Award of Recognition November 2023

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

AJ Tedesco (USA), Privacy, Please, Film Short
Alejandro Miguel Pereira (Canada), Seguimos Aquí / We are here., Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Ana Cristina Bolanos (USA), ESTHER: Death Is No Sin, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Arthur Jordan Muhammad and Sean HuntServant Productions and Luxe Film Works (USA), Step Dad, African American, Script / Writer (Sean Hunt, Servant Productions)
Blake Wakan and Melody Greenway (USA), The Projector, LGBTQ+
Brian Larios (USA), The Dark Ages – The Funeral, Webisode (Ivan Lee Gartner and Brian Larios), Ensemble Cast (Anne Arreguin, Nick Santucci, Dena Navarroli and Ivan Lee Gartner.)
Carolina Angel (USA), Jack, Women Filmmakers
Caroline Baggaley (Canada), LAILA NADENE, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography (Tomas Chedrese)
Catrina Fielis (USA), Loop, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chantay Taylor (USA), Say Nothin’ But a Word, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Christopher Kulikowski (USA), Gimme Shelter Part Three, Script / Writer (David Davidson aka Kevin O’Neal)
Cosmic Dawn (USA), Cosmic Dawn – Meera & Tiatha Scene, Animation
Craig Andrew Wyhoon (Australia), Loki and Me, Disability Issues, Film Short
Daniel Mwendwa Muindi and Samuel Kariuki, Prime Productions & Promotions (USA), MELITA, Film Short
Danielle Heney (USA), After Twenty Years, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Dena K. Miller (USA), Mysterious Origin, Music Video
Dino Jacovides (United Kingdom), Three Birds, Film Short

Efriem Kahsay Quada (Eritrea), Sophia, Film Feature
Erica Miller (United Kingdom), Lost and Found, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Esaias Wiseworth (USA), Secret Lives, Restless Hearts, Script / Writer, Creativity / Originality
Ethan McKellar (USA), The Ensemble, Direction (Student), Concept (Student)
Frank Reyes (Spain), Dante, El Prisionero de la Torre, Actor: Leading (Juan José Sanz as Dante), Actress: Leading (Coco Evers as Sol), Film Short, Script / Writer (Frank Reyes)
Henry Black (USA), BUNNY-MAN & CO. ep. 1: ENTER THE HYPE LEAGUE, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Hera Khanmirzaei and Amirhosein Saqafi (Iran), Dreamy Fragrance of Spring Blossoms, Film Short
Hunter Nickless (USA), Beyond the Gate, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Special Effects: Animation
Jack Tempchin and Gregory Page (USA), MIDNIGHT JACK the MOVIE, Documentary Feature
James Chen (Taiwan), Taipei’s Urburan Soldiers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Jason Taglieri, Dayna Altman and Thea Touchton, Sueñito Media (USA), Bake It Till You Make It, Documentary Feature
Jen Krater and Paolo Pagliacolo (USA), The Voice Behind The Story, Actress: Leading (Briana Bender as Carrie), Film Short
Jeremy Gredone (USA), Sacred Flowers, Music Video, Native Peoples
Jessica Bailey (Australia), I’M NOT A NURSE, Film Short

Jianda Ma (USA), A Documentary Footage of Sheng’s One Day, Actor: Leading (Student) (Darren Ma as Sheng), Asian (Student), Direction (Student), Film Short (Student), Script / Writer (Student)
Jingchen Zhao (USA), Mare Immensus (Sea of the Boundless), Women Filmmakers
Joey Monahan (Canada), The Cabin, Film Short, Concept
John Johnson (USA), LAST SUNRISE, Film Short
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Americans in Israel, Documentary Short, Editing, Jewish, Music Video
Jon Cohen (Australia), Ghost Stories, Film Short
Joseph Taft (USA), The Innkeeper, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Gary Taft)
Joshua Sowden (USA), INCESSANT, Film Short
Judy Mary Jackson (Canada), Where Can We Live In Peace?, Christian, Disability Issues
Kevin Gorman (USA), Will Happen, Film Short (Student)
Kiarash Bokaeyan (Iran), VARANUS, Film Short
Maria A. LaBonte (USA), The Water Shaman Eternal Love Oath, Movie Trailer
Mary Jo Bole (USA), Family White Elephants, Documentary Feature
Maryam Rahimi (Iran), Soraya, Film Short
Max Bloom (USA), JULIAN: A Jiu Jitsu Story, Documentary Feature

Michael A. Newman (USA), HALF WAY HOME, Script / Writer (Michael Anthony Newman)
Michael Buckley (Canada), Planet Ocean Blues, Documentary Short
Michael Rock and Dillon Brown (USA), Tahoe Joe, Disability Issues, Concept
Miranda Allison (USA), Good Grief, Latin / Hispanic (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Mouayed Zabtia (Libya), Story of Godia, Actor: Supporting (Waheb Kaledt as Talal), Direction, Television – Program / Series
Pei Ting Wang (Taiwan), The Aggregates, Experimental (Student)
Peter B. Barton (USA), We Rise Up Singing, Documentary Short
Philip Gordon (USA), QUANTUM OF SALSA, Film Short (Student)
Rob Luedtke (USA), Yellow Magnolia, Actress: Leading (Student) (Stacy Vest as Jeanne), Film Short (Student), Actress: Supporting (Student) (Clover Keyes Roy as Amy)
Russell J Dreher (USA), Bed Bug Love, Music Video
Somdatta Pal (USA), We Rise, Music Video
Stacy Pendergrast (USA), Mani Mani Baby, Actress: Leading (Irene Fitzpatrick as Donna West)
Susan Ruth Downs, MD and Alex Voss (USA), Something Ain’t Right, Documentary Feature
Tito Giliberto (Italy), The antifascist era, Documentary Feature
Tito Giliberto (Italy), VIVALDI MYSTERY, Experimental
Yvon Streacker (USA), Nut Butter Dreams, Film Short


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