Awards of Recognition January 2018

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAimee Hoffman (USA)
, A Day with the Bahnar, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alicia Herder (USA), Diego on my Mind, Latin / Hispanic
Amr Al-Hariri (USA), Silent Love Stories – I, Television – Pilot Program
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Change The World, Music Video
Ashton Govens (USA), Sneaker Kickz, Documentary Short (Student)
Avantika Khattri (India), For All That You Are, Women Filmmakers
Bahar Behbahani (USA), Where She Is, Women Filmmakers
Bell The Cat films (USA), Give Me Motion: Extra Ordinary, Music Video
Berin Tuzlić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), I run away even if I am not guilty, Animation
Blake Fraser (Australia), Jim’s A Pineapple, Film Short
Bob Williams (USA), Let It Shine: The Story of The Women’s March SLO, Documentary Short
Brett Salamin (USA), Next Door, Film Short
Buffy Milner (USA), Type, Actress: Leading (Student) (Buffy Milner as Jamie)
Camila Rizzo (USA), My Two O’Clock, Film Short (Student)
Carlos Severe Marcelin (USA), Strange Divinity, Experimental
Carly Otness (USA), Sing it Out, Documentary Feature
Chanelle Tyson (USA), We Won’t Be Trumped, Women Filmmakers
Chiu Lei (USA/Hong Kong), I Am The White Tiger, Documentary Feature
Colleen Murphy (USA), Taking The Service Road, Documentary Feature (Student)
David Holmes (USA), An Invitation to Live, Experimental (Student)
David Krause (USA), Afraid of Where You Went, Film Short
Delphine Noels (Belgium), Pole Dance, Film Short
DeShana Pitts (USA), Breaking Bread: Sunday Brunch (Episode 1), Women Filmmakers and Mr. Wifey, African American
Dona Parise (Australia), Amelia, Children / Family Programming
Eddie James (USA), Meadowlark: A Man’s Courage & Tenderness, Actor: Leading (Eddie James as A Man called Liv), Film Short, LGBT, Music Video
Ella McKeon (USA), Mime Doesn’t Pay, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emily Kitzmille (USA), Everything: Why Citizens Should Know Their U.S. Constitution, Documentary Short
Eric Ayala (USA), If I Should Die Before I Wake, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Lyndrez Leslie as Brian Edwards)

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Eric H. Alexander (USA), The Bright Side, Television – Pilot Program, Actress: Leading (Judy Copeland as Margo)
Farbod Ardebili (USA), Bats & Jokes, Film Short (Student)
Geoffrey Henderson and Alonge Hawes (USA), Blue Collar Hustle, African American, Web Series
Jacek Jędrzejczak (Poland), Exoneration, Experimental
Jake Segelbaum, Brooke de Zutter, Emma Quinn, Rachael Petersen and Josh West (USA), Monumental Change, Documentary Short (Student)
James and Sara Meyer, GemStone Media (Germany), The Kingdom, Script / Writer
Jerome-Anthony Larkin (USA), Evils Of A Foster Child, Actress: Leading (Karen Chimato as Genevieve Cooper)
Jiashan Sami Mo (USA), Mailbox, Film Short
Joel Ulrick O Neal (USA), Happenstance, Actor: Leading (Zeke Hindle as Zander)
John Black (USA), When I Came Home, Music Video
Julie Hinton (USA), Moving Day, Film Short
Katharine White (USA), The 5th, Film Short
Kely Lyons, Nathan Wilds and Joe Perales (USA), GEORGIA, LGBT
Kimberly Jurgen and Michael Cline (USA), Good Samaritans, Web Series
Lara Damiani (Australia), Little Bang’s New Eye, Nonprofit / Fundraising
Lindsy Avritch and Joey Copponi (USA), The Mountain, LGBT (Student)
Lisa Ranran Hu (USA), Escape, Asian (Student)
Lyn Caudle (USA), Philo’s Pholly, Film Short
Marcus Mortland (USA), Hold, Film Short
Mariano Schoendorff Ares (USA), No Rush, Music Video
Mei-yi Cheng, Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Becky and Her Bear, Educational / Instructional / Training
Michael Carvaines (USA), Mute, Film Short (Student)
Miryam Jacobi (New Zealand), Do You Like Me Like This?, Women Filmmakers
Muck Sticky (USA), Dig That, Zeebo Newton, Film Feature
Nancy Allison and Laura Boato (USA), Water on Stone, Experimental, Film Short

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Nancy Biniadaki (Germany), The Surface of Things, Women Filmmakers
Nancy J Lilley (Canada), 4 Dancers’ Dreams, Documentary Feature
Ozan Fikri (Australia), BUMPED UP, Film Short
Parag Vijra (India), Sikkim- More than what one Knows, Documentary Short
Pat Bradley and Nick  Buscarino (USA), Into the Valli, Film Feature
Patricia Ceasar (USA), Crying F.U. Lady Rap, Music Video
Proper Ginko SRL (Italy), ONE, TWO, GUESS WHO’S WHO, Film Feature, Original Score (ONE,TWO,GUESS WHO’S WHO)
Ramesh Vijayan (USA), I Miss You, Music Video
Ramprabhu Nakate (India), Mahasatta 2035, Film Feature
Randy Stoudt (USA), Rare Breed, Documentary Feature
Rik Bakshi (India), June, Asian
Robin Sherlock Holm (Sweden), Ticket Holders OR (A Metaphysical Journey Through a Cineast’s Brain), Film Feature (Student)
Rocky Capella (USA), Guitar Man, Film Feature
Sadie Cibula and Valentina Povolo (USA), Lilah’s Flowers, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Salim Ramirez (USA/Mexico), ONIROS, Film Short
Shelley Titus (USA), Sistas Conversation, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Spencer Henry Williams, Humber College Lakeshore (Canada), The Locket, Film Short (Student)
Summer Vaughan (USA), Josephine, Women Filmmakers
Tara Fraser (Canada), Dance, Dance, Evolution, LGBT
Teng Kun Hou (Taiwan), A night in Taipei station, Film Short (Student)
Terence E. Wolfe (Canada), Kids From Camelot, Christian
Tobias Doerr (Austria), Late Spring, Documentary Short (Student)
Vandana Sengupta (India), 19th April At A Railway Platform, Film Short
Wendy Jung and Rowan Russell (USA), Kleptos Confess, Film Short
Willow Hale (USA), The Ones, Actress: Leading (Willow Hale as Rachel Holly)
Yitao Yang and Gia DiNino, Coffee Addict Productions (USA), Forever & Always, Actress: Leading (Student) (Olivia DiNino as Claire Brooks)

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