Award of Merit April 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
Angelita Mendoza (USA)
, The Last Light, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic, Women Filmmaker
Arturo Vargas (USA), Aero: Origins, Web Series
Bradley Hawkins (USA), Filling In, Film Short, Script / Writer (Peter Fenton, Austin Haitos and Bradley Hawkins)
Carl Borack (USA), WHAT IS IT ABOUT FENCING, Documentary Short
Craig Herron and Elizabeth Licht (USA), Lost and Found, Public Service Programming / PSA, Special Purpose Productions, Women Filmmaker, Children / Family Programming
Damien De Bourguignon (France), REGRESSION, Film Short
Danny Wilson (USA), NEPHILIM, Animation
David Bui (USA), PLAY-TIME, Actor: Leading (Student) (Nicholas Riggall as Ryan Fitzpatrick), Actor: Supporting (Student) (Spencer Greene as Ted)
Eric Raingruber (USA), Catching the L Train, Animation
Farhan Umedaly and Tamo Campos (Canada), A LAST STAND FOR LELU, Documentary Short
Ganesh Nallari, Chic Pea Studios Pvt. Ltd. (India), unSPOKEN, Documentary Short
James Rapelyea (USA), No More Chains, Documentary Feature
Joe Popp (USA), Popp Over America, Web Series
Jung Hyunchul (Korea), Welcome, Film Feature
Kent Flaagan (USA), Ten Thousand Camels, Experimental
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan and Amomai Pihama (New Zealand), Poi – The Heartbeat of a Nation, Documentary Short
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan and Ngatapa Black (New Zealand), Poi – Hopes and Dreams, Web Series, Women Filmmaker
Marco Solorio (USA), 10/10ths, Documentary Feature
Roger A. Scheck (USA), Sprinkles, Actress: Leading (Brooke Lewis as Maura)
Sean O’Byrne and Kym Wilson (USA), Weekend Getaway, Film Short
Sebastian Carrasco (Colombia), 16MM, Film Short
Taren Maroun and Amber Sweet (USA), The Space Between, Film Short
Wei Hau Tan (Taiwan), Too Late To Love, Film Short
Xavier Guignard (United Kingdom), Little Thief, Actress: Leading (Anne Ribiere as Emma)
Indie Film Festival winnerAaron Rudelson (USA), Norman Pinski Come Home, Actor: Supporting (Lee Tergesen as Dr. Vanderwal)
Adriana Falcinelli (United Kingdom), Dying For A Living, Women Filmmaker (Student)
Adriana Luhovy (Canada), Recovery Room, Documentary Feature
Alan King (Australia), A Way Back, Experimental
Alexandra Dietz (USA), Your Way Back To Me, Documentary Feature, LGBT, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Women Filmmaker (Student)
Angie Gwaspika (USA), Bulletproof, Documentary Short
Anna Haas and Katie Garibaldi (USA), Delightful, Music Video
Arthur Egeli (USA), Murder on Cape Cod, Actor: Supporting (Chris Lazzaro as Sammy Santos), Film Feature
Bradley Hawkins (USA), Filling In, Actor: Leading (Jared Odrick), Actor: Supporting (Karl Holtz), Direction (Bradley Hawkins), Editing (Ryan Geesaman), Original Score (Jim Casella)
C Thomas Lewis (USA), Michael, Film Short and Afiya, Film Short
Carl Borack (USA), Once Upon A Dream, Documentary Feature
Caroline Mcquade (Australia), Swipe Left, Film Short
Charles Mandracchia (USA), You Got A Problem…, Animation
Chris Adler (USA), Abandon, Film Short
Chris Chandler (USA), Conscious, Music Video
Chris Love, Victoria Clougher, Mike Livingston; a film by Westwind Productions (USA), Becoming A Spartan, Documentary Short
Christin Veith (Austria), relatively independent, Women Filmmaker
Christopher L. Robinson (USA), Jessie, Actor: Leading (Christopher L. Robinson as Eric)
Craig Herron and Elizabeth Licht (USA), Lost and Found, Animation, Disability Issues
Craig Nobbs (USA), Date & Time, Film Short
Danielle Kronenberg and Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Taste, Actress: Supporting (Danielle Kronenberg as Evan)
Dave Edwards (USA), King In The Mountain, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Deb Foster (USA), Leap, Actress: Leading (Deb Foster as Sky)
Derek Carlson (USA), Forget Me Not, Film Short
Diana Newton (USA), The Ties That Bind, a documentary memoir, Documentary Feature
Dina Amr (Egypt), Jazz, Film Short
Dustin Sussman and Aaron Rosenbloom (USA), Oh, Rick!, Documentary Feature
E. Michael Friend and John Hardham (USA), King of Roads, Documentary Short
Erick Castro (USA), Bartender at Large, Documentary Short
Farhan Umedaly (Canada), Silver Spoon, Music Video
Frank Blau (Germany), RUN / FLUCHT, Film Feature

IndieFEST Merit Color

Giorgi Plys-Garzotto (USA), Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?!, Film Short, Women Filmmaker
Glenn Ellis (Australia), ALINA, Actor: Leading (Glenn Ellis as Carter Franson), Actor: Supporting (Cris Cochrane as James Franson), Actress: Leading (Ally Aurora as Calista), Film Short, Movie Trailer
Greg Maksudyan (USA), Escape from Area 51, Film Short
Harper Philbin (USA), Lucky Jay 2, Web Series
Holden Scott (USA), Make a Wish, Mom, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Imelda O’Reilly (USA), Eggs and Soldiers, Film Short
Isaac Kerlow (Singapore), CHANGE, Animation, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
James Rewucki (Canada), Tempus Tormentum, Film Feature
Jeff Sumner And Dennis Larkin (USA), DogGone It!, Webisode
Joachim Waibel (Canada), Grey Pain, Film Short
Jocelyn Cooper (USA), El Almuerzo, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jodie Livingston (USA), SafeZone, Documentary Short
Joel David Santner (USA), Man in Box, Film Short (Student)
John Freeman, Blu Kanari Productions (USA), Mug, Film Short
Joseph Goncalves (USA), Unconditional Love, Actor: Leading (Shaquan Perkins as Daniel Hill)
Josh Hale (Australia), Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League, Film Feature
Julia Rose Camus (USA), BPM, Experimental (Student)
Ken Marsolais (USA), The Bullish Farmer, Documentary Feature
Kenneth Sanabria (Costa Rica), Sudden Death, Film Short
Kevin Healey (United Kingdom), Twin Brothers Worlds Apart, Disability Issues
Kevin Verdesoto (USA), Happy Anniversary, Film Short (Student)
Kristia Coombs (USA), Marie, Film Short (Student)
Kurt Kubicek (USA), Skin in the Game, Film Short
Laura Lopez (USA), The Video Bar, LGBT
Leigh Dehaney (Zyphichore) (Canada), Kobalt Elektra, Experimental
Ling Chen (China), THE WINDFALL LOVE, Women Filmmakers
Luiz Cavalcanti (USA), Six Cups, Film Short
Luke Zammit (USA), Magic Mouse, Film Short (Student)
Marco Cassiano (Switzerland), The Lords of Destiny, Film Short
Mariano Schoendorff Ares (USA), anima, Film Short (Student), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
IndieFEST Merit Color

Mary Zournazi (Australia), Dogs of Democracy, Documentary Feature
Mele Mason (USA), Teen Pregnancy in Nebraska, Documentary Short and In the Middle of Nowhere: Juvenile Justice in Nebraska, Documentary Short
Michael Yurinko and Guy Quigley (USA), IMPURATUS (Trailer Scene), Movie Trailer
Nada S. Ibrahim (Egypt), Finding Me, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Nathan Ray Clark and E-Kan Soong (USA), Born Losers, Webisode
Nis Vinten (Denmark), My Best & Only One, Film Short
Parker Queenan (USA), Beyond Conscious, Experimental
Peter Lipay (USA), To Walk, Film Short
Rachel Zhou (USA), Life is Horrible, Web Series
Rae Damon (USA), Dark Dignity, Women Filmmakers
Ravie Ravan Kathuria (India), The Long Drive, Actress: Leading (Raushni Srivastava as Aruna)
Ricardo Mehedff (Brazil), Inner Court, Film Feature
Rohit Baidya (Nepal), Life on the Road Nepal, Television – Pilot Program
Roy Wol (USA), Try A Little Tenderness, Film Short
Sara Baskin and Matt Clegg (USA), Love Addict, Film Short
Shebi Chowghat  (India), Chennai Viduthy, Film Feature
Simon Rubenstein (USA), Lance’s Cherry, Film Short (Student)
Sonia Bajaj (USA), Rose, Women Filmmakers, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Stephanie Neroes (USA), Fauk My Life: Pilot, Webisode
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), FREDDY’S NIGHTMARE, Film Short
Steven Wishnoff (USA), Life Interrupted, Television – Pilot Program
Susan Cummings and Shari Doran, Pony Tale Films (USA), History Speaks: Diary of a Generation, Women Filmmakers
Susan Quirk (USA), #family, Film Short
Tracy Balsz (USA), Rock Bottom and Back, Christian
Xavier Guignard (United Kingdom), Little Thief, Film Short
Yeeshai Gross And Matt Scott (USA), Shattered, Educational / Instructional / Training, Experimental, Film Short, Public Service Programming / PSA

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