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Pierre et Jeanne – Clémentine Célarié

Clémentine Célarié (France)
, Pierre et Jeanne, Film Feature – The Roland family lives in the beautiful seaside village of Etretat. Jeanne, the youngest, learns that she has inherited a fortune from Mr Marechal, an old family friend of her parents that she hasn’t seen in many years. Pierre the elder brother, bogged down in questions, questions the sacredness of the family. Is this money hiding a heavy secret? Talented veteran actress Célarié (Police de Caractères , Two is a Family) not only delivers a very potent performance, she also makes her directorial debut – and delivers a film that is both beautifully crafted and poignant. Creative cinematography (Vincent Le Borgne) supports a very talented cast of actors with powerful performances. Stars Loris Freeman (Everything Went Fine), Mathieu Amalric (Quantum of Solace), Elodie Godart (Play), Philippe Uchan (Don’t Worry About the Kids), Sergi Lopez (El laberinto del Fauno), and the always delightful Dominique Pinon (Cassandre, Amelie). Produced by Matthieu Rubin – Sazia Films.

Award of Excellence SP

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalCheryl Allison (USA), Honk, Women Filmmakers – Talented Emmy-nominated actress turned director Allison shares a personal and deeply moving story about her unlikely friendship with a goose named Honk – a friendship that opened her eyes and changed her life forever. Educational, beautifully crafted, enlivening and heart-stirring. Utterly charming. A skillful filmmaker using her voice for good.

Thomas Latter (USA), Red Elvis: The Cold War Cowboy, Documentary Feature – A tightly crafted and excellent doc about Dean Reed, the American popstar- turned-activist who defected to the Soviet Bloc in the ’70s and became a superstar – then a political radical for socialism. Deft direction, thorough research, spot-on editing, creative cinematography and imaginative graphics. With SAG nominee Mark Valley.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalLorraine Kabbindi White and Mike Hill (Australia), Deadly Heart, Documentary Feature – The inspiring story of how remote Aboriginal communities in Australia are adopting innovative strategies to eliminate Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) and the failures of of governments to eliminate this preventable disease. Beautiful indigenous leadership, language, culture, identity, reconciliation, health and self-determination.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalTommy Jackson (USA), Devils Whiskey, Film Short – On a frigid day Detective Jones faces more than just his fears. His partner gets shot, he pursues the suspect on foot and must confront his own demons and those of racial justice and historical abuse. A compelling story with authentic performances by Justin Mobley, Jessica P. Gillispie, Dimitri Mareno, Ian Griffin and Charlie Bain.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalJesus M. Rodriguez (USA), Two Weeks to 29, LGBTQ+ –  Told with raw intensity, the film captures the nuances of the relationship between 51 year old photographer Ricardo and 29 year old Paulo – mirroring their deepest insecurities and desires. What starts as sex turns into a deep and complex relationship and soul examination. An achingly authentic performance by Rodriguez (Lucy & Ricky). Also stars Luis Cherubini (The Promise).

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalAdriano Falconi (USA), Thomas, LGBTQ+ – Thomas is sensitive and introverted and likes to wear girl dresses. But a small town in North Carolina is no place to be different. Determinate to face his fear, Thomas eventually goes back to his neighbor to parade his true self. Falconi’s direction creates a visceral experience and Thomas’s pain and frustration are truly palpable. Stars Drew Hauge.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalRebecca Charlotte Scott (USA), Together Forever, Film Short – Luna and Ben, a young couple deeply in love struggle to face the reality of Luna’s impending death – a brutally difficult time. Upon learning about the existence of a clone – a surprising series of events begins to unfold. Stars Christopher Sky (American Gangster), Megan Cochrane (Bloodline), Rebecca Ritz (Dhar Mann).

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalRick Van Velsor (USA / Germany), Keeping Christmas, Doc Feature – Biography of a man that overcame a handicap to create a successful company making unique Christmas ornaments. A life hindered by pandemic, depression, world wars and the annexation of his homeland by the Russians. Excellently crafted, beautiful cinematography (Elias Danner), tight direction and editing. Narration by Jack Daniel. Mammut Studios.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalAustin T. Vincent (USA), Duino, Animation (Student) – A charming story about a young boy named Pete who manages to bring a little robot to life. Little does he know, it will come with a few surprises and ultimately change the way he views his life and world. Talented new filmmaker Vincent creates a story that mimics the real world of achievement, imperfection and sheer heart. A bright future for this young animator.

IndieFEST Film Competition Film FestivalOleksandr Lozytskyi (Ukraine), Tierra del Fuego, Nature / Environment / Wildlife – From an exciting expedition to Tierra del Fuego in Chile and Argentina in November 2021 – entrepreneur turned filmmaker Lozytskyi delivers a moving mediation featuring unique environmental footage – documenting the glaciers of South America set to heart-stirring music. A much needed salve during these turbulent times.

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Adriano Falconi (USA), Thomas, Public Service Programming / PSA
Belinoff Robert (USA), Almost a Masterpiece, Film Short
Brandon Mathis (USA), B.L.U.E. — Print, African American, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Caroline Cory (USA), A Tear in the Sky, Documentary Feature, Movie Trailer
Cécile Nordegg and Patryk Senewicki (Austria), BELLARIA, Original Score
Cheryl Allison (USA), HONK, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Children / Family Programming
Chris Hite and Dennis Ford (USA), Firestorm ’77 The True Story of the Honda Canyon Fire, History / Biographical
Czharcus Marquis Jones and Darius Montrezz Frye (USA), Reparations, Film Short, African American
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Please Don’t Turn Away, Original Song (Please Don’t Turn Away composed by Elizabeth Usher)
Emily Anderson, Kate Battersby, and Elizabeth Usher (USA/Australia), Share Your Messy With Me, Original Song (Share Your Messy With Me composed by Emily Anderson, Kate Battersby and Elizabeth Usher)

Filip Koren (Norway), Losing Sleep, Music Video
Guy Zimmerman (USA), Gary’s Walk, Actor: Leading (John Diehl as Gary)
Haley Seppa (USA), Ataraxia, Actress: Leading (Student) (Stephanie DeMott as Mickey), LGBTQ+ (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jaime Urquiza (Mexico), Black Constellation, Dramatic Impact
Jesus M. Rodriguez (USA), Two Weeks to 29, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Joshua Nelson (USA), Faces Of Dead Women, Ensemble Cast
Douglas Silverstein (USA), The Relentless One, Direction, Documentary Short
Maria Juranic (USA), A Feast That Never Comes, Music Video, Experimental
Matthew Margo (USA), ROUGH CUT, Script / Writer, Television – Program / Series, Web Series
Matthew Margo (USA), CODE 10, Script / Writer

Michael Avenson (USA), Sketch of love, Film Short
Mike Hill (Australia), New School, Documentary Short
Mike Hill (Australia), Conquering Cancer, Documentary Feature
Niva Ben Hanan Sapir College (Israel), On the Edge, Experimental (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Rebecca Charlotte Scott (USA), Together Forever, Direction
Rick Van Velsor (USA), Keeping Christmas, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Jack Daniel), Original Score (Composed by Raphael Fimm)
Rob Margolies (USA), Lola Does Manhattan, Actress: Leading (Eve Austin as Lola and Heidi)
Thomas Latter (USA), Red Elvis: The Cold War Cowboy, Direction
Tommy Jackson (USA), The Devil’s Whiskey, Actor: Leading (Justin Mobley as Detective Jones)
Wendy Xu (Canada), Til It Blooms, Film Short (Student), Asian (Student)
Yoagendran Rako (USA), We Are Who We Are – Video, Music Video

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