Award of Merit August 2023

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

4 A Films (USA), Five Questions, Actress: Leading (Amber Paul as Jill)
Antonio Zapiain Luna (USA), Bbcitos, Actress: Leading (MJ Garcia as Bbcita), Film Short, Cinematography (Antonio Zapiain Luna)
Ashley Mosher (USA), Goodboy, Documentary Short
Chris Frint, Michael Faner and Elvin Rey Magsino (USA), The Sound of Waves, Actor: Leading (Tom Phelan as Ethan), Actress: Leading (Alex Frnka as Jenna)
Collin Nelson (USA), The Last Liftoff, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dirk Zekveld (Netherlands), A Brief History Of Jesus Messiah, Christian
Eric Luther Ingram (USA), Birth Of A Song, Film Short, African American
Gary Null and Valerie Van Cleve (USA), Manufacturing Madness, Documentary Feature
Jed Charles Parker (USA), Cine-Symphony Planet Earth, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
John L. Brooks II (USA), The Story Behind the Art, Documentary Short
Jude Ramirez (USA), Butterflies, Film Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
KC Schulberg (USA), THE URGENCY OF NOW, Documentary Short
Meghan G. Graham (USA), Roadkill Jamboree, Animation (Student)
Patrick Rea (USA), The Last Butterflies, Film Short
Rick Walker (USA), Guardians, Actress: Leading (Mackenzie McIntyre as Anne)
Roman S. Koenig (USA), Red Blooded, Actress: Supporting (Laura Bohlin as Kate Baumann)
Sara Werner and Liesl Wilke (USA), Lines, Women Filmmakers
Talon Boggess (Canada), The Rose, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Tane McClure (USA), Séance Games – METAXU, Film Feature
Zane (France), Je, Actress: Leading (Cassandre Anaya as Soul), Actress: Supporting (Sabrina Campilii as Young Woman), Film Short

Indie Film Festival winner

4 A Films (USA), Five Questions, Direction (David Arrow), Ensemble Cast (Kiera Allen, David Arrow, Andrew Arrow, Joyia D. Bradley, Donna Lynne Champlin, Elijah Guo, Amber Paul, Tom Alan Robbins and Eliza Simone), Editing (Joseph Huba), Film Short, Cinematography (Mark Raker), Makeup (Ashley DiSarro), Original Score (David Robbins), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Colin Barry-Jester), Production Design (Celina Arslanian)
Allen Kool (Canada), CRY OF SILENCE, Direction, Script / Writer (Robin E. Crozier)
Amanda Beardsley (USA), So Help Me, Television – Program / Series
Antoine Priou (France), Luke and Oscar, Children / Family Programming, Animation
Brennan Bunn (USA), Seeds, Film Short
Cecilia Tuttle (USA), The Big Picture, Disability Issues (Student)
Ceyda Aşar (Turkey), This Is Not A Place For You, Film Short
Chris Frint, Michael Faner and Elvin Rey Magsino (USA), The Sound of Waves, Direction (Chris Frint)
Christopher Martini (USA), Dear Mom, Music Video
Cindy Drukier (USA), The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Cornell Calhoun III (USA), Longwood, Script / Writer
Daryl Ferrara (USA), Ashen Realities, Film Short, Creativity / Originality

Dastan Khalili (USA), Day – 9, Direction, Film Short
Francesco Brunotti (USA), Adventures Of Samurai Bron, Animation
Francisco Del Ryo (France), OUTSIDE FRANCISQUE, Creativity / Originality
Grace Wijaya (USA), Singing in the Lifeboat, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Grant Clover and Michael Metzler Jr. (USA), I Walk With Ghosts, Film Short, Dramatic Impact
Harriet Dunning (United Kingdom), The Final Test, Women Filmmakers, Editing
Heath Ramsay and Duncan Ragg (Australia), Mine Mine Mine, Film Short
Ian Sciacaluga (United Kingdom), Imbroglio, Film Short, Direction
Jared Esteban (USA), Lift, Film Short (Student)
Jason Turchin, Sue Gilad, Larry Rogowsky, Nick Flatto and Jonathan Hogue (USA), Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical, Film Feature
Jay Coggeshall and Susan Henoch (USA), The Life You’re Given, Disability Issues
Jimmy Francis (Greece), Support Group Olympus, Actor: Supporting (Kostis Rampavilas as Dionysus)
Joe McInnis (Canada), Cry About It, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Joey 西侧龙 (China), EXODUS, Film Feature
John L. Brooks II (USA), The Story Behind the Art, Narration / Voice-Over Talent
Jonathan Backman (Malta), The Maestro, Film Short
Joshua Christoph (USA), Love, Angelica, Film Short (Student)

Jyoti Madnani Singh (India), I Am Not Down, Children / Family Programming
Kat Ferentchak (USA), Accessory, Film Short
Khaled Sultan (Ireland), Time’s Exchange, Script / Writer
Laura Gonzalez y Matute (Mexico), Murales en movimiento. José Clemente Orozco y las hermanas Campobello, Documentary Short
Leonard Eckhaus (USA), If I Were a Pony, Children / Family Programming
Liam Wan Lui Martin and Fiona Stirling Lui Martin (USA), Cry of the Yellow Moon, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Luca Campodifiori (United Kingdom), Dock Day, Film Short (Student)
Maria Collette Sundeen (USA), Lifeless, Film Short, Narration / Voiceover Talent
Mark Meisenheimer (USA), Quindaro Ruins-A Documentary Film, Documentary Feature
Martina Webster (USA), Christmas Witch, Script / Writer
Massimo Zompicchiatti (Italy), Dissolution, Music Video
Matthew Toffolo (USA), Dark Realities, Experimental
Michael McQuown (USA), The Night Slayer, Editing
Milad Khaleghimanesh (Iran), Fringe Fallen, Documentary Short
Nathan Porter (USA), Status: Retired, Actor: Leading (Nathan Porter as Retired Agent), Film Short
Nima Rahimpoor (Iran), PLAYTHING, Film Short
Nima Valibeigi (Iran), Zero Coordinates, Asian
Oliveira Tan (China), JUAN, Film Short
Paul Darrigo (USA), Summerville, Original Score (Composed by John Koutselinis)

Paul David Lisy (USA), The Reach, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Peter Parry (United Kingdom), Fete Accomplis, Film Short
Petri Puroaho (Finland), The Disassociate, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Randy Michael Stoudt (USA), Woven the Documentary, Documentary Short
Reza Sobhani (Iran), The Rope, Film Short
Rick Walker (USA), Guardians, Actress: Supporting (Cherish Rodriguez as Emily), Christian, Direction, Film Feature
Roman S. Koenig (USA), Red Blooded, Actress: Leading (Denice Riddle as Lois Green), Direction (Roman S. Koenig), Film Short, Script / Writer (Roman S. Koenig), Editing (Roman S. Koenig), Cinematography (Garrett Glassell), Original Score (Rob Gironda)
Sahar Ghafurian (Iran), Daughters of Mamma Sea, Animation (Student)
Sajjad Abdollahi (Iran), The Archive, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Sean Breathnach (Ireland), Don’t Open The Box, Direction
Shane Connellan (Ireland), BULLY, Actor: Leading (Shane Connellan as Tommy)
Sierra Productions (USA), TRANSFORMATION, Ensemble Cast (Debra Smith (Aunt) and Children Actors), Makeup (Natasha Loudermilk)
Simantini Chakraborty (USA), Joyful, Documentary Short
Simon Nathan Feldman (USA), Revival, Documentary Feature
Stephen Folker (USA), Spiderweb, Jewish
Tane McClure (USA), Séance Games – METAXU, Direction, Editing, Ensemble Cast, Script / Writer
Vanessa M. H. Powers (USA), Sins of the Father, Film Feature
Yingna Wu, ArtCenter College of Design (USA), The Counseling, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Zane (France), Je, Direction, Cinematography

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