Award of Merit November 2020

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Abhishek Basu (India), Eternal Canvas, Film Short
Adrian Harrison (United Kingdom), When Better Letters Met Stan Wilkinson, Documentary Short
Akash Khurana (India), The River of Love, Script / Writer (Akash Khurana)
Andrew Getty (USA), The Evil Within, Film Feature
Brandi Webb (USA), Betrayal of a Nation Part 1 & Part 2, African American
Christina Zorich (USA), The New Abolitionists, Christian
Deepak Reddy (India), Manasanamaha, Actress: Supporting (Drishika Chander as Chaitra)
Heidi Germiane Schnappauf (USA), F-Word, Film Feature
Kavita Parekh (USA), Two Tickets To Mars, Film Short (Student)
Leonardo Aranguibel and Marco Colantoni (USA), The Insomnia Plague, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld (USA), Chasing Childhood, Documentary Feature
Marina Potapova (Russia), Super Cool, Film Short
Martin McDougall (United Kingdom), The Orchard, Music Video
Meredith Yinger (USA), The Madams, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Monica Walton (Cayman Islands), The Change Project, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Mulan Fu (USA), Beautiful, Animation (Student)
Paul Barker (United Kingdom), The Real Greatest Showmen, Television – Program / Series
Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo (USA), Elevation Zero, Experimental
Robert Hypes (USA), Chronofilm: The Web Series, Web Series
Sarah Franco (USA), Jade & Jaded, Web Series
Sarah Franco (USA), Jade & Jaded Ep. 3 – Scobylicious, Webisode
Thomas Ungar (Canada), Think You Can Shrink?, Experimental, Reality Programming, Web Series
Vanessa Ndombe (USA), A Life in Three Letters, Film Short

Indie Film Festival winner

Adam Maurer and Mike Yosh (USA), The Grail, Actor: Leading (Adam Maurer as Johnny), Actor: Supporting (Paul Alcaraz as Tim)
Akash Khurana (India), The River of Love, Film Feature
Amina Chaudary (USA), Third Base to Faith, Islamic
Amina Chaudary and Beth Murphy (USA), #LiveLikeHaris, Documentary Feature
Andrea Natale (Italy), Australian Dreams, Documentary Short
Anthony Calderella (USA), Laundrette Blues, Actor: Leading (Kevin Quigley as Frank)
Armando DuBon Jr. (USA), Reckoning, Actor: Leading (Armando DuBon Jr. as Nick Barros), Film Short
Luciano Barsuglia (USA), Social Distance, Actor: Leading (Jed Rowen as Stork Winters), Film Feature, Direction
Brandi Webb (USA), Betrayal of a Nation Part 1 & Part 2, Documentary Feature
Bushra Khanum (Australia), Chained to Traditions, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez (USA), Second to None, On-Camera Talent (Carmen Lamar Gonzalez)
Christaan Felber (USA), From Heaven is Cali, Documentary Short
Christina Zorich (USA), The New Abolitionists, Documentary Feature
Corey Koepper (USA), On The Floor, LGBT
Cydney Cochrane (Canada), Short Stay, Disability Issues
Cynthia M. Uhrich (USA), Misplaced Trust, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
David C. Whiteman (USA), Intermission, Documentary Short
Eduardo Ramirez (USA), Human Spectrum – Episode 1, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Miniseries

Erin Rooke (Canada), The Story of Special Woodstock, Documentary Feature
Federica Alice Carlino (USA), The Monster’s Club, Women Filmmakers
Fred Bonheim, Belair Productions LLC (USA), King of Angels, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Jack Mulcahy as Sonny), Actress: Leading (Kat Miccio as Anastasia), Actor: Leading (Joe Nemchek as Vinny), Ensemble Cast, Actress: Supporting (Jamie Ragusa as Pam)
Ganesh Vinayakan (India), Thaen, Film Feature
Griffin Cubero (USA), Goyishe, Film Short (Student), Jewish (Student)
Heidi Germiane Schnappauf (USA), F-Word, Actor: Leading (Michael Wawrzynek as Mike), Actor: Supporting (Rob Klubeck as Principal Korin), Actress: Leading (Connie Shelhamer as Janet), Actress: Supporting (Jessica O’Hara Baker as Violet), LGBT, Women Filmmakers
Helen Alexis Yonov (USA), WE STAND TOGETHER, Public Service Programming / PSA
Hesam Rahmani (Iran), Faces without Visage, Film Short
Hiroaki Mizuno (Japan), Trouble on the Brain Front, Film Short
Hudson Hillin (USA), Letting Go, Children / Family Programming (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Isaac Padrós Suárez (Spain), Kayak No Limits – Menorca in the dark, Disability Issues
Ivy Tobin (USA), My Life as a Doormat, Television – Pilot Program, Web Series
J.J. Barmettler (USA), Eye & the Oracle, Web Series
Joao Butoh (Brazil), ALEPH, Film Short
Joe Nolan (USA), The Tuneful Trolley, Documentary Feature

John Robert Hammerer (USA), Severance, Script / Writer (Daniel Kirby)
JP Snell (USA), FREE, African American
Karim Mahdjouba (French Polynesia), The Children of the Coral, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Kim Talikoff (USA), I’m Smart, Too, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Kousuke Hishinuma (Japan), Hide & Sniff, Film Short
Kyle Cowling (USA), No Runners, Film Short
Lucia Rinaldi (USA), A Separation Story, Experimental
Marc Lucas (USA), Angry Young Man, Film Short
Mark Rose (USA), Alaska Long Hunters, Christian, Documentary Feature
Matthew Cichella (USA), Without Grace, Film Feature
Matthew Mirliani and Cesar Castillo  (USA), Keep Me, Music Video, Original Song (composed by Matthew Mirliani)
Michael L. Hopwood (USA), Living Legends 66-0, African American, Documentary Feature
Miguel Castanet (USA), La amable euforia de la danza, Documentary Short
Molly Flood (Canada), Band Ladies, Web Series
Mr. Kullachat Jitcajonwanich (Thailand), Heart of Gold, Asian, History / Biographical, Special Purpose Productions, Makeup (Ms. Kulwadee Jitkajornwanich)
Myra Lewis, Myroc Productions (USA), Love is in the Legend, Documentary Feature, LGBT, Women Filmmakers, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value, Editing
Nathan Wilson (Australia), A Cruel Turn, Documentary Short
Nikki Estridge (USA), Don’t Make it Awkward, Actress: Leading (Nikki Estridge as Kate Manopolous)

Oluwatoyin Adewumi (Nigeria), STRAIN, Women Filmmakers, Drama Program / Series
Patty Butler Spiers and Jay Maloney (USA), Guadalcanal 1942: A Christmas Story, Documentary Short
Pedro Hector Canales (USA), Getaway, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Peter Hiscock/Grant Dodwell of Australian Theatre Live (Australia), Lindrum: The Uncrowned King, Actress: Leading (Janne Clara Lindrum as Clara, Harriet, Violet, Joy and Jan)
Peter Kondra and Mikael Schallock (Germany), Good Old Friends, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Peter Kondra as Pete)
Samantha Nolte (USA), Fair Haven, Actor: Leading (Bobby McGruther as Billy Gregor), Actress: Leading (Amandalyn McLellan as Heather Robinson), Film Feature, Women Filmmakers
Sarah Goff, James Meyer,  Rachel Morgan Perry, Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Sending Love Your Way, Music Video
Scott Ferril, RENT THE SKY FILMS (USA), Pay Me, Music Video
Shea Allen (USA), Safe Space, Women Filmmakers
Such Stuff as Dreams Productions (USA), What We May Be, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Swaminathan Venkatraman (USA), The Neighbour, Film Short
Terry Ross (USA), A Castle in Umbria, Actor: Leading (Frank Papia as Rick), Women Filmmakers (Terry Ross and Lisa Bruhn), Actress: Leading (Lynn Allinger as Charlotte), Film Short
Thorsten Schade (Germany), The Invitation (Die Einladung), Film Short
Tommy G. Kendrick (USA), The Dark Places Film, Christian
Toshi Asaka (Japan), The Place of Memories, Asian
Travis Patten (USA), Nemeku Lights, Film Short (Student)
Wesley Shrum (Kenya), Pioneer Pizza, Documentary Short
Wesley Walker (USA), How the Sausage is Made, Animation (Student)


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