Award of Recognition May 2024

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionL. Jobrail (USA), Changes, Christian Theme, Television – Pilot Program, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker
Alicia McClendon (USA), Killings of the Land, Webisode, African American Filmmaker, Women Filmmakers
Anabelle Corneau (USA), Julie, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ash Khan and Vana Bond (United Kingdom), Busker Square, Documentary Feature
Barry Atticks (USA), O Come Emmanuel, Music Video, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Concept
Barrye L. Price and Florita Bell Griffin (USA), Interview With a King – An Animated Short Film, African American Filmmaker, African American Theme, Animation, Christian Theme
Bryan Chadwick (USA), SAY IT AIN’T SOHO, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Public Service Programming / PSA
Bryan Chadwick (USA), A PEEK INSIDE, Documentary Short
Chad Brown (USA), INWARD, African American Theme
Chris Cardillo (USA), Second Chance City, Film Feature
Emmett Sparling and Josiah Gordon (Canada), The Desert Knight, Film Short
Ignacio Maiso (United Kingdom), The Girl with the Fork, Film Feature

Jacob Estrada (USA), Brother, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Joe Costa (USA), She Is 17 Again, Film Short, Women Theme
Juha Toivaala (Finland), YARDWORK, Film Short
Karin Schill (Sweden), Snow Angels, Actor: Leading (Mohammad Arvan as Mike)
Katsuhide Yamago (Japan), THE JOURNEY FOR COMING OUT, Documentary Short
Kyle Browne (USA), Spirit Sensing: Anima of the Quarry, Editing, Original Score
Kyle Edward Chase (USA), Plus or Minus (Inspired by “Oppenheimer”), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lexi Goldi (USA), Baby, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Lorenzo West (Canada), Beware the Red Robot, Animation, Creativity / Originality, Television – Program / Series
Maria A. Labonte (USA), The Water Shaman Eternal Love Oath, Movie Trailer
Mary C. Ferrara (USA), Wallie’s Gals, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Roe Pacheco as Maxine), Ensemble Cast
Max Sterling (USA), The Liberry, Film Short

Neil w Young (Canada), What In The World Is The World Coming To, Music Video, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Dramatic Impact
Niklas Röholm and Christina Danielsson (Finland), Litterator – The One Who Teaches Letters, Filmmaker with Disability, Disability Issues, Humor / Humorist
Oleg Livits and Karsten Blue (USA), Friendly Heat, Documentary Short
Robyn Killian (USA), RIOTS VS. TSUNAMIS, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Roman Gerodimos (United Kingdom), Fellows Hall, Film Short
Sallie Hines (USA), Blurred Ties, Webisode, African American Filmmaker, Women Filmmakers
Sergio Pérez Leonís (Spain), Psycho Lovers, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student), LGBTQ+ Filmmaker (Student)
Sheldon A. Woodson (USA), Vessel, Actor: Leading (Joshua Christian-Azali as Marcus Surgeons), Actor: Supporting (Sheldon Woodson as Manny Mullen), Actress: Leading (Mya Richardson as Vanessa Downs)
Shihyun Wang (South Africa), South Africa – Rainbow Nation, African American Theme, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Sierra Productions (USA), Troy’s Story, Direction (Joseph Henderson), Film Short
Stephen A. Schrum (USA), Doomsday: Password, Film Short
Traci L. Slatton (USA), One Soldier’s Journey, Documentary Short

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