Award of Merit May 2024

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Arthur James (USA), Everlasting Steps: The Path to Healing, Documentary Short
Drew Chamberlain and Gage Morgan (USA), Scars & Stripes: The Shane Vincent Story, Documentary Short (Student)
Esther Takac (Australia), THE NARROW BRIDGE, Script / Writer, Direction, Religion / Ethics
Jake Hunsicker (USA), Meatloaf and Pie at the Sunset Cafe, Ensemble Cast
Jeff Sewald (USA), Go To The People, Documentary Feature
Kelly Galindo (USA), 26 Seconds ISIS Sex Slaves, Women Filmmakers, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Mark Edward Lewis (USA), THE ICARUS MANEUVER, Webisode
Martin Lloyd, Anja Ramaroson and Richard Tomes (Portugal), Doll#195, Film Short, Original Score (Natasha Pikoul)

Martin Perry Lutz (USA), The 8th Note of Ramon Amado, Cinematography, Direction, Film Short
Niv Ende (Canada), Machine, Film Short, Cinematography (Dallis Swiatek)
Rebecca Harris-Smith (United Kingdom), Out Of Time, Film Short
Reza Beheshti Atashgah (Iran), VIEW, Islamic Filmmaker
Ryan Kurt Whiting (USA), The Dog Days, Film Short, Original Score (Zack Baltich), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Roy Waldspurger)
Silvio Carrillo (USA), Forging Heroes, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Warren Andrew Fischer (USA), The Serena Variations, Actress: Leading (Dylan Brown as Serena), Original Score

Indie Film Festival winner

Al Buchanan and Mr. Riddlestone (United Kingdom), Sirens, Music Video
Al Dubinsky (USA), The Redeemables 2, Television – Pilot Program
Alice Hjorth (Denmark), GOLIA, Women Filmmakers
Ana Jobrail (USA), The Enforcers, Television – Pilot Program, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker, Women Filmmakers
Anabelle Corneau (USA), Julie, Original Score (Student)
Arezoo Monfared (Iran), DOUBLEX, Asian Filmmaker
Barrye L. Price and Florita Bell Griffin (USA), Interview With a King – An Animated Short Film, Script / Writer
Brent Heise (USA), The Girl Who Faded Away, Music Video, Direction, Cinematography (Bill Ward)
Brett Eric Hoffman (USA), SALTWATERx, Personal Growth
Bryan Chadwick (USA), FENCES, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Cari Sudmeier (USA), Frequency Over Time, Native Peoples Theme, Women Filmmakers

Chad Brown (USA), Blackwaters, African American Filmmaker, African American Theme
Chase Dudley (USA), BROKEN INNOCENCE, Film Feature
Chi Fan Wang (USA), The Life, Animation, Art Direction, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Dan T. Hall and Philip Paluso (USA), NOBLE VISION, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Dramatic Impact, Script / Writer
David Papa (USA), I Love You, Elise, Film Short, Asian Filmmaker, Actress: Leading (Caitlin Kirkel as Elise)
Davis Young Lee (USA), A+ Deception: Step by Step, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Drew Chamberlain and Gage Morgan (USA), Station 20, Documentary Short (Student)
Fabrizio Nota and Giovanni Negro (Italy), A COLORFUL WORLD, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, African American Theme
Gal Salomon (Israel), Blue Marks, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Gwendolyn G. Cassady (USA), If It Could Happen to Me, It Could Happen to You, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Heidi Duckler (USA), I Will Remember What I Forgot, Experimental
Jake Hunsicker (USA), Meatloaf and Pie at the Sunset Cafe, Direction, Actress: Supporting (Sophia Lucia Parola as The Server)
Jakob Schaefer, Abagail Vanmerlin and Liam Dunning (Canada), The Theatre Documentary, Documentary Feature
John Cornelissen (USA), The Projectionist: A Collector’s Journey, Documentary Short
Juliana Bergstrom, Keara Barnes and Brenda Whitehall (Canada), Harbour, Film Short, Ensemble Cast, Original Score
Lukas Ratka (Austria), My Invisible Friend, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Macabit Abramson (Israel), Woman Alive, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Lihi Zemel as Shlomit), Women Theme
Mark Anthony Short (USA), SELF, Film Short
Martin Lloyd, Anja Ramaroson and Richard Tomes (Portugal), Doll#195, Original Song (Street of Judgement by Natasha Pikoul), Actress: Leading (Lou Gala as Doll), Actor: Supporting (Fergus Foster as Cain)

Megan Ashley Alan and Ken J. Griggs (USA), Cheers! Portland, The Strip Club Capital of America, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Women Theme
Michele Adams (USA), PRISONER OF LOVE, Film Feature, Women Filmmakers, African American Filmmaker
Mike Jeffers and Richard A. Bass (USA), Untamed, Film Feature, Direction, Cinematography
Mina Isabella JafriMalik and Zainab “Izzy” Malik (USA), The Asifa Bano Story, Direction, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Oliver Brubaker (USA), The Toad in the Hole, Animation (Student)
Richele Caragianis (USA), Wandering Star, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Script / Writer, Women Filmmakers, Women Theme
Rick Bedrosian (USA), I Could Eat, Pilot Episode, Television – Pilot Program
Romy Nordlinger (USA), The Feeling Part, Film Short (Romy Nordlinger), Actress: Leading (Romy Nordlinger as Liv), Cinematography (Bryan James Hamilton)
Sabina Sattar (United Kingdom), Mum Said, Title / Credit Design
Salvatore Riggio (USA), Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice), Script / Writer
Shawn E. Jones (USA), Six Strang – The Life and Times of Stanley Jones, African American Filmmaker (Student), Documentary Feature (Student), Christian Filmmaker (Student)

Shawn McLaughlin (USA), THE REFLECTION OF MARCUS JOHNSON, Script / Writer
Sierra Productions (USA), Troy’s Story, Original Score (Patrick Rundblad)
Thomas Biebers (USA), Generation to Generation: “We Choose to Live”, Jewish Theme
Tom Lovegrin (USA), Shadows, Film Short
Victor Ginzburg (USA), The Restless Garden, Documentary Feature
Victoria Monai Richards (USA), Tricked and Treated, Christian Filmmaker, Women Filmmakers
William Preising (USA), God’s Plan, Christian Filmmaker, Christian Theme, Cinematography, Documentary Feature
Yaar Harell (Germany), Kibitzer, Film Short, Jewish Filmmaker
Yana Osman (Russia), TWIN FENCES, Documentary Feature
Yuanchun Cao (Italy), Tsing Yi Role of the Dignified Lady, Asian Filmmaker

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