouyancy, Music Video
Weam Namou (USA), The Great American Family, Women Filmmakers
William H. Adams (USA), That Kids Show Season 1, Children / Family Programming, Christian, Web Series

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