Winners January 2012

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Dana Al Mojil (Kuwait), Wonderland “A True Story”
Indie Film festival

Dana Al Mojil (Kuwait), Wonderland “A True Story”, women filmmakers, is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland set against the political background of Kuwait. This is a brave undertaking by a talented, emerging filmmaker.

Marcin Janiec (Poland), The Game
2012 Jan The Game

Marcin Janiec (Poland), The Game, animation, somewhere between life and death a thrilling chess match takes place. The stakes are high. Unique, substantial visual art combined with high quality animation. Good storyline.

Tim Gill, My Brother’s Keeper
2012 Jan My Brothers keeper

Tim Gill, My Brother’s Keeper, music video, set in in all black church and a honkey-tonk in the late 1930s, tells of Southern sin and human struggles expressed in music with compelling lyrics, spectacular cinematography and excellent choreography.

indie film festival

Alessandro Rocca (Italy),  The Consul’s List, feature documentary
Arran Murphy,  SPORK, sound mixing
CMM Productions (Malta),  The Tal Qadi Stone, research
Darkan Entertainment,  Brotherly Love, short film
Dirty Hands Films, Inc.,  Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe, feature documentary
Ela Gas (Ireland),  CLUCK, short film
Guerilla Wanderers Films,  Simmom – Cutting Seams, music video
Jay Dee Walters,  Blind Turn, leading actor (Jay Dee Walters)
Jet Kaiser Films,  Jaxton’s Story, nonprofit/fundraising
Mandala Image Productions,  Carmen G, leading actress
Michael K. Feinstein and Max Heckman,  Shlomo Pussycat, short film
Ouriel Morgensztern (Austria),  Three Promises, short documentary
PCCW Now TV (China),  Blood Mine, documentary program/series
Prairie Grass Productions,  The Fourth World, short documentary
Rosa Peris Medina (Spain),  Libidinis, animation
Sheena McCann,  The Darkness is Close Behind, women filmmakers
Sven Alexander Heinrich (Mexico),  El Amante del Padrino, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ubuntu Films,  Roadmap to Apartheid, documentary feature
University of North Carolina – School of Journalism and Mass Communication,  Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity, short documentary

Indie Film Festival winner

Adam Lubanski,  Rogue Saints, Christian
André Bauth / L.A.tinos Artist Group,  Cargo, leading actor
Air Visionary Production Company (China),  Flipping, feature film
Alison Parker (Canada),  Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale, short film
Amy Covell,  ReplikAAA, short film
Audacious Entertainment,  I’m Mommy, public service programming/psa
Barbara Weissenbeck (Austria),  Singing for Life, short documentary
Barker Films and Eye Candy Illusions,  Red Rover, webisode
Bastille Day Productions,  Nobody’s Child, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Bepperton Productions (Trinidad and Tobango),  Pothound, short film
Blue Bridge Media Group,  All Over the Walls, feature documentary
Bright Forest Productions, LLC,  The Rubicon, short film
Brillihart/Gonzales Productions,  Proposals, short film
Bristol Bay Native Corporation,  Day in Our Bay: Voices & Views from Bristol Bay, short documentary, casting and concept
Burning Hay Wagon Productions,  Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject, use of film/video for social change
Byron Erwin,  Cardboard Castles, short film
CMM Productions (Malta), The Tal Qadi Stone, short documentary
Concord Films, LLC,  Conduit, leading actress
Cousins,  Newlyweds, commercial/infomercial
Daniel Hyde,  The Way Things Are, native/aboriginal peoples
Dark Edge Films (United Kingdom),  In the Dark, movie trailer
Drew Stephens,  Viewer Discretion Advised (Tape 96), short film
Electrolab, Ltd. (Canada),  Safe Start 3rd Edition, educational/instructional/how-to
Elizabeth Friedman,  The Man in the Suit, women filmmakers
Epicene, LLC,  Cliffstarter, tube length video
Erick Yates Green,  The Mayor Who Stood Up, liberation/social justice/protest
Flying Cactus Productions, LLC,  Hokey Smokes! Frank Allison and the Odd Sox, short documentary
GooseMan Pictures,  Septenary Kill Trailer, movie trailer
Greg Vander Veer,  Another Tour, short documentary
Group 13 Productions,  Pointless, movie trailer
Hive Division (Italy),  In Memoria, movie trailer
Hiroko Hagino (Japan),  21 Ways to Lose or Win a Woman, short film
Hospice Foundation,  Okuyamba, short film
HSM, Inc.,  Hanah’s Gift, leading actress (Tyler: Melanie Wise)
Ioana Dorobantu (United Kingdom),  The Marble Village, short documentary
Irina Productions (France),  Manigances, short film
Jacques Korn,  Living in The Moment, short film
Jerry Liu,  Having a Crush on a White Girl, short documentary
Jinho Son,  The Driver, leading actor (Jeff Kim)
Jorgo Papavassiliou (Germany),  Slave, feature film
Kinksy Inc.,  A Standard Story, short film and creativity/originality
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC,  Trinity Goodheart, editing
Lazarte Studios,  The Spirit in the Valley, documentary program/series
Libby Wells,  The Umpire, short film
Liquid Creations (Australia),  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, short documentary
LOOM Films,  Dear Chelsey, feature documentary
Lush Productions,  The Horror of Barnes Folly, feature film
Magee TV & Gorilla Milkshake Productions (Canada),  I Kill Monsters, webisode
Margarida Sardinha (Portugal), HyperLightness ad absurdum, experimental
Marlee MacLeod,  Ever After, video remixes/mashups
Max Rissman,  Deep Note, short film
Mike Greischar,  The Reluctant Vampire, short film
Monsoon Company,  Post-Nup: The Half-life of Gratitude, animation
Moon Tribe Studios,  Population: 2,  feature film
Mutual Abundance Media (Canada),  Peace Village, native/aboriginal peoples and viewer impact/motivational/inspirational
Naama Kates,  The 10 Commandments of Chloe, leading actress
New Mountain, Inc.,  Heirophant, short film
Nick Triplett,  Jim and Tim, short film
Nir Segev (Israel),  Tunnels, short film
NUR Films (Canada),  Break Out, short film
Pablo Schaffner (Australia),  Sebabs Ads, television pilot program
Plate C Productions,  The Breakfast of Champions, short documentary
PLU MediaLab,  Overexposed: The Cost of Compassion, short documentary
Plus One Productions,  Freak, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Pontus Olgrim (Sweden),  Narcissus, leading actor
Priceless Enterprise,  Let It Go, short film
Priscilla A Productions,  Reunited, feature film
PurposePictures,  Goon, webisode
Red Rock Westerns,  The Adventures of Loop & Rhett, short film and leading actor (Michael Tushaus as Rhett Carson)
Robert Bates,  Caleb’s Gift, short film
Ronnie Cramer,  Sixty In 60, experimental
Ruby Slipper Bunion Productions, Meet the Lady Bugs, animation
Rugaru Productions,  Rugaru, movie trailer
Skyroad Films (Germany),  Catena, feature film
South9 Entertainment, LLC,  Miserable (Miz-er-rob), music video
Surging Media Group,  Food Saver Systems, commercial/infomercial
Taraneh Salke and Von Raees,  Where Are the Men?, short documentary
The Golden Veil, LLC,  The Golden Veil, feature film
ToonBangla (Bangladesh),  Murgi Keno Mutant, animation
Toy Gun Films,  Like a Vulture, music video
University of Florida,  The Trap of Saving Cambodia, short documentary
White Cloud Productions (Finland),  Käpy, short film
Zak Mulligan,  I’m Not Me, feature film