Awards of Merit January 2018

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of MeritAsia LeMasters (USA), EVOKE, LGBT
Barry Cobbs (USA), Roadside Attorney, Film Short
Bill Wisneski (USA), LIT Program Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial
Brett Kodama (USA), Heartseeker, Asian
Chiara Provenzano (Ireland), T for True, Actress: Leading (Student) (Meltem Bayir)
David Mandell (USA), Tea Time With Mr. Patterson, Film Short, Direction, Actor: Supporting (David Mandell as Mr. Patterson), Cinematography, Script / Writer
Gabriela Ledesma (USA), Blue, Actress: Leading (Callie Schuttera as Helen Daniels)
Hosam Abu Dan and Pam Bailey (Gaza, Palestine/ USA), Six Miles Out, Documentary Short
James and Sara Meyer, GemStone Media (Germany), The Kingdom, Movie Trailer
Jessica O’Hara-Baker (USA), The Green Lotto, Actress: Leading (Mouna R’miki as Kareema)
Kevin Forde (United Kingdom), The Awakening, Film Short
Kevin Hu (USA), Yorktown, Film Short
Lizzie Logan (USA), People People, Women Filmmakers
Lori Alan and Fia Perera (USA), Do The Voice, Actress: Leading (Lori Alan as Lori Alan)
Michelle Leigh (USA), More Than Only, Women Filmmakers
Mike Baran (Germany), Holy Spirit, Original Score (Richard Dana Laughlin)
Missy Malek (United Kingdom), Laughing Branches, Actress: Leading (Student) (Missy Malek as Alex Page)
Paul Kelly (USA), Final Polish, Actress: Supporting (Ching Valdes-Aran as Anna), Film Short
Sharon Lewis (Canada), BROWN GIRL BEGINS, African American
Tom Murtagh (USA), The Ascent, Film Feature

Indie Film Festival winnerAitor Aspe (Spain), The Golden Ball, Film Feature
Alexander Malt (USA), Disillusioned, Television – Program / Series
Anjini Taneja Azhar (USA), Third Option, Film Short
Ari Davis (USA), Sex.Sound.Silence, Film Feature
Benjamin Owen, Border Watch Films (USA), Operation Dynamo, Christian
Boyoung Kim (USA), The Reason to Live, Documentary Short (Student)
Brian Hurwitz (USA), Little President, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Bryant Robinson (USA), Some Porn Stars Go To Heaven, Documentary Feature
Cameron Barrett (USA), Drowning Is Silent – Murrieta, Educational / Instructional / Training and Los Angeles Fire Department RT130 Training – Engine Boss Preparation, Training / Industrial Productions and Every 15 Minutes – Calistoga 2017, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Women Filmmaker and Get Low and Go – MySafe:California, Educational / Instructional / Training, Special Effects: Animation
Carlie Casey (USA), Are You There God? It’s Me Margot, Webisode
Casey Denaro (USA), CARL, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Charging Moose Media (USA), The Hunted: Encore – Season 2, Web Series
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), KANNIZZATI FISHING, Documentary Short, Research, Cinematography
Clyde Baldo (USA), The Office Party, Film Short
Connor Hough (USA), Pennsylvania Guy Like Me, Film Short
David Cinnella (Italy), TEK, Film Feature
David Mandell (USA), Tea Time With Mr. Patterson, Actress: Leading (Ivy George as Lucy)
David Schifter and Darrell Rackley (USA), The Rack Pack, Children / Family Programming
Deejay Williams (New Zealand), High Tide, Film Short
Dominique LeClair (USA), Carry on Little Sis, Disability Issues (Student)
Dominique Nieves and Shae D’Lyn (USA), A Nice Guy, Film Short
E-Kan Soong (USA), No Laughing Matter: Tears of a Clown, Film Short
Eric Ayala (USA), If I Should Die Before I Wake, Original Score (Eric and Steve O’Connell)
Eric Rich (USA), Majestyk, Film Short (Student)
Farhaan Aziz (United Kingdom), The Chaos Candidate: How Trump Won, Documentary Feature
Forrest Tuff (USA), Released, Documentary Short
Gabriela Ledesma (USA), Blue, Women Filmmakers
Galo Recalde (USA), Americana!, Film Short
Hayden Flynn (Australia), Till Death Do Us Part, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Hector Suñol (Catalonia/Spain), REFERENDUM, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ian Down (USA), The Truth About Carl Jennings, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Ingrid Nachstern and Luca Truffarelli,Night Star Dance Company (Ireland), Shoe Horn/Office, Experimental
Jack Nordstrom (USA), Old Bloo, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James and Sara Meyer, GemStone Media (Germany), The Kingdom, Film Feature, Cinematography, Actor: Leading (Labinot Raci as Fatmir)
James Boss (South Korea), Redemption, Film Short and Eternity, Film Short
Jennifer Hulum (USA), Fortune Defies Death, Film Feature
Jessica O’Hara-Baker (USA), The Green Lotto, Women Filmmakers
Jonas Banks (USA), Nothing Like The Sun, Film Short (Student)
Kailin Gow (USA), The Red Queen of Bitter Frost, Women Filmmakers and A New Year’s Story, Children / Family Programming
Kassandra Kanaar (USA), How To Say I’m Sorry, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Katie Walsh (USA), Surfing to Cope, Documentary Short
Katie Theel (USA), Marie, Disability Issues (Student)
Kelly Nicole Foundation (USA), I Want You to Hear Me: The Kelly Nicole Story, Documentary Short
Kevin Bowe (USA), Democracy Through the Looking Glass, Documentary Feature
Kristin Zimney (USA), Diego, Documentary Short (Student)
Kyle Glasow (USA), Awake, Actor: Leading (Kyle Glasow as Adam)
Lauren Meyering (USA), Foolish Smarts and How to Lose Them, Film Short (Student)
Lexi Balestrieri and Rob Coggin (USA), NS404 (Provenance), Film Feature
Linda Bagalini (Italy), Not Enough. Too Much, Women Filmmakers
Lisa Boyd (USA), An American Tragedy, Direction
Lorena Lourenco (USA), Joy, Women Filmmakers
Lori Alan and Fia Perera (USA), Do The Voice, Television – Pilot Program, Original Song (I Still Got It, Music & Lyrics by Jeff Thomson and Jeremy Desmon)
Marisa Echeverria (USA), Los AnJealous, Web / Internet Programming
Mei-yi Cheng, Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), The Light in a Dark Night, Educational / Instructional / Training
Mele Mason (USA), HOME? A Study of Foster Care, Documentary Short
Michael Weatherly (USA), Jamaica Man, Documentary Feature
Michael T. Nguyen (USA), Munkey in The City, Web Series
Mike Baran (Germany), Holy Spirit, Film Feature
Mike James (USA), Smiley’s, Film Short
Mitch Hudson (USA), Technicolour Daydream, Film Feature
Mrigank Dubey (India), You and Me, Film Short
IndieFEST Merit Color

Myra Sanchez (USA), Chloe, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Nathaniel Lezra (USA), In Echo Park, Film Feature
Neil P. George (United Kingdom), Crossroads, Documentary Feature
Parag Vijra (India), Sikkim- More than what one Knows, On-Camera Talent (Ms. Ankita Sood)
Rachael Meyers (USA), Zoe+Ari, LGBT
Randy Kerr (USA), Brothers, Christian
Richard Kranzin (Germany), In beating cells, LGBT (Student)
RJ Frometa (Dominican Republic), The Man in Constant Sorrow, Film Short (Student)
Sam Crainich (USA), River, LGBT (Student)
Spencer Henry Williams, Humber College Lakeshore (Canada), The Locket, Actress: Leading (Student) (Kelly Whyte as Saoirse)
Spike Mayer and Ivan Janner (USA), OUT, Film Short
St. Juju Productions (USA), Forgive Me, Music Video
Theodore Tzartos (Greece), Honda Road Trips Italy 2017, Documentary Short
Tim Quinn (USA), Tapferkeit, Film Short
Ting Li (China), It’s me, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Treavion Davenport (USA), Living for the Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success, Documentary Feature
Usher Morgan (USA), Pickings, Film Feature
Vahan Bedelian (USA), Jacob and Malika, Islamic
Vasco Diogo (Portugal), anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !, Experimental
Wataru Tomita (Japan), The Man with the Winged Tiger, Film Feature (Student)
Weston Walker (USA), Full Circle Project, Documentary Short
Wijnand Geraerts (Netherlands), Adore The World, Experimental
Will Nordstrom (USA), In The Trees, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
William H. Adams (USA), Refuge, Christian
Yuval Shrem (USA), The Babies, Film Short

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