Winners May 2009

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Burns Family StudiosPendragon: Sword of His Father

IndieFEST Film Awards
Feature Film – Pendragon is a tightly-crafted, action-filled epic set in Britain’s dark ages. As the barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain defend themselves and their faith. The film has stunning visuals and a powerful score.

Lukantum Pictures (Spain)Myna Se Va – Myna Has Gone

IndieFEST Film Awards
eature Film – Myna is the story of a young illegal immigrant woman who cares for a young boy. Viewers will be dazzled, perhaps overwhelmed, with the intense, riveting performances of leading actors María del Barrio and David López-Serrano Páez

indie film festival

 Abnormal ProductionsNormal Normal: A Modern Metamorphosis, short film
Atlas FilmsTapped, feature documentary
Blue Road Films, Inc.Blue Road, feature film
Chongqin TV Station – LIC Australia (China)The Mystery of Remove Ancestors, feature documentary
Connect the Dots, LLC & Bridgestone Media GroupLife on the Edge of a Bubble: Blowing the American Dream, feature documentary
Luke Randall (Australia)Reach, animation
Maciej Pisarek (Poland)Solo, feature documentary
The Detroit Job, Inc.The Job, feature film
Tre BerneyThe Long March, feature documentary
Trilogy Arts, LLCStuck, leading actor

Indie Film Festival winner

Alex RicciardiThe Other High School, television pilot program
Ansje Germann (Germany)StarTrip Chattabago, creativity/originality & viewer impact: entertainment value
Aware ProductionsPaper Boys (AKA) Boys of the Wrecking Crew, feature film
Boxcar CreativeDifferent Abilities: Not Like the Others, feature documentary
Brandon Garet Roth AndersonLucid, experimental
Bryan World Productions, LLCGraffiti Verite’ 7: Random Urban Static: The Iridescent Equations of Spoken Word, feature documentary
Carey-It-Off EnterprisesWorth, short film & direction
Conniption StudiosBlacke Revenant, short film
CVC Music, Turning Thomas, short film
Dolce Veda (Canada)Font, short film
Donnie MealsEl Corrido, The Two Sides of the Song, feature documentary
Drawing Chalk Pictures, LLCDrawing with Chalk, feature film
Eric BairDerelict Abyss, short film
Fernando Usón Forniés (Spain)Última Función, short film
Francis AbbeyBoxing Day, feature film
Fruits of the Spirit ProductionsThe Mystery Date, short film
Gary Null And AssociatesAutism: Made in the USA, feature documentary
Geracao Conteudo (Brazil)Despertar, short film (foreign language)
Good Footage ProductionsHeart of Stone, feature documentary
Guerilla War ProductionsPrince of Swine, feature film
Guilty, LLCGuilty, feature film; original score & supporting actor (Benito: J. T. Campos)
Guy Manly MoviesSeeker Destroyer “glory be to man”, music video
Guzzo Brothers ProductionsGhosts of Ybor: Charlie Wall, feature documentary
House of FallenHouse of Fallen, feature film
Jack Marshall Films (United Kingdom), Intruder, short film
Joe LeonardHow I Got Lost, feature film
Josh BernhardThe Lionshare, feature film
Mathieu Saliva (France)Magic Kisa, short film
Matthew BarrWith These Hands: The Story of an American Furniture Factory, feature documentary
Max Tash Productions, Girls of Summer, feature documentary
MelindaTheMartianOne Hand Claps the Other, animation
Mercy for AnimalsFowl Play: The Untold Story of the Incredible Edible Egg, feature documentary
Nut Bucket FilmsAlphonso Bow, feature film
NYFA (France)Spiritual America, short film
Oded Binnun (Israel)Lost Paradise, short film
Oliver CukorBlue Road, direction
Platypus ProductionsAustralians Hit Hollywood, feature documentary
Relarion InkYou’re Outa Here, short film
Rodeo PicturesDead Game, short film
Sara BencivengaOona’s Story, experimental
Shanra KehlManscaping, short film
Sierra Club ProductionsRed White and Green, short documentary
Socrates ProductionsLos Hermanos del Beisbol, short documentary
Szewah Leong (Hong Kong)Daughters of Nepal, feature documentary
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot ProductionsThe Diner, short film
The Scene Media ProductionsIn the Driver’s Seat, educational/instructional
Trilogy Arts, LLCStuck, short film
UNC FilmsBetween Floors, feature film
ViceVersa (Peru)Amazonico Soy, feature documentary
WDPR Public AffairsJoy, feature film
When Armie Met Monty Productions (Philippines)Price of Cockfighting, feature film (foreign language)
WIT Productions, Inc.Ballbusters, feature film
WoosterIn Deep, experimental
Wrecked FilmsStreet of the Dead, feature film
Yukiko Kimijima, Inc. (Japan)The Magic Rabbit, music video
Z Films, LLCMore Than Skin Deep: Skin Cancer in America, feature documentary