Awards of Recognition October 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAdelina Suvagau, Imagine Freedom Films Inc. (Canada)
, That’s One Small Step, Women Filmmakers, Direction, Script / Writer (Sonia Suvagau)
Aditya Om (United Arab Emirates), The Dead End, Actress: Leading (Saidah Jules as Maya)
Adrian Pacini (USA), Beyond, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alejandra Alarcón (Mexico), To the Sun, Music Video
Andrew Truong (USA), First Generation, Asian
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Angelena: Change The World, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Original Song (Tragic Fairytale composed by Angelena Bonet and Erick Deeby)
Anne Gyrithe Bonne, Bonne Filmproductions (Denmark), Shadows – When the Past Rules the Present, Documentary Short
Aran Morris (USA), Be Mime, Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ben Darkwa (United Kingdom), Pauline’s Diary, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Carolyn Bridget Kennedy, Richard McRae (Demure Duchess Pictures) and Neil Schell (Canada), Danger Pay, Actress: Leading (Carolyn Bridget Kennedy as Michelle)
Charles Childers (USA), Mustang Pride, Film Short
D.J. Rivera (USA), Torrent, Film Feature, Direction, Script / Writer, Art Direction
Daryl Denner (USA), Can She Stay, Music Video
Derek Spady (USA), Clay’s Tavern – Pilot, Television – Pilot Program
Dionne van den Berg and Vasco van den Berg, Framemotions (USA), Leaving, Women Filmmakers
Dr. Vertna Bradley and Onyx Keesha (USA), Shower, Experimental
Dylan Gill (USA), Exit., Film Short
Eddie Leavy and Jordan Van Clief (USA), #ToothFairies: Staying Relevant, Web / Internet Programming
Edward Levinson (Japan), Manhattan Mashup, Experimental
Elaine Wong (USA), Three Chen Sisters – Pilot, Webisode

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Elvis Lu (Taiwan), The Shepherds, Documentary Feature
Enzo Hui (Hong Kong), Innocence, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Felipe Kowalczuk (Brazil), Channel Diaries, Disability Issues
Fevered Sleep (United Kingdom), It’s the Skin You’re Living In, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Fog Forest (China), The End of Wind, Film Feature
J.J. Tagle and Parisa Sungsunanun (Thailand), KHON KAEN APP, Asian
James Diep (USA), It was just a second, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James Michael Marshall (USA), San Wont ‘Without Shame’, Film Short
Jarrod Anderson (USA), Changing Jane, Christian (Student)
Jay Do (Vietnam), Anthem to The Rain, Film Short (Student)
Jeanette Russ (Mexico), 1985, Documentary Short
Jeffrey Morin (USA), The Misplacement, Documentary Short
Jenn Page (USA), Cazadora, Actress: Leading (Amber Romero as Cazadora)
Joe McReynolds (USA), Six Pack Sam, Film Feature
Joseph Villapaz (USA), Tragic Consequence, Film Short
Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman (USA), Flatbush Misdemeanors, Webisode, Web Series
Kimberley Rai (South Africa), Don’t Hide the Madness, Documentary Short
Lio Mehiel and Alex Heller (USA), Bayberry, LGBT
Luca Leoni, CISA – Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive – Lugano (Switzerland), OUTSIDE, Documentary Short
Manoj Verma (India), BHULAN THE MAZE, Film Feature

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Marc Allen (USA), Speed Kills, Christian (Student)
Marilyn O’Connor (Ireland), Did you hear me crying?, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Matt  Hickinbottom (United Kingdom), 24/SEVEN – A Street Opera, Film Feature
Matthew Berg (USA), Aqua Rasa, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Matthew J. Evans (USA), Song of the Earth, Experimental
Maxi Witrak (USA), BED, Women Filmmakers
Memekiyaye Deneke (USA), Mission, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Dramatic Impact, Actor: Leading (John Archer Lundgren as James)
Michael Bojtos (USA), Dickinson Avenue: The [mostly] True Story of The Paddock Club, Documentary Feature
Michele Lyman (USA), Getting Over, Film Short
Monde Gumede (USA), Limbo, Film Short
Nancy Lunsford (USA), Mama Frances, the Family Pope, Women Filmmakers
Niki Byrne (USA), Solo, Film Short
Reza Shokrani (USA), Zaman, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sam Wickey (USA), The Earth Is Flat, Disability Issues
Stanlee Ohikhuare (Nigeria), Idahosa Trails, Christian, Actor: Leading (David Schifter as Thomas Book Jr.)
Tamara Bunker (USA), Sheep, Goats & Cows, Women Filmmaker
Tatyana Rodina (USA), 20 Grand, Film Short
Vanesa Prieto (USA), Like Me, Actress: Leading (Brooklyn Robinson as Lucy)
Vasco Diogo (Portugal), may I ? remix#, Experimental
Xander Turian (Sweden), Rotten love, Actor: Leading (Xander Turian as Leo), Film Short
Xiaohan Chen, New York University (USA), Against The Dying Of The Light, Experimental (Student)

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