Award of Recognition July 2016

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAbby Shaffer and Paul Spaulding (USA)
, Water Street Market, Documentary Short (Student)
Alberto Diamante (Canada), The Bookstore, Film Feature
Amanda McKeehan (USA), Autoimmune, Experimental (Student)
Andre Costa (Namibia), A COLD NIGHT, Film Feature
Andrew Tigani (USA), Masks, Film Short (Student)
Ankit Kadam (India), Roaches, Experimental
Anugat Raj (India), PAGES 321 PART-1, Experimental
Avril Furness (United Kingdom), Last Moments, Experimental
Barry Worthington (USA), The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus, Film Short
Bless Williams (USA), Rainbow Girl, Film Short
Brandon Ruzovich (USA), I’m The Bad Guy, Film Short
Catherine Schetina (USA), Welcome Home, Film Short
Cheryl Green and Cynthia Lopez (USA), Who Am I To Stop It, Disability Issues
Chris Preyor (USA), The Save, Film Short
Cindy Iodice (USA), The Bridge, Film Short
Daniel Vital, Street Lamp (USA), Thank You Rebbe, Film Short
Derek Frey (USA), Green Lake, Actress: Leading (RaVani Flood as RaVani), Original Song (Come in the Water’s Fine composed by Trever Veilleux), Cinematography, Makeup
Don Sano (USA), The Book of Judith, Film Short, Direction
Donald Watson (USA), Let There Be Peace, Film Short

IndieFEST Recognition ColorEduardo Rufeisen (USA), A Cup Song, Music Video
Eric Ayala (USA), if i should die before i wake [M], Movie Trailer
Hugo J. Matz (USA), When Damon Met Angie…, Humor / Humorist
Hugo Teugels, TVP services Video Art Productions (Belgium), THE QUEEN, Film Short, Direction, Editing, Concept
Ian W Thomson (Australia), Alone, Experimental (Student)
Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser (Argentina), WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN, Film Short
Jeffrey M. Williams (USA), Griddance, Film Short
Kheyali Das (India), HANDICAPPED SEAT, Disability Issues
Laurier Fourniau (France), Low Notes, Actor: Supporting (Pedro Fontaine as Alexis), Original Score (Composed by Oliver Patrice Weder, Antoine Leroy and Quentin Abadia), Voice-Over Talent (Dashiell Boam as Leon)
Lily Barfield (USA), Labels, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lisa Mikitarian (USA), Spent, Film Feature, Christian, Women Filmmakers
Lorenzo Lanzillotti (USA), The Nutcracker Princess, Film Short
Lyra Trevino (USA), Suburban Turf, Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Marielle Heydt, Holly Kaplan and Mariana Empis (USA), The Lesson, Film Short (Student)
Marsha Balaeva (United Kingdom), Risto’s Riff, Music Video
Matthew Kowalski (USA), Train Stop, Actor: Leading (Ken Dusek as Marcus)
Melody AiHsuan Shih (USA), Cacophony, Animation (Student)
Michael Mantas (Greece), Receta, Film Feature
Michael Sneed (USA), Aunt Jean, Television – Pilot Program
Nasya Kastelik (USA), New Generation, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Natalie Camou (USA), Tereza, Latin / Hispanic (Student), Actor: Leading (Bella Bolster as Tereza)
Nathaniel Katzman (USA), Losing It, Film Short (Student)
Nicholas Dostal (USA), There I Go, Film Short

IndieFEST Recognition ColorOz Yilmaz (Canada), COLOR OF SOUND, Documentary Short
Pak Chaisana (Thailand), Shoes, Original Score (Shoes, composed by Marine Caillat)
Paul Zehrer (USA), Being Seen, Disability Issues
Prab Kainth (Canada), Riding on Hope, Documentary Short
Rachel Sennott and Katarina Zhu (USA), Unbalanced, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Robin Bain (USA), NOWHERELAND, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography (Ian Campbell), Script / Writer, Direction
Ron  Longo (USA), So What, Music Video
Samim Ansari (India), …but don’t call me a BASTARD, Documentary Feature
Sara Yang (USA), The Book of Living & Dying, LGBT (Student)
Sean Hale (USA), Exodus, Film Short (Student)
Sebastian Jobst  (Germany), KOLLOWALLA, LGBT
Shane Alexander (USA), Psychos Therapy, Webisode
Shivin Grover (USA), Echo, Film Short (Student)
Sienna Reid (USA), Sticks and Stones Trilogy: The Words Spoken, The Words on the Body, The Marks on the Wall, Women Filmmakers
Stephanie Palacino (United Kingdom), Drowning in Sunshine, Television – Pilot Program
Sudhanshu Sharma (India), Kalichaat, Film Feature
Tess Bellomo (USA), Liked Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Tiziano Cella (Italy), Red Net, Film Feature
Tony Lawrence (Australia), Hunters in Snow, Experimental
Tyler A Horn (USA), Drowning In My Own Discontent, Christian (Student)
Virginie Balabaud (France), Globuline’s Game, Experimental
Will Agee (USA), Crescite, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Direction
Yu-Ting Cheng (USA), Light Drifter, Animation (Student)
Zeynep  Kilic (USA), Tables of Istanbul, Documentary Feature
Zeynep Kececiler (TRT-Turkey), What Remain is Mermanat…, Documentary Short
Zizi Rincolisky (Ireland), The Other woman’, Zizi’s dream, Women Filmmakers


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