Awards of Recognition May 2018

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAaron Greer, Next Horizon Studios (USA)
, Gifts For All God’s Children Christmas Outreach, Public Service Programming / PSA
Adam Onishi (Sweden), Milky way, Film Short (Student)
Adea Lennox (USA), STORM ROOM, Film Short (Student)
Amalia Ramirez Atiles (USA), Juxtaposed, Actress: Leading (Student) (Maria Manuela Gomez as Victoria)
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Tragic Fairytale, Music Video
Anthony L. Fletcher (USA), Catwoman Retribution, Film Short
Anthony Sisco (USA), Strange City: A Web Series, Web Series
Apostoly Peter Kouroumalis (Canada), band aid solutions, Experimental
Ash Varma (Canada), A Disappearance, Actor: Leading (Steve Kasan as Rav Chopra), Film Short
Ayesha Abouelazm (USA), The Girl In The Blue Bra, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Becca Beberaggi and Jonah Levine (USA), B-SIDES, Television – Program / Series
Ben Paden (USA), Atticus & Sinclair, Film Short
Bonnie Foster (USA), Sweet Surrender, Music Video
Braden Davis, Samuel Erdahl and Caldwell Ticidue (USA), BESTIES, LGBT
Catherine Ventura (USA), No More Love Songs, Music Video
Christoph van der Bij and Nicole te Boekhorst (Netherlands), The Greenstone, Film Feature
Christopher Theokas (USA), The EXpert, Actress: Leading (Jennifer Bareilles as Lauren)
David Rountree, Jeremy Jordan, Shahriar Rahman and James Blakeman (USA), 400 to Oahu, Script / Writer (Reid Anderson)
David A. Haines (USA), Summer Of My Discontent, Film Feature
Dick Jordan (USA), Cuba, Libre?, Documentary Short
Don Arbor (USA), Everyone Comes from Somewhere, Music Video

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Dr. Vertna Bradley (USA), I Want, Experimental
Dr. Vertna Bradley and Onyx Keesha (USA), She Only Knew Love, Experimental
Eduardo Jansen (Canada), A Magic Thread, Documentary Short (Student)
Elizabeth Grupp (USA), Virtual Life, Film Feature
Erik Lundmark (USA), Devil’s Cove, Film Feature
Gabriel Fanelli (USA), Colossus, Documentary Short (Student)
Gail Wagner (USA), The Reprogramming of Jeremy, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (Sean Wagner as Jeremy)
Grace McAlister and Teresa Langley (USA), The Present and the Passed, Women Filmmakers
Graciela Cassel (USA), Rivers, Experimental
Heui Song Son (USA), Homesick, Women Filmmakers
Howard Cao (USA), Here There Where, Film Short
Ibrahim Thompson (USA), Cultural Clash, Film Feature
Ilya Povolotsky (Russia ), Northerners, Documentary Short
Jack Moxey (Australia), Bugs, Experimental
Jamill Jones and Chop Mosley, Pleasant Life Productions (USA), All I’m Worth, Film Feature
Jeanne Givens (USA), Russell Jim, A Quiet Warrior, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Jerzy Bojanowski (Poland), Dark Iron, Actor: Leading (Maurycy Wolf as Janek), Film Feature
Jessica L. Catalano (USA), Fantasy Prone, Women Filmmakers
John McCain (Canada), Airball, Film Short (Student)
Juliet Clare Warren and Becky Phillips (USA), Rogue Assistant, Women Filmmakers
Juztino Panella, Brandon Vance, Tommy Reed, Alan Roberson and Kokou Katamani (USA), From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station, Music Video
Keiko Sugihara (USA), Vampire American, Asian
Ken Kobre (USA), Walk walk walk: The story of Stand Proud, Disability Issues
Kenny Sheard (USA), Fighter, Film Short (Student)
Keven Porter Jr and Andrew ‘Sashi’ Peterson (USA), Bye Bye Bastard, Film Short

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Liz Lachman (USA), Pin-Up, LGBT
Lucas Stark (USA), Coping Ugly, Experimental
Lydia Isnanto (USA), BFF (Best Friends Forever), Music Video, Women Filmmakers and The Calling, Christian, Web Tube Length Video, Women Filmmakers
Maggie Franks (USA), Freddy Carrillo’s Day Off, Latin / Hispanic
Mallory Pittman (USA), The Night Out, Film Short
Marcos Gonzalez and Peter Rosati (USA), Illegal Alien, Film Short
Mark Alan Stansberry (USA), La La La Da ( Begin Each Day), Music Video
Matthias Olof Eich (Germany), Darwins Law, Film Feature
Miranda Jean Larson and Mike Cicchetti (USA), Innocence, Women Filmmakers
Nargess Phillips (USA), Buenos Aires Meets Havana, Film Short
Neil Enock (Canada), SomeWhen: Fate, Drama Program / Series
Nicholas Facchini and Evan Arbic (Canada), GAS., Film Short (Student)
Nicole Eckenroad (USA), Leave Yourself Alone, Actress: Leading (Nicole Eckenroad as Nicole Grace), Film Feature, Women Filmmakers
Remy Remigio and Andy Motz (USA), Need You Still, LGBT
Revell Carpenter, Nicholas Goodwin and Marcus Johnson (USA), Queen Mab Was Here, Women Filmmakers
Seoyoung Song (Korea), From Living Goddess to Regular Girl, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Stephen M. Naylor (USA), STEM PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA
Stuart Heinlein (USA), White Lines, Film Short (Student)
Traycee King (USA), Eye for an Eye, Film Short
Uwe Schwarzwalder (Switzerland), The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd, Film Feature
Ye Kuang (USA), Favour, Film Short (Student)
Yuka Taga (USA), Remembering Virginia, Actress: Leading (Lyrica Okano as Janet)
Zoe Kissel (USA), Juice, Women Filmmakers (Student)

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