Winners July 2010

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Denkmal-Film (Germany)Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

Indie Fest Film FestivalFeature documentary – A fascinating documentary about how Agro-Chemical multinational corporations victimize international scientist to prevent them from publishing their scary findings.

University of Central ArkansasTable at Luigi’s

Indie fest film awards
Feature Film – A romantic comedy produced by the feature film making class at the University of Central Arkansas. This well-crafted, entertaining film is full of food, fantasy and romance

indie film festival

Bright Shining City ProductionsPola Negri: Life is a Dream in Cinema, feature documentary
ChoChing, LLCKosher Pig, television pilot
David Ross Smith/A Prescription from the DoctorBright River, short documentary
Doron KipperMisdirection, short film
Fussy George Films (Australia)Sand Mountain, short documentary
Ghassan Halawani & Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Lebanon/Palestine)Takhabot, music video
Hidden Moon Productions, Ltd.Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake, feature film and direction
Law and Order SVUMozambique, short documentary
Mental Properties Productions, Inc.Canine Instinct, feature documentary
Oh, Rio! ProductionsBack from the Dead, movie trailer
Passmore LabThe Extreme Nature of Bats, 3-D
Push it to the Limit Pictures (Australia)Chick Flick, feature film
Tractor Productions Ltd. (Israel)Under Dogs, feature film
Yellow Wallpaper ProductionsNothing Special, direction and leading actress (Louise: Julia Garcia Combs)

Indie Film Festival winner

Alessio Gambaro & Christian Zecca (Italy)The Krolevsky Case, experimental
Andrew ReisfeldShortcomings, short film
Art in Real Life, LLCHard to be Me, television pilot and direction (Erik Cieslewicz)
AudBall FilmsBe Good to Eddie Lee, short film
Barbera ProductionsRed Zone, feature film
Blue in Black EntertainmentAlone No More, short film
Boston Psychiatric ProductionsBoston Psychiatric, feature film
Brad HansenDriver’s Ed Mutiny, feature film
Cédric ChablozA Blind Man, short film
Chapman University,  Rising Above, television program
ClearMetricsBaby’s First Tweet, tube length video
Cloandestino FilmsImmigrant Nation!: The Battle for the Dream, feature documentary
Dane Dakota ProductionsWho Loves Judas, feature film
David AlbalaSoul Check Mate, short film
Discord AggregateThe Death of Dr. Van Der Hoven, experimental
Dominic PolcinoLovesick Fool, animation
Drive Digital MediaA Daytona Dream, feature documentary
Dylan KelleyProud Mary, short film
Edward HeffernanThe Letter, short film
Fall Risk FilmsBy Love and Art Scarred, feature film
Gershman FilmsDecember Art, short documentary
Giuseppe Giusto (Italy)Mandorle Amare, short film
Hidden Moon Productions, Ltd.Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake, leading actor (Warner de Santis)
Ishu KrishnaYoung Adult, television pilot
Jeffery Pike (Canada)Love and Defiance, short film
JimmyMakesMoviesThe Me You See, music video
Jinwon Lee2-1=1: The Coffee is Bitter…, short film
John MarshallThe Making of Roar, short documentary
Larry McCuskerHaircut, short film ProductionsLexie Cannes, feature film and leading actress (Lexie: Courtney O’Donnell)
Malcom LaceyOur Mouths Full of Dust, short film
Mark Gordon (Estonia)The Drum, short film
Mike Doxford (United Kingdom)Apulu, short film
Moonshadow ProductionsLove You to Death, special purpose film and viewer impact: content/message delivery
New MastersStem Cell Boutique, short film
Odd Squad Productions (Canada)Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens, documentary series
Opiate Pictures Inc. (Canada)Stained, feature film
Poisson Rouge Pictures (United Kingdom)Rojin, short film
Potion PicturesUp&Down, feature film
Rakesh Mehta (India)Khudakushi – Birds of Prey, feature film
Rebecca OraWatching Lillian, experimental
RNG FilmsLife! Camera Action…, feature film
Rose Noble EntertainmentViola Concerto, editing 
Rough Actor ProductionsPleasures, short film
Ryan SartorPilgrimage, short film
Scythia Films Inc. (Canada)You Are Here, feature film
Sebastian Marka (Germany)Interview, short film
ShaunPaul CostelloSwooped, feature film
Sneaky Snake FilmsSneaky Business, short film, humor/humorist, on-camera talent (Generic Liza Impersonator: Jonathan Tomaselli) and original song (Oh, Canada!)
Spencer StuardA Day at the Park, short film
Sunfish FilmsStreetball, feature documentary
Tannaz HazemiOdd Streets Run West, short film
ThinPlace PicturesLessons for the Living, short documentary
University of Washington TVHusky Softball: A Championship Journey, sports/fitness
Victor BumbaloTwo Boys, short film
Victor Peceno (Spain)Regalo de Navidad, short film
Walter J. GottliebThe Video Makers, podcasts/webcasts/webinars
Wild Honey Films (United Kingdom)Toshi, short film
Yellow Wallpaper ProductionsNothing Special, feature film
Yevgeniy VaskevichPechatnikoff Alley 3, short film
Yi-Yu LiaoWet, short film