Award of Merit November 2022

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Cole Lewis (USA), Echoes from the 19th Century, Documentary Feature
Derek Frederickson (USA), SPACE SHUTTLE: A Fairy Special Episode, Television – Program / Series
Elizabeth Mantia (USA), A Name in Your Book, Asian, Music Video, Original Song (Composed by Allen Ling)
Gary Null, Ph.D. (USA), Science for Hire, Documentary Feature
Gimante Nichols and Russell Brackett (USA), Toxicity, Film Short
Jack Crowley Pochop (USA), Who Wants to Live Forever, Music Video
Jeff Hilliard and Joey Danger (USA), Jeff Hilliard – Consensual, Music Video
Jenni Merla (Argentina), Phytonias, Film Short
Joey White and Sabrina Dubner (USA), Rough Waters Run Deepest, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short (Student)
Jordan Hoffmaster (USA), Grounded, Documentary Short
Nell Dashiell (USA), GPS, Film Short
Ray Day (USA), Truth Be Told: Irving Norman and the Human Predicament, Documentary Feature
Saeed Mayahy and Miriam Carlsen (Turkey), Game Over, Documentary Short
Shane Crosland (Australia), Luen – Strange Purpose, Music Video
Shirley Thompson, Vera Zambonelli, Heather H Giugni, Erin Lau and Anne Misawa (USA), Reel Wāhine of Hawai‘i, Season 3, Women Filmmakers
Terence Gross, The Wild Night Company (United Kingdom), A FISTFUL OF KARMA, Film Feature
Victor Bellomo and Tara Sickmeier (USA), Niagara Falls, Music Video

Indie Film Festival winner

Ana Bilic (Austria), When the Woodlark Sings, Film Feature, Script / Writer
Andrew Gelao (Australia), FOMO, Editing, Film Short, Cinematography
Aniket Chandrakant Dhavale (India), OPAQUE, Asian, Film Short
Anna Cadden (Australia), Pacific Light, Documentary Short
Bohdan Romanko (Ukraine), Plus, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Brett Salamin (USA), Good Guy, Bad Day, Film Short
Cailleah Scott-Grimes (Canada), Breonna, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Original Song (Breonna written by Anna Gutmanis)
Claire Audrey Aguayo (USA), The Wedding Painting, Film Short
Darshan Singh Bhuller (USA), NALA, Film Short
Douglas Haddad (USA), Butterfield, Film Short
Eddrick Jerome and Lamont Young (USA), Blue Eye Shadow, Actor: Leading (Lamont H. Young as Eddrick), LGBTQ+
Enzo Zelocchi (USA), No War, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value

Galit Ariel (Canada), Nipped, Women Filmmakers, Creativity / Originality
Gary Karapetyan (USA), With Joyful Ring, Film Short, Direction
Haley Ahern (USA), The Cows Came Home, Music Video
Jenny Urice and Ben Fout (USA), Hot Set, Television – Program / Series
Kate Donnelly (United Kingdom)Chrysalis, Actress: Leading (Susannah Laing as Laura), LGBTQ+, Script / Writer (Susannah Laing)
Ken Sagoes (USA), The Secret Weapon:  Yesterday IS Today, Ensemble Cast
Kiran Kondamadugula (USA), ID, Direction, Asian
Laura Burnett (USA), Blind Truth, Actress: Leading (Laura Burnett as Claire), Direction
Leona Krahn, George Orallo and Karen Tusa (Canada), Five True Friends, Film Short
Lisa Marie Tedesco (USA), Spin, Actress: Leading (Courtney St. Gelais as Abigail ), Actress: Supporting (Sierra Berkeley Fisher as Sky), LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Luying Wang (USA), Drifting Boat, Asian (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Cinematography (Student)
María Yolanda Brown Melián and Kevin Ramos Fernández (Spain), Los Aspirantes -The Applicants, Television – Program / Series, Pilot Program / Series



Mathias Kessler (USA), Das Resort, Film Short
Meta4 Creative Media (USA), The Hitmen Teaser, Movie Trailer
Mohau Michael Mannathoko (Botswana), FIX, Film Short (Student), Cinematography (Student)
Molly Rose Heller (USA), eXcape, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Owen Dennis (USA), Hey Toby Hey Owen: This is Not Sponsored by Valvoline, Animation
Paris Dylan (USA), Dying to Sleep, Ensemble Cast
Paula Baisden and Deon Green (USA), Out of Touch, Television – Program / Series  (Student)
Phyllis Ann Rosenfield (USA), Embers of Awakening: From Firestorms to Climate Healing, Editing (Shirley Thompson)
Rik van Hoorn (USA), Right Where You Left Me, Film Short (Student)
Rodney Roldan (USA), Country and Courage, History / Biographical
Ron C. Taylor (USA), Side by Side, Disability Issues
Sean Cruser (USA), Skip to the End, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Simón Wilson)
Sergio Basto Perez (Macao), Macau, In-Between, Actress: Leading (Isabela Pedruco as Mira Sousa), Asian, Film Short

Shuyuan Liu (USA), So Long/The Womb, My Home, Asian (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Smiley Mikey (USA), Your Birthday Kiss, Music Video
Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière (Argentina), Our happiest days, Film Feature
Terence Gross, The Wild Night Company (United Kingdom), A FISTFUL OF KARMA, Ensemble Cast
Tom Dwyer and Lisa Palattella (USA), Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid, Documentary Feature
Tom Phillips (USA), Chasing the Dead, Special Purpose Productions
Trenton Oliver and Yan Zhang (USA), Break the Fall, Music Video
Veit Kortenkamp (Germany), Dreams, Music Video (Student), Animation (Student)
Victor Bellomo and Tara Sickmeier (USA), Niagara Falls, Film Short
Vivian Sorenson, Hard Knock Productions and 1157 Productions (USA), Serpentine Pink, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Zane (Canada), Salvation, Film Short, Cinematography

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