Winners July 2011

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Too Nice Guys Productions, Termite: The Walls Have Eyes

indieFEST film festival

Too Nice Guys Productions, Termite: The Walls Have Eyes, feature film, is the story of a troubled girl who can’t tell the voices in her head from the sounds in the walls. The film is filled with beautiful girls, screams, suspects and laughs. It includes a breakout performance by talented actress Jennie Marie Pacelli.

Peter Sasowsky, Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis
Indie Film festival

Peter Sasowsky, Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis, feature documentary, is the story of a peg-legged philosopher/artist who is driven to pursue deep questions that others often think fanciful. It is about the impact of his imagination on those around him. Viewers will find the film absorbing and engaging.

indie film festival

American Heart Association, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support 2011, educational/instructional
American Princess, LLC, True Bromance, film feature
Elizabeth (BJ) Allen, Billy Shannon Music Video, music video
Elizabeth Waite,  The Measure of a Man, feature film
Escobar Indie Pictures, The Summer of Massacre, editing and special effects: animation
Highland Light Productions, LLC, Dancing on the Edge, feature film and leading actress (Corey: Nicole McCullough)
Ivan Capillas (Spain), Sin Palabras, original score
Michael Weinstein, White Knuckle, short film
P.I.G. Pappano Investment Group, Clickin’ for Love, documentary feature
Spheroid Productions, Love Carries, direction and supporting actress (Joy: Willow Hale)
Too Nice Guys Productions, Termite: The Walls Have Eyes, direction (John Walcutt) and leading actress (Airy Splendor: Jennie Marie Pacelli)

Indie Film Festival winner

Abundant Media,    Milf Money, pilot program
Al Burke,    Roll Call, feature film, supporting actor (Seamus O’Malley: Al Burke) and supporting actress (Katie: Kiana Daigneault)
Alexander Etseyatse,    Mikel’s Faith, short film
Awalkonwater Entertainment, LLC,    The Buyout, feature film
Bad Alliteration Films (Singapore),    The Outsiders, feature film
Bigoz Productions (Australia),    The Black Commando, short film
Blood River Productions,    Vamperifica, feature film
Cannery Row Productions,    The Bulgarian Prophet, film feature
Carriage House Media, LLC,    Two, short film
Chris Capel,    38:50, short film
CMM Productions (Malta),    19, creativity/originality
Dee Meaden (United Kingdom),    Jane seeing Mark, short film
Elisabeth Fies,    Scrutinize, dramatic impact
Eriol Pictures (Canada),    The Art of Being One, short film
Escobar Indie Pictures,    The Summer of Massacre, experimental
From the Diagonal Media,       €œMy God, I’m Hit!, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Highland Light Productions, LLC,    Dancing on the Edge, supporting actor (Darryl: Tom Zalutko), post-production overall (Tara Krick) and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Jason Schumacher,    The Telephone Game, film feature
Jonathan Gayles,    Shaft or Sidney Poitier, short documentary
Kastor_Fakto Interactive (Australia),    Osteo, experimental
Kingdom County Productions,    Ask Us Who We Are, feature documentary
Larry Myers,    The Scarfed Assassin, short film
Lillehammer University College (Norway),    Martin the Ghost, short documentary
Lisa Gilman,    Grounds for Resistance, documentary feature
Marrins Movies (Canada),    Stiffs on the Green, feature film
Media Platform, Inc.,    MediaPlatform WebCaster Video, commercial
Mirto loanna Kassis,    Day Off, film short
Moonboys Productions Corporation,    PWNERS, film feature
MYA Studios, Inc. (Canada),    In the End, movie trailer
PPB Entertainment,    I Become Gilgamesh, feature film
Pugmark Films Pvt Ltd. (United Arab Emirates),    Bijuka, feature film
Red Creek Productions,    Sins of My Father, feature documentary
Soldier’s Heart Productions, LLC,    Soldier’s Heart, film feature
Spheroid Productions,    Love Carries, short film and leading actor (Dutch: Walter Hochbrueckner)
The Ellering Bros.,    Lost Woods, feature film
The Jive Aces (United Kingdom),    Bring Me Sunshine, music video
Theatre Junkies Productions,  one., short film
TK Productions,    50,000,000 Tribute Fans Can’t Be Wrong, documentary feature
Tony Lawrence (Australia),    White Sands, video remixes/mashups
Too Nice Guys Productions,    Termite: he Walls Have Eyes, cinematography (Anthony M. Gutierrez)
Underlight Pictures,    Eugenio, short film
University of Central Arkansas,    Table at Luigi’s, supporting actor (Stephen: Chris Fritzges)
University Of Missouri – St. Louis,    Pennies for the Boatman, feature film
VCA Film and TV (Australia),    Adam’s Tallit, short film
Wen Ren,    Streets to Nowhere, music video
yum productions (Australia),    Normal, short documentary