Awards of Merit October 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Abie Axen (USA), Man With Beard, Film Short
Alexander Craven (USA), Ansel’s Elgar by Lynn Harrell, Music Video
Clayton Vila (USA), of_Angels, Film Short
Ellie Harvie (Canada), Scattered, Actress: Leading (Debra Sears as Cynthia), Actress: Leading (Kalyn Miles as Amy), Women Filmmakers
Gianluca Minucci (USA), Funeral Pyre, Music Video
Hannah Barbakoff (USA), Look On The Bright Side, Film Short
Madhura Berman (USA), The Wait, Film Short
Mandella  Saaid (Australia), Benny, Film Short
Michael Simsek (USA), Bless Her Heart, Film Short
Nils  Taylor (USA), Quarries, Film Feature
Sonia  Suvagau (Canada), Inward Edward, Film Short, Original Score (Inward Edward composed by Sebastian Hugeneck)
Yiyi Ma (China), Beyond Fields of Paper, Asian, Women Filmmakers
Yuri Alves (USA), GRIND, Documentary Short and On The Cusp, Documentary Short
Zayn Alexander (USA), ABROAD, Actor: Leading (Zayn Alexander as Jad)

Indie Film Festival winner

Aaron Kunkel (USA), The Moment, Film Short
Alexandra D. Levinsohn and D. Clifford Hart (USA), Alternate Side, Web Series
Ally Downs (USA), The Caregiver, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Ally Downs as Angela), Actress: Supporting (Jazmyn Simon as Lisa), Actor: Leading (Dan Sutter as Ed), Script / Writer (Ally Downs)
Ally McKenzie (United Kingdom), Here We Are, Documentary Feature
Amber Agha (United Kingdom), Playground – A short Poetic Film, Experimental
Ana Parra Bernal (USA), Unbreakable Ties, Actress: Leading (Diana Perez Riveros as Diana)
Andres Ramirez (Canada), Frame, Actor: Leading (Marcelo Gonzalez as Alex), Actress: Leading (Bailey Olson as Sophia), Film Short, Art Direction (Erin Danes), Cinematography (Ali Zain Salim Mevawala), Direction (Andres Ramirez), Script / Writer (Andres Ramirez) (Student)
Astrid Hofstaetter-Fuerpass  (Austria), Summer, Film Short
Austin Harmon (USA), The Dead King, Film Feature
Badr Farha (United Kingdom), Margaret, LGBT (Student)
Benjamin Strack (USA), Outburst, Disability Issues (Student)
Cai Hall (USA), The Fourth Day, Women Filmmakers
Camara Rauen (USA), Going Mental, Disability Issues (Student)
Caspar Brun (USA), Fish, Film Short
Charles Mandracchia and Lynn Hunter (USA), We Are Friends, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Dean Donofrio (USA), Survive This, Film Short
Diana Nicolae (USA), One Mother’s Fire: The Gail Minger Story, Documentary Short
Ellie Gravitte (USA), Her Being Home, LGBT (Student)
Ellie Harvie (Canada), Scattered, Original Song (Scattered composed by Chloë Dolores)

IndieFEST Merit Color

ErinRose Widner and Vivian Kerr (USA), Alex & Amy, Women Filmmakers
Florencia Calcagno (Argentina), Margarita, Film Feature
Gail Osherenko and Margarita Del Valle (USA), BROKE: The Santa Barbara Oil Pipeline Spill of 2015, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Gianlorenzo Albertini (USA), The Ribbon on the Kite, Film Short
Greg Bushell (USA), A Part, Film Short (Student)
Harrison Kross (USA), Miami Drive, Actor: Leading (Harrison Kross as Zak Speed)
Heather Hillstrom (USA), The King in the Ring, Women Filmmakers
Isabelle Sophie Arouë (France), Paulette in Paris, Film Short (Student)
Jack Hubbell (USA), Glacier “Crown of the Continent”, Documentary /  Series, History / Biographical / Travel, Script / Writer, Videography
Jackie Torrens (Canada), Small Town Show Biz: Two Dreams from a Harbour Town, Documentary Short
Jacob Wise (USA), Underground – Adalia Tara, Music Video
Jing Ma (USA), Cure, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Brandon (USA), The Train Trip, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Covas (USA), The Struggle is Real, Webisode
Jude S. Walko, Blue Falcon Productions LLC (USA), The Incantation, Creativity / Originality
Kate McCaslin and Eve Doherty (USA), I Am Rebecca, Documentary Short
Kaye Tuckerman (USA), Nil by Mouth, Women Filmmakers
Ken Lewis (USA), The Final Interrogation, Film Short
Krishna Ribeiro (USA), Brian For Hire, Web Series
Kristian Mercado (USA), Craig Finn – God In Chicago, Music Video
IndieFEST Merit Color

Marco Laguna (Belgium), Doubleplusungood, Film Feature
Marcus Mandal (Denmark), Digital Living, Disability Issues
Mark Stolzenberg (USA), Talk to Me, Actress: Leading (Judy Copeland as Dr. Jocelyn Fieldstone), Film Short
Martin Taidy (Indonesia), Fugitive, Film Short
Michael Yates (USA), The Ape Regards His Tail, Experimental
Miguel Almagro (Singapore), Sisters Islands, Film Short
Morgan/Sam Way/Doyon (Australia), La Poupee, Film Short
Nathanael Dunn (USA), Until Death Do Us Part, Film Short (Student)
Rachel Kleinman (USA), Guin, Film Short
Roger Chiang (USA), Travails To Truth, Documentary Feature
Salomé Da Souza (France), GENERATION Y  X SLUTS, Women Filmmakers
Shea Allen Borengasser (USA), The Only Thing Certain, Women Filmmakers
Shilpa Mankikar, Truth Force (USA), Diwal’oween, Web / Internet Programming
Sierra Glasscock, Kate Krassowski, Lindsey Schuberth, and Christina Cigal (USA), Dream Job, Web / Internet Programming
Simon Leslie (New Zealand), Art From the Hands of Ngai Tahu (Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu), Web Series
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), MAN-AT-ARMS, Animation
Talya Klein, Aaron Ballard and Dano Madden (USA), Brokers 6 Episode Screener, Web Series
Tina Krüger (Mozambique), Living Art, Documentary Short
TJ Costronovo (USA), Lookin’ Up, Film Feature
Traycee King and Nick Krassowski (USA), Insane Jane, Webisode
Ze-Yu Chen (Taiwan), Return, Film Short (Student)

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