Winners May 2014

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Cope and Dalton – Future DuckWeb Series

Future Duck winner

Cope and Dalton (United Kingdom)Future Duck!, web series, creativity/originality and viewer impact: entertainment value, is an eight-episode short form on line sitcom designed for a YouTube audience. It is a quirky, fast-paced, surreal series that comments on many aspects of internet culture. There are several so-called eggs layered throughout the episodes which when searched reveal in-character secret YouTu be accounts, web pages and Twitter profiles, which fill-in side-character backstories and add more jokes to the story. Filmmakers Paul Cope and Henry Dalton have a unique style and sense of humor that delights viewers. Future Duck is trying his best to save the world.

indie film festival
Allen Morris
An American Rhapsody, short documentary
Andrew Ray – Regent UniversityWhat It’s Like, short film
Assaad YacoubCherry Pop, short film and viewer impact: entertainment value
Cecilia Garding (Sweden)We Are Like Oranges, feature film
Clak Films (El Salvador), La Rebusqueda, feature film and leading actress (Cristina Melendez as Ana)
CMM Production (Malta)Hal Far Airfield, short documentary and research
Cope and Dalton (United Kingdom), Future Duck!, humor/humorist
Dead Giant Films (United Kingdom)Green Fingers, short film
Elevating Entertainment, Season of Miracles, feature film
Elien Spillebeen (Belgium)Backup Butembo, short documentary
Jeff Spitz, Food Patriots, feature documentary
Joe DullSympathy Pains, feature film
Karsten Pruehl (Germany), With Love from Madagascar, documentary feature
M3 CreativeOne World Futbol Project, documentary program/series
Mills James Creative MediaMusic Makers with Scott Houston, interview/talk show
Pineapple Movie Limited (China)Twilight Online, film feature, leading actor (Inspector Gu) and leading actress (Ngai Yor-Yee)
RJF ProductionsPast Tense, feature film and leading actress
Watergun Outlaw Productions, Inc.The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, short film and leading actress (Shannon Beeby as Katie)
Zelko FilmsThe Algerian, feature film

Indie Film Festival winner

Aaron BerkeThe Note, short film
Adam Kaleta (United Kingdom)Messy, short film
Agnieszka Janowska (Poland)Return to Agnieszka H., short documentary
Aidan Dickens (New Zealand), Deadset, short film
Angus Ledgerwood (Australia)Free You Be You!, short film
Anna Arlanova (Russian Federation)The Story of M, short film
Anne McGrathSlushamed, women filmmakers
Ashley HarperLothario, women filmmakers
Assaad YacoubCherry Pop, direction
BAKLife and Perception, short film
Barnes Allen ProductionsLong Distance, webisode
Blaise WinstonEpisode at Stonwinia, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Bujar Kabashi (Kosovo)Balcony, short film
C2C Productions (France)Plug & Play, short film
Cactus Productions…epilogue, short film
Cale WilbanksComplacent, music video
Carlin AdelsonCuddling With Carlin: The Big Spoon Search, webisode
Carlo Ballauri (Italy), La Diva, short film
CasnOva Productions Ltd. (New Zealand)Letter for Hope, women filmmakers; and Utu Pihikete, short film
Chasing Light LLCWeaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, feature documentary and editing
Chris Lambert Photography (New Zealand), Interrupted, short film
Clak Films (El Salvador)La Rebusqueda, direction (Alvaro J. Martinez)
CNGM PicturesBrightside, webisode
Daniel HaleReproach, short film
David WassonDo You Think I’m Pretty?, feature film
Day Dream HD ProductsNightmare Incorporated, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Dirt Farm ProductionsAss.Assins, short film
Dooboo’s Take Films (South Korea)Humaniod, music video
Dudi Dorham (Israel)Slope Park, short film
Dusable FilmsLook in the Mirror, feature film
Elliott Smith, Sitting Duck, short film
Eric Esser (Germany)We Weren’t Given Anything for Free, feature documentary
ES FilmsStation 4, feature film, leading actor ( Errol Sack – Boris) and direction
Eureka FilmsBully, short film
Frame on Frame (United Kingdom)Romance Language, short film
Franprix ProductionsWord for Word, short film
Frogg1 Productions LLCLock Box, leading actor
Gerard GeorgeMeet Mario, short film
Guang Cheng Shie (Taiwan)The Caramel Corn Riot, experimental
Idalia Figueroa (Mexico)The Last of Us, short film
Indie Light FilmsThe Father, liberation/social justice/protest
Jag Pannu Productions (Australia)Twisted Minds, feature film
Jaideep Chopra Productions (India)Maazii, feature film
Jaime EkkensA Life with Asperger’s, short documentary
Jasmine Lalonger Bernier (Canada)Tchaikovsky’s Experience, short documentary
Jeff FongRu, feature film
Jonathan Brough (United Kingdom)Keep Fighting, disability issues
K Production (China), f(t), short film
Karl Baumann – University of Southern CaliforniaCat Call, short film
Kristin GallaShtax’heen Kwaan: A Rededication, special purpose and Native/Aboriginal Peoples
L. Warren ThompsonYellow Rain, short film
Louis SallersonA Kind of Love, short film
Love MakersGrace of a Stranger, short film, leading actor (Aaron) and direction
Lu Ricky, The Last Show, short film
Ludovica Lirosi (Italy)Desperate People, webisode/internet programming
M3 CreativeOne World Futbol Project, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Manuel Fernández & Iosu López (Spain)The Red Carpet, short documentary
Marta CarracedoRouge, short film
Martin Petrucci (Argentina)When the Orange Tree Awakens, short film
Meredith Morran, It’s A Thing, filmmakers 17 years and younger
Michael Gunter, Chutes and Gates, short film
Michael Higgins (Ireland)Smolt, experimental
Michael MayHacker Gamez, webisode/internet programming
MiriquidiFilm (Germany)Call Her Lotte!, Jewish
Misfit Media (Germany)Let Go, short film
Mohammed Jassim (Bahrain)The Power of Generations, experimental
Nastia Tarasova (Russian Federation)Linar, feature documentary
Neysan Sobhani (China), Passages, experimental
Nikhil Korula, Fade Away, music video
Non-Sequitu Films (Ecuador)Project Heaven, movie trailer
Parakletos FilmsAlways With You, Christian
Paul SuttonPrison Through Tomorrow’s Eyes, short documentary
Playworks TV (United Kingdom)You Keep Me Running Round and Round, short documentary
Primadonna PicturesTom’s Restaurant – A Documentary about Everything, feature documentary
Principle Entertainment, LLCOne Small Hitch, feature film
R/Com CreativeBefore the Barks, webisode; and Junior Fire Inspector Program, educational/instructional
Rascal Agave FilmsDavis Farm, feature film
RJF ProductionsPast Tense, script/writer
S.W.A.T.S. FilmsDirty Shield, feature film and direction ( Edgar Jimz)
Sandy YuMiss Guidance – EP 4: Persevering, webisode
Sascha RaeburnLost in LA, comedy program/series and leading actress (Candace: Sascha Raeburn)
SB FilmsMosden, experimental
Seventy 7 ProductionsQuicken Loans – Chase, commercial/infomercial
SharpoCanvas the Night, feature film
Soap Boxx MediaFields Afire, Christian
Sojin Jenny Park & JaeKyung Ahn – Savannah College of Art and Design35 Seconds of Sweetness, animation
Soraya Abbar (United Kingdom)V & ME, tube length video
StarAngel Film ProductionsCreate Option C.: My Journey with Cancer, feature documentary
St. Juju ProductionsThe Villainess: Leslie Kalifornia, leading actress (Allison Wood)
Steve HartmanBefore It’s Too Late, short film
Strawhouse PicturesThe Strange and Unusual, feature film
Taskovski Films LTD. (United Kingdom)Czech Dream, feature documentary
Thomas ZoeschgI Love You…But, music video
Tone Davies (United Kingdom)You Keep Me Running Round and Round, short documentary
Tory NelsonOcean, music video
Ute Schmidt – (Germany)Ivory Must Become Worthless, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Velinsky Films (Australia)One Day in Hollywood: Introducing Jodea, short film
Warren BassThe Urban World, short documentary
Watergun Outlaw Productions, Inc.The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, leading actor (Lance R. Marshall as Wes),
cinematography (Aidan Schultz-Meyer) and direction (Lance R. Marshall)
William ThinnesDrop, animation
Worldtree Films, LLC,  Find Your Way, feature documentary
Yoann Luis (France)Forest Monument, music video