Award of Recognition April 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionA Chris Heath MD (USA)
, Echo. A Myth about Codependency, Public Service Programming / PSA
Ali Sharifi (Iran), Fusion, Experimental
Andy Galloway (USA), The Eviction, Documentary Short
Anna Hita (USA), Very bad words, Actress: Leading (Anahita Zamanifar as Louisa)
Anthony Bennett (New Zealand), My Little Brother, Children / Family Programming
Arthur Egeli (USA), Murder on Cape Cod, Actress: Supporting (Heather Egeli as Nancy Silva)
Beth Drozda (USA), Love You to Death, Film Short (Student)
Brenda Mattick (Australia), FRIED DUMPLINGS & BIKES, Documentary Short, Women Filmmaker
Corey Horton (USA), Waiting on Mary, Film Feature
Danielle Erlich (USA), Legacy, Film Feature Script
Derick Snyder (Liberia), MAHER (Black Rain In Bomi), Film Feature
Diego Valdes (USA), The Other, Actor: Leading (Jesus Vega as Man),  Actor: Supporting (Dhyan Valdes as Other)
Eva Ceja, AK Productions (USA), Echoes, Film Short
Fernanda Schein (Brazil), The Boy In The Mirror, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Filip Ilic (USA), Broth: The Master Cut, Documentary Short
Glenn Ellis (Australia), ALINA, Actress: Supporting (Brooke Tomlinson as Ciaran)

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Hadeel Hadidi (USA), Raghad, Islamic (Student)
Holden Scott (USA), Make a Wish, Mom, Actress: Leading (Student) (Samantha Gangal as Lilly Franks)
Jalen James Acosta (USA), Keeping it On, Film Short
James Christopher (USA), The 5 Year, Actor: Leading (James Christopher as Pops), Film Feature
James Fink-Jensen (New Zealand), Street Games, Film Short (Student)
Jeff Scott (USA), One Shot, African America  (Student)
Joe Zappa (USA), Clever Girl, Episode 9, Actor: Leading (Kip Bennett as Chris Schaefer), Actress: Leading (Tifani Ahren Davis as Denise Dobkin), Actress: Supporting (Shannon Faith as Gerty Hyde), Webisode
Juan Carlos Alcantar Jr. (USA), La Plaza, Film Short
Katelind Ikuma (USA), My Eyes Adore You, Film Short, Women Filmmaker
Keith Mallory (USA), HOLD ME!, Film Feature Script
Ken Arai (Japan), Seasons in the Sun, Film Feature
Kim Christel (USA), Liminal Spaces, Women Filmmakers
Lawrence Anthony (USA), Perfection, Web / Internet Programming
Lee Franklin (USA), Paramour, Film Short
Luis Garcia (USA), Crossing Fingers, LGBT

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Marlee MacLeod, HyperFocus Productions (USA), The Show Goes On, Experimental
Mary Clay Fields (USA), Do You Like Peacocks?, Disability Issues
Mary Piller (USA), Assembling a Goddess, Women Filmmaker
Michael Wright (USA), Amercon, Film Short
Nora’s North Productions (USA), Poolside Chats, Actress: Leading (Martha Schad as Jessica Durbin), Web Series
Opender Chanana (India), LIVING ON THE EDGE – DEGLAMOURISNG BOLLYWOOD, Documentary Short
Rachel Meguerdijian (USA), Link St., Film Short
Robert Rabinovitz (USA), Maybe Me, Experimental
Sabrina Farji (Argentina), Mothers, daughters & other issues, Documentary Feature
Sezar Alkassab (United Kingdom), Paint Dry, Experimental
Suisei Hoshii (Japan), EDDY THE CIRCUS ELEPHANT – A Fairy Tale, Asian
Tayla Schaffner (USA), When it Rains, Actress: Leading (Student) (Tayla Schaffner as Lila Rinaldi)
Taylor Lewis (USA), Risky Business, Asian
Tina Lagler and Blaž Miklič (Slovenia), Peace. Please., Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Turner Browne and Elaine Partnow (USA), The Quotable Woman Speaks, Educational / Instructional / Training
Victoria Brown (United Kingdom), TAM, Film Short
Wei Cui (China), Does a Bear Need Many Glasses?, Film Short (Student)
Zicheng Li (USA), The Sound That Remains, Asian (Student)
Zombie Army Productions (USA), The Adventures Of Kitty Zombie, Children / Family Programming

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