Awards of Recognition August 2018

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition
Amr Al-Hariri (USA), Silent Love Stories-II, Music Video
Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua (USA), Mirror, Mirror, Web Series (Student)
Autumn Wang (USA), Paradise, Film Feature (Student)
Bernhard Drax (USA), Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is me!, Documentary Feature
Bill Rosenthal (USA), Rule Of Thumb, Film Short
Bowen Tan (China), Clown, Animation (Student)
Brandon Ellis (USA), Gene-E, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Brandon Hugo Arroyo (USA), Underpass 84, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Christopher A. Hoffman (USA), A Season To Come, Experimental
Cody Carlston (USA), The Night Wind, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Daniel Martinez (USA), Play The Fool, Webisode, Actor: Leading (Daniel Martinez as Manuel)
Dat Nguyen (USA), Protecting Tony, Actor: Supporting (Eric Seltzer as Jack), Film Short
David Finch (USA), Go, Music Video
David Hoey and Nicholas Burton (Australia), Dave & Theo, Web Series
David Wallace (USA), Urban Soldier, Animation
Diamantis Karanastasis (Greece), AIMA, Film Feature
Donald Dodge (USA), A.E. Wells- A Man and His Park, Documentary Short
Ella McKeon (USA), Butterfly, Actress: Leading (Student) (Harper Secor as Butterfly), LGBT (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emmett Loverde (USA), Good Business Sense, Film Short
Gabriela Williams (USA), KALEIDSOCOPE, Experimental (Student)
Gloria O’Brien (USA), Slide!, Music Video
Harrison Witt (USA), Lil Mouse (What Are You Looking At?), Television – Pilot Program
Jacques Navarro-Rovira (French Polynesia), Let Us Dance, Disability Issues
Janet Solomon (South Africa), Becoming Visible, Experimental

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Jeff Van Gerwen (USA), It’s Quiet Here, Film Short
Jimmy Prosser (USA), Noteworthy, Film Short
John Hopper (Australia), Victorious, Christian, Film Short
Joshua Russell and  Matthew Robert Perry (USA), CHRISTIAN, Christian
Kanaan Bausler (USA), Vivo Aquí : Local Living in the Americas, Experimental
Kari Townsend (Canada), Girl of my dreams, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Kathy Rose (USA), Palace of the Infinite, Experimental
Kelly Needleman (USA), Landscape Photography, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kristian Mercado (USA), Pa’lante, Music Video
Kuan-Fu Lin (USA), Frenchies, Film Short (Student)
Lana Marconi (Canada), ORENDA: Force Of Consciousness, Documentary Feature
Laura Hamlet and Colin Colfer (USA), Art Work, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Li Guang and Chen Zhongshi (China), Home of Mephibosheth, Christian, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers (Li Guang)
Linda Chiang (USA), Opposites Attract, LGBT (Student)
Luciana Lagana (USA), Older And Homeless Lgbtq United, LGBT
Luther Ng, Head To Tail Films (Hong Kong), Tête-bêche (Head-to-tail), Actress: Supporting (Destiny Cheng as Sa), Creativity / Originality, Concept
Marty McGinley (USA), The Wanting, Actress: Leading (Rachel McGinley as Grace Hunter), Script / Writer
Mary C. Ferrara (USA), Schmoopie, Special Purpose Productions
Matt Long, Burning Bush Productions (USA), The Red Resurrection, Film Feature
Max Rogoff (USA), Glimpse, Film Short (Student)
Max Rogoff (USA), Anti-Smoking PSA, Commercial / Infomercial (Student)
Michael Burns and Dean Q. Mitchell (USA), Proper Binge, Film Feature

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Michael Greene (USA), Love Ghost – Scarlet Letter, Actress: Leading (Ellie Siler as Young Girl)
Mina Maniska (Australia), flowers, Children / Family Programming, Film Short
Muhammad Ikram (Pakistan), Sedentary, Film Short
Nicole Ludowese (USA), Switch, Ensemble Cast, Concept (Morgan Gullett), Cinematography
Odin Wadleigh (USA), Night, Experimental
P.J. Koelbel (USA), Has Been, Music Video
Plymouth Area Community Television (USA), Tides of Tomorrow: Creating a Culture of Aquatic Sustainability, Documentary Short
Qifan (Wyatt) Zhu (USA), Their Generation, Our Generation, Documentary Short (Student)
Reid Miller (USA), FLIKKER, Film Short, Experimental
Richard A. Nelson (USA), Oracabessa, Actress: Leading (Brooklyn Sabino-Smith as Oracabessa)
Ruowei Wang (USA), Rearview Mirror, Film Short
Ryan Fitting (USA), Davy.Rocks’ Mind Blowing Dance Trip, Documentary Short
Samson Styles (USA), KILLING BEEF – Gun Violence In The Black Community, Documentary Feature
Satoshi Kameoka (Japan), Another You Another Me, Film Short
Sean Reynolds (United Kindgom), Ghost Dimension, Web Series
Shawn Welling (USA), If I Could Run, Film Feature
Siofra Quinn Gates and Renate Canga (Ireland), Recovery, Documentary Short (Student)
Timothy Coons (USA), IRIS, Film Short
Timothy McCarthy (USA), Bent On Somnolence, Experimental
Tori Dedo, Zoë Neugebohr, Therese Labordo and Brett Salamin (USA), Blackholes and Supernovas, Film Short
Tyler McElrath and Natalie Jean (USA), The Letting Go – Music Video, Music Video
Willard Crew (Kenya), KITAMBO (A LONG TIME AGO), Television – Pilot Program

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