Winners October 2008

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Imperia Entertainment, Inc.Say It in Russian
IndieFEST Film Festival

Imperia Entertainment, Inc., Say It in Russian, feature film. Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway stars in this well crafted film. Andrew meets a young Russian girl, Daria, while on vacation in Europe. He goes to Moscow, where he meets Daria’s father, a rich Russian oligarch, and becomes entwined with his situation, which places the young lovers in grave danger. Great movies are all about storytelling, and this film excels in that regard. It is an audience pleaser.

Ignatius Ignited Entertainment, Rain Rain

Indie Film festival

Ignatius Ignited Entertainment
Rain Rain, short film. Trapped inside on a rainy day, a young girl discovers a family secret which unleashes her devilish imagination upon her house. This is an eleven minute fantasy/comedy; a simple story of a smart but ignored little girl. It is a hypnotic blend of character development and light-hearted action. It is such fun to watch and brings out mischievous child in all of us.

Positively 25th Street – Food Fight

Indie Film award

Positively 25th Street
Food Fight, feature documentary, is a fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement rebelled against big agribusiness. This carefully crafted documentary is brilliant in delivering an important social statement without being preachy. It is a shot fired across the bow of agribusiness and government policy.

indie film festival

After Hours Entertainment, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green: One Man’s Fight to Bring Stevia to America’s Table, feature documentary
Amadeus Pictures
Polanski, feature film
Ample Films, Ltd. (New Zealand)Jinx Sister, feature film
Dempsey TillmanCollector, short film and leading actor (Brad Renfro)
Ensemble PicturesPaper or Plastic?, feature documentary
Fat Man MediaOn the Bus, short film and leading actor (Larry: Mark Schrier)
Imperia Entertainment, Inc.Say It in Russian, cinematography (Emmanuel Vouniozos)
Iron Duke ProductionsBoard to Death, short film
Media Luna Entertainment (Germany)Family Rules, feature film
Nat Dinga, Fixfeature documentary
No Boundaries, LLCNo Boundaries, feature film
Scott BuzzDark Romance, short film
Shadowplay PicturesHow to Kiss a Frog, short film
Studio 26 Productions, Inc.Click Clack Jack, feature film
Vital FilmRailed, experimental film
Wayne GurmanBronx Paradise, feature film
Vertically Challenged ProductionsAll for Love, leading actor (Dale: Jared Johnson)
Indie Film Festival winner
7ponies.comBecoming Pony Boi, experimental
Agape Productions, Inc.Unto the Least of These, short film
Azzurri ProductionsMovie Pizza Love, feature film and original song (Trashy Novel: Jen Casebeer)
Banking On Love Productions, LLCBanking on Love, feature film
Be Still ProductionsAltared, feature film
Birch Creek FilmsIf I Were Dictator, feature film
Braide KeylandHear the Children, short documentary
Car Angel – Boat AngelFederal Case, feature film
Casey HallenStraight On Till Morning, short film
Cinemasia ProductionRoses Have Thorns, feature film
Dammit Jim Pictures, LLCThe Maxwell Multiple Climax, educational/instructional/training film
Daniel HaleEnvironmental PSA, ad/PSA/infomercial
Dempsey TillmanCollector, direction and sound editing/sound mixing
Designstudio S (Sweden)Victims, experimental
Destiny FilmsThe Greatest Lesson: Robin’s Story, feature film
Dominus Entertainment Group, Inc.The Assassin X: Origin, short film and original screenplay
Fat Man MediaOn the Bus, direction (Willie Ford), cinematography (Luis Molina) and script/writer (Maureen Cooke & Jonathan Harnisch)
Foresight ProductionsSecrets to Love, feature documentary
Goodmedia Limited (United Kingdom)Lady Samurai, feature documentary
HerotreeHomeLand, feature film
I-10 EntertainmentIndie Jonesin for the Kingdom of Crystal Ice, short film
Imperia Entertainment, Inc.Say It in Russian , supporting actor (Raf: Rabe Sherbedgia)
J2F ProductionsFaire: An American Renaissance, feature documentary
Katie HetlandTraveling in Circles, short film
Kat LoThe Sky Underground, experimental
Levis Productions, Ltd.Gold, feature film
Lifework ProductionsA Kinder World, short film
Liliane de Kermadec (France)Le Murmure Des Ruines, feature film
Lobster Boy ProductionsReturn of the Spell, music video
Manhatcat International Films (Belgium)Catnapping, feature film
Marianne KubikNo Shoes for Dancing, short film
Martin Leclerc (Canada)Martin Clear: The Whole Story, feature film and creativity/originality
Matt MeehanThe Dark Grim, feature film
MBX Productions (United Kingdom)Man in a Box, feature film
Media Luna Entertainment (Germany), Life for Sale, feature film
New Masters FilmsA Day at the Beach, short film
Michael Scott MortensenThe TarZen Diet, feature film
Nate JonesEgo’s Epiphany, short film
NTI UpstreamRenaissance Village, feature documentary
Ohio University – School of FilmEmpathy, short film
Peter CaspersonRant & Roll, feature documentary
Portland PicturesSpecter, short film
Positively 25th StreetFood Fight, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
RAbbott MediaNo Unwounded Soldiers, feature documentary
Rattlesnake Films (Austria)Tattooed, feature documentary
Real 4 Reel Productions, LLCFreedom’s Gate, short documentary
Rebel Dreamer ProductionsLast of the Silver Screen Cowboys, feature documentary
Redlight ProductionsInto Darkness, short film
Shey GodoyHeathen Stevens, feature film
Smitha ChadagaGameshow and Tell, feature film
Skyline Motion Pictures, Inc. (Canada)Cat’s Cradle, feature film
Sometimes Jones ProductionsThe Outlaw & the Porn Queen, short film
Stone Oak ProductionsSuperglue, short film
Sunspot Pictures, LLCDonut Shop Hero, short film
SWD ProductionsFrieda Gilroy, short film
The Film FellowshipThe Death of Andy Kaufman, feature documentary
The Sullivan ProjectLast Call, feature film
Time Max CinemaHot Rods Across America (and England) Part 2, feature documentary
TK ProductionsOne Week, feature film and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Two Avenues, LLCAcross Dot Ave., feature film
Vanessa TurnerThe Mattress Hustle, short film
Vertically Challenged ProductionsAll for Love, short film and direction
Vigh Entertainment (Canada)Friends with Strangers, feature film
Word+Image (Switzerland)Rainbow Crossing: Out & About With Brewer & Berg in Hawaii, feature documentary
X-treme Weekend ProductionsX-treme Weekend, short film
zdfilmsChildren of the Amazon, feature documentary