Awards of Merit July 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of MeritAisha Schliessler (USA), THE END, Film Short
Caroline Cory (USA), E.T. CONTACT: They are here, Documentary Feature
Devin Klos (USA), Idol Worship, Actor: Leading (Keith Panzarella as Tom Klein)
Harry Assouline (USA), New York 2150 (TV Pilot), Television – Pilot Program
Jan Galli (Germany), Your Future, Educational / Instructional / Training
Kristoffer Haugen (USA), Blood and Snow, Film Short
Randy Field (USA), Crime of the Big Leagues, Documentary Short
Reinhard J. Steiner (Switzerland), evil live, Commercial / Infomercial
Ric Osuna (USA), The UnAmerican Struggle, Documentary Feature
Shane  Europa (Ireland), The Trap, Experimental
Tinna Hrafnsdóttir (Iceland), MUNDA, Film Short
Toni Houston (Australia), Being Change, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Troy Price (USA), Lemonade, Film Short
Will Scott (USA), The Situation, Film Short

Indie Film Festival winnerAbraham Rozenbaum (Venezuela), Ayuda, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Adam Soch (USA), REZA ABDOH, Theatre Visionary, Documentary Feature
Adrien Boublil (USA), Still., Film Short
Aidan Otene Dickens (New Zealand), Land of the Taniwha, Film Short (Student)
Alex Westrick, Jeffry Lawrence and Mike Wargo (USA), Stage 5, Actor: Leading (Student) (Nate Shumate as Andrew Adler)
Alfonso Torres (USA), Mellifluous, Film Short
Allison Tate, Here Media (USA), Carol Support Group, LGBT
Andi Matheny (USA), The Newest Member, Film Short, Women Filmmaker
Andrea Mugnaini (Italy), THE SHADOW, Film Feature
Andrea Vanni (USA), Remember, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmaker (Student)
Andres Diaz (Mexico), Moor, Film Feature
Angie Su, Hannoah Entertainment (USA), Cello, Film Short, Sound: Overall Impact, Actor: Leading (Lynn Harrell as Ansel Evans), Women Filmmaker (Angie Su)
Anna Blum (USA), That Your Body is for Receiving Happiness and Good Stuff, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Behrad Gramian (USA), Yegua, Film Short
Bob Belinoff (USA), Seventy, a documentary., Web Series
Brandon Arroyo (USA), Estrella, Film Short (Student)
Brock Daubert, The Filmery (Australia), Moon Blues, Film Short, Music Video
Cath Le Couteur (United Kingdom), Adrift, Women Filmmaker
Catya Plate (USA), Meeting MacGuffin, Animation
Charlie Parish and Malynda Hale (USA), We Run, Music Video
Christopher J Cullen (USA), Must Hurry!, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Christopher Jenkins (USA), Lost Crops, Documentary Short
Colin Sprigg (USA), The Pitch, Film Short (Student)
Crystal Fortwangler (USA), It Ain’t Easy Being Green, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Damian Overton (Australia), SHIVER, Film Short
Devin Klos (USA), Idol Worship, Film Short, Cinematography, Direction
Devon Roddel (USA), Betting on the Bulbs, Documentary Short (Student)
Diego Fiori and Olga Pohankova (Austria), The Children of the Noon, Documentary Feature, Film Feature
Don DiPetta (USA), The Perfect Omlette, Film Short
Ethan Meszaros (Canada), The Optimist, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Francesco Longo (Italy), Nyctophobia, Film Short
Gilly Rudolf, Bensussen Art Features (USA), Lauren Higbie, Film Short
Grace Cannon (USA), Pretty Empty, Film Short (Student)
Greg Rainoff (USA), Burning Paradise, Documentary Feature
Hailey Millar (USA), My Life is Not a Show, Documentary Short
Jared Oliff-Lieberman (USA), The Method, Film Short (Student)
James Ragan, Goldstrohm Lane Productions (USA), Flowers and Roots, James Ragan, An Ambassador of the Arts, Documentary Feature
Jessica Naftaly and Shailyn Cotten (USA), After Oil (Webseries), Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Joe Scott (United Kingdom), IS THIS NOW, Actor: Leading (Fabien Ara as Dion)
Joel Jerry  Duran (USA), AGUIJON, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Josh Kirkland (USA), Fitzgerald, Film Short (Student)
IndieFEST Merit Color

Justin Dean (USA), Jones Versus the World, Television – Pilot Program
Katerina Philippou-Curtis (United Kingdom), Marriage, Film Feature, Women Filmmaker
Katie Paul (USA), Elijah, Jewish (Student)
Kerry LeVielle (USA), Her Natural Crown, Women Filmmakers
Konark Sarangi and Snehasis Das (USA), Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold, Music Video
Lainey Lipson  (United Kingdom), Breathe, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmaker (Student)
Lewis Tan (USA), A Bone to Pick, Actress: Leading (Marisa Romo Szczepan as Marisa)
Madoka Harada (Japan), The Dark Ward, Asian
Marco Antonio Barajas (Mexico), ANSWER ME, Film Short
Maria Gabriela Torres (USA), Sidewalking, Documentary Short (Student)
Michael Scarnati (USA), Addicted, Film Short (Student)
Misha Zubarev (USA), Cake: A Love Story, Film Short
Oluseyi  Asurf, Asurf Films Ltd (Nigeria), HAKKUNDE, African American
Paco Arasanz (Spain), Doors, Latin / Hispanic
Parker Queenan (USA), Beyond Conscious, Direction
Paul Nandzik (USA), Forever Young, Television – Pilot Program
Roxana Bazgoneh (France), TIME LEFT, Film Short (Student)
Ryan C. Johnson (USA), Principles of Curiosity, Documentary Short
Vanessa McNeal (USA), The Voiceless, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Wilder  Donnelly (USA), MISSING LINK: How I Got My Alien Abduction Footage, Film Feature
Zach Drummer (USA), Realties, Film Short

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