Award of Recognition August 2023

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Reco
gnition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Aaron Phelps (USA), Slanted Perspectives: My Life with SMA, Disability Issues (Student)
Adeena Michelle Karasick (USA), Eicha: The Book of Lumenations, Experimental, Jewish, Women Filmmakers
Aidan Christopher Haughey (USA), The Bounty of Love, Film Short
Akinola Isaac Fowowe (Nigeria), Turning Point, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Annie Fleisch (USA), Home Coming, Film Short (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
Ashton K. Bracciodieta (USA), Stringout, Film Short
Bianca Sass (USA), Distance (The Further Mix), Music Video (Student)
Bob Spletzer (USA), SpaceWalk, Educational / Instructional / Training, Television – Program / Series
Caleb Jordan Voyles (USA), The Ballad of Rich and Champ, Film Short (Student), Movie Trailer (Student)
Charlotte Cuthbertson (USA), Gotaways, Reality Programming
Chop Mosley, Chelsea Scruggs and John Xavier Lambert (USA), Sci-Kids, Children / Family Programming
Craig Oty (USA), Psyche Obscura, Experimental
Cynthia Ellen Gall (USA), To the Rescue, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student), Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery (Student)
Darian Slattery (USA), INSPIRED, Disability Issues

David Anderson (USA), Blue Lucas, Experimental
Desmond Amir Bailey (USA), Night Clothes, Film Short (Student)
Devinaire Barnes (USA), Careying, Film Short (Student)
Emer OShea (Ireland), DRUID, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Gil Rivera (USA), A Sudden Impact, Film Short
Greg Maksudyan (USA), Christmas Evil, Movie Trailer
Harry Waldman (USA), Enter the Room, Film Short
Heather Rose Lupex (USA), PAW, Experimental
Heidi Duckler (USA), The Tender Body Sings, Experimental
Hollin Haley (USA), Jackie & Marilyn, Film Short
Janelle Little (USA), all things must end., Experimental (Student)
Jeff Harder (USA), Carmilla Vive!, Film Feature
Jennifer Glee Foley (USA), Fellini Mastorna…a film of no return, Experimental
Jimmy Francis (Greece), Support Group Olympus, Actress: Supporting (Maria Karpathakis as Aphrodite)
Jingting Yang (China), Bad News, Women Filmmakers
Joe Tremain (United Kingdom), Stray Cat., Experimental, Direction

Jonathan Byrne Denechaud (USA), What It Takes, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jordan Canning, Dani Pagliarello and Aisha Evelyna (Canada), The Drop, Web Series, Ensemble Cast, Actress: Leading (Dani Pagliarello as Zara)
Jorge Joseph Harrington (USA), Birdhouse, Actress: Leading (Carnessa Lynn as Meena), Film Short (Jorge Joseph Harrington and Sam Patzer)
Joshua Christoph (USA), Love, Angelica, Cinematography (Student)
Joshua Lucas Nelson (USA), Deprogrammed, Actress: Leading (Noelle Cappuzzo as Nancy)
Jude Peter Damian (India), SARAS, Film Short
Kayla Holsey (USA), Play Please, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Tanner Smith (USA), Reunion, LGBTQ+
Larry Guernsey (USA), Scary Story, Animation
Laurie Tieman (USA), Found, Women Filmmakers
Lee Steinbeck (USA), A Most Annoying Man, Actor: Leading (Tim Snoha as Emery Dodd), Editing
Li Zirui (China), An inescapable Chain, Actress: Leading (Student) (Li Zirui as Depressed Girl), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short (Student)
Mathias Magnason (USA), Leaving California: The Untold Story, Reality Programming
Michael McQuown (USA), The Night Slayer, Direction, Film Feature

Mike Baro (USA), Word of Mouth, Television – Pilot Program
Mogan Selvakannu (Malaysia), Don’t Rock the Boat, Documentary Feature
Nick Maltby (United Kingdom), Apache Rain, Film Short, Original Score
Nicole Vivien Watson and Tom White (United Kingdom), Shore, Sea, and Land – Lines, Disability Issues
Olive Juge (USA), Poppy Pop, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Parviz Rajaei (Khazan) (Iran), The Imperceptible, Film Short
Paul Darrigo (USA), Summerville, Film Short
Pierre Moncel Tetrault (Canada), Travels In Schizophrenia, Documentary Feature
Porsha Brown (USA), BAB on 3!, Television – Pilot Program
Roman S. Koenig (USA), Red Blooded, Actor: Leading (Sean Dillingham as Don Green), Actor: Supporting (Cayden Dillingham as Benjamin Green)
Ronald L Sturgess and Jeanetta T Sturgess (USA), The Guardian: The Sandwich Generation, African American
Rose Collis (United Kingdom), One For The Books: The Maupin Marathon, Documentary Feature
Sabrina Dubner (USA), Liminality, Film Short (Student)
Sasha Shapiro (USA), The Crib, Film Short, Creativity / Originality, Humor / Humorist, Script / Writer
Sean Breathnach (Ireland), Don’t Open The Box, Actor: Leading (John Ryan Howard as Mike)
Shihyun Wang (USA), Cruising Alaska – Ketchinkan, Native Peoples
Tobias Elvhage and Liza Morberg (USA), Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities, Documentary Feature
Tom Sys and Erik Sopracasa (USA), Beyond The Curtain, Direction
Tristan M. Corrigan, Under_Score Productions (USA), TAP, Film Short, Editing
Vicky Vien, Fox Hughes and Braden Cloutier (USA), Ending It All, Web Series (Student)


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