Winners October 2013

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Indie Film Festival winner

Rolling Romance, short film / disability issues
Indie Film FestivalLeading actor David Holt

Melissa Harkness, David Conley & Michael CarnickRolling Romance, short film/disability issues, set in Los Angles, a film about the pitfalls of online dating. The film follows Orson and Janice, two people with muscular dystrophy. After finding each other on an internet dating site, they decide to meet up. The result is a hilarious and ultimately disastrous first date. This short film is an innovative piece that shows that people with disabilities suffer heartbreak, go on bad dates and are searching for someone to love just like everyone else is. This honest, funny short film will delight and enlighten all viewers, disabled and otherwise.

indie film festival

Angel City Studios, Inc., Road Warriors 2012, short documentary
Anna Arutyunova (Russian Federation), The Rehearsals, feature film
Anu ProductionsWhere Do We Go From Here, short film
Aoife Spratt (Ireland), Trampoline, leading actress
Brian To Productions, LLCDry Dock, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Butterfly Films, Ltd., The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly, experimental
Cohencidence Productions, LLCRed Herring, movie trailer
Darrell Varga (Canada), Fire, Ice and Sky, short documentary
Drew Rosas, Billy Club, feature film
Fraught Productions (United Kingdom), Addict, feature film
ICT, Inc., Chocolate Soldiers from the USA, African American
Jean Olivier (France), The Theory of Love, feature film
Jo-Anne Brechin (Australia), Booth, women filmmakers
Madison Thomas (Canada)This Is Why We Fight, feature film
Malcolm Karpeta (United Kingdom), The Dossier, feature film and leading actress (Joceline Brooke-Hamilton as Sarah Devereaux)
On the Leesh ProductionsWhat You Can Do, public service programming
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia), Let’s Play Ghost, feature film, direction (Damien Dematra) and leading actress (Natasha: Natasha Dematra); and I’m Star, leading actress (Mella: Natasha Dematra)
Philip DavisEphemeral City, short documentary
Redfive MarketingTake Back Your Power, feature documentary
Ree-Invent FilmsWe’ve Got Balls, feature film
ReelContact, Sitting Bull’s Voice, native/aboriginal peoples
Regent University – Aaron SteinerSurrender, Christian
Seftel ProductionsAnnie: It’s the Hard Knock Life, short documentary
Seven Still Pictures (United Kingdom) & Aidìa Productions (Italy), The Repairman, feature film
Shaun CarriganTell it on the Mountain – Tales from the Pacific Crest Trail, documentary feature
Swinburne University of Technology – Dr. John Hookham (Australia), Toombaworth, short film
Tore DahlinCorky’s Hot Ice (2013 Director’s Cut), feature film
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Germany), The Naked Shakespeare, arts,cultural,performance,plays

.Indie Film Festival winner


4 Score And 7 Music, LLC, The House That Never Wavered, original score
Adam Deutsch & Rechela Deutsch (Israel), Golem, feature film
Alexander FrassePenance, short film
Anu Productions, Where Do We Go From Here, direction
Armed and Ready Productions (Canada), Quintipus, short film
Australian South African Productions (Australia), The Precipice, feature film
Basileia PicturesA Tweet from Heaven, short film
Bobby CurnuttThese Foolish Things, short film
Brain Fry Productions, LLC, Super Grannies Bridge Club, children/family programming and supporting actor (Mr. Cuebid)
Brain WrapHeart, short film
Briitestar EntertainmentSister, short film
CanoProductionsZenaida, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin LiuSpirit of Ink, experimental
Chloe Dahl, Sticks and Stones, women filmmakers
Chris Curtis (United Kingdom), Shih Tzu Bingo, short film
Chris DeWitt, Detour, short film
Christopher Baron (Australia), Little Treasures, commercial/infomercial
Christopher RowellDoug Dat, webisode/internet programming
Damien Krisl (France), Urban Hippie, experimental
Dana Morgan, Going Up?, pilot program/series
Dan Abramovici (Canada), Ben’s At Home, leading actor
DeSales University – Chuck GlomanYou’re An Angel, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Diego ValdesWilliam Shakespeare’s Dream in Constantinople, experimental
Dynamatt ProductionsTwo Pints Lighter, feature film
Emerson College – Pamela Mora, Disorder, disability issues
Emma Penaz Eisner, Chee-Wi Learns to Growl, filmmaker 17 years and younger and children/family programming
Eric JengNo Strings Attached, short film
Eric StrelitzerWill and Testament, feature film
Far Out Films (Australia), The Duck and the Elephant, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Filigree Films (Australia), Water Vessel, Asian American
Flying Eagle ProductionThe Equation of Life, filmmaker 17 years or younger
GBN Productions (France), One Safe, tube length video
Go Filmingo Film, LLCThe Meaning, feature documentary
Grant Ellis, The Right Regrets, short film
Gregory KerasThe Bad Days, short film
Guy Bordin and Renaud De Putter (Belgium), The White Mare, feature film
HalfCenturyPlusProductions, LLCInside The Sound, disability issue
Hansa Productions, Finding Happiness, docudrama
HBR Production Co., Celebrating Life in Union, feature documentary
Heart Anchor Productions, LLCBrakes, music video
Hoplight ProductionsRocket Man and the Aerial Fortress, short film
InTo Deep Productions, Fire Worms, feature film
Jennifer Nicole Feinbraun (Argentina), People of the Sun, Latin/Hispanic
Jenny RobertsPieces of Tangier, short documentary
Jinger FilmsMore Sink, experimental
Josh RimmeyZach Williams Makes It Big Time, short film
Junghyun Lee (Canada), A Cup of Coffee, women filmmakers
Karl KenzlerDarwin: The Series, pilot program/series
Kurt Dettbarn (Canada), Sad Monster, short film
Lana TitovaEverything you didn’t want to know, but was told nonetheless, short film
Lazarus FilmworksA Letter for Joe, Christian
Limitless Films, LLC., Hollywood Trash, short film
Lisa D’ApolitoThe Gynotician, women filmmakers
Liza Krassner, Through The Heart of Tango: A Documentary About the Art of Connection, disability issues
Lungelo KuzwayoBedtime, children/family programming
Malika Pellicioli (Switzerland), The Finger, humor/humorist
Mark SvenningsenButterfly, short film
Matilde Gagliardo (Italy), The Childhood of Orlandino. Antonio Pasqualino and the Sicilian Puppet Theatre, feature documentary
Max Stern, Bird Song, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Mind Melt FilmsParis after the War, short film
Molly CallisteLinger, short film
Monarex Hollywood Corp., Jiangsu – Land of Good Fortune, feature documentary
Mud Puddle FilmsZola Jumped In, feature film
Mungo Benson (United Kingdom), Castles Made Of Sand, feature film
Nick HoltermanSMS, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Nick Maksim ProductionsCaptain Johnson’s Bearded Clam, music video
Noam Dromi, Tainted Love, leading actor
Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade (Trinidad and Tobago), Madonna Murti, short documentary
P&R Productions, Tomato Republic, feature documentary
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia), Let’s Play Ghost, cinematography and editing (Irene Christina/Virda Anggra); and I’m Star, feature film and script/writer (Damien Dematra)
Phil Mirabito, The Pet Swindle, children/family programming
Purple Stuff ProductionsGuys Book Club, pilot/program/series
Rachael SonnenbergThe Toothfairy, filmmaker 17 years and younger
RCAT Media ProductionNYC Rooftop Story, short film
RCVFilms, The Final 4, feature film
Regent University – Booker MattisonHabeas Corpus, African American
Regent University – Nathan StumpBeneath the Cloth, Christian
Richard Martin Hirsch, FLIP and GLIB…and the Theory of Everything, webisode/internet programming
Rita Piffer (Brazil), Ghost Syndrome, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ruben Tobias (Spain), Help Me Remember, leading actor (Ruben Tobias)
Rupesh Sahay (India), The Lost Behrupiya, short film
Santiago Echeverry, Life in Pink, experimental
Serendipity Films (Belgium), 82 Days in April, feature film
Sharon Holzman (Israel), Gold – Video Clip, music video
Swinburne University of Technology – Dr. John Hookham (Australia), I Dream a Geisha, animation; and Thin Air, short film and editing
Synthetic Human PicturesA Stray, short film
Taylor Made Shorts, The Co-Star, leading actress (Jeanne Taylor)
The Mattawin CompanyThe No Name Painting Association, short documentary
Therapy StudiosBulimia: The Musical, short film
Third Man In, LLCH.O.P.E. Was Here, short documentary
Tony DiMasoThe Harbor Story, short film
Tore Dahlin, Corky’s Hot Ice (2013 Director’s Cut), humor/humorist
Triforc3 Productions (Canada), Anatomy of a Sunbeam, short film
Ultimate Outdoors TVThe Falconer “Sport of Kings”, feature documentary
United Colors ProductionsBlake Fisher’s Naked Adventure, short documentary
University of Essex – Elena Dirstaru (United Kingdom), Monashay, women filmmakers
University of Nebraska, Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film – Richard Endacott, DIGS, short film
Untamed Imagination Productions & & Seacoast MultimediaFeels Good, music video
Urano Films (Brazil), The Night Circus, feature film
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Germany), Speed – In Search Of Lost Time, feature documentary
Yesbox Productions (Norway), Mr Mjukis, animation