Winners April 2011

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Last House ProductionsThe Bully
Indie film festival
Last House ProductionsThe Bully, short film is a rich journey into the complications that happen during childhood. In an attempt to win favor with a popular girl the 10 year-old protagonists take on the school bully. The film is about being exposed to adult situations and discovering that world is flawed. Powerful child actors create roles that stick with you.

Courage Films P/L (Australia)I Wish I Were Stephanie Vindie film festival

Courage Films P/L (Australia)I Wish I Were Stephanie V, feature film in which a 21 year-old virgin is being raised by her crazy matchmaking Greek grandmother provides hilarious romantic comedy. The film has a strong storyline and the outstanding casting makes for strong character development. This film is an audience pleaser.

indie film festival

Archetypal Images, LLCBreaking Through the Clouds: The First Women’s National Air Derby, feature documentary
Claang Entertainment (Italy)Kingdom of Gladiators, feature film
Debra TolchinskyFast Talk, short documentary
Dickie Bruce ProductionsThe Tradesmen, feature documentary
Dreamscape CinemaDisposable, feature film
Gentle Machine Productions, LLCZeitgeist: Moving Forward, feature documentary
Golden Era ProductionsHow to Use Dianetics, educational/instructional
Jessie KahnweilerStupid Questions, short film
Machua KoinangeFlat Tire, short film
Mirel Bran (Romania)One-Way Round Trip, feature documentary
Moxie PicturesZero Percent, feature documentary
Neil McGregor (Australia)The Little Things, feature film and leading actress (Dee: Kathryn Beck)
New Democracy ProductionsIn the Shadow of Shangri-La, movie trailer
Northcutt Productions, LLCJourney of the Universe, short documentary
Walden Woods Film Company, Ltd.A. Hitler, feature film

Indie Film Festival winner

7 ponies productionsL.A. Love Story, Part 1, short film and direction
Aragón Cinematográfica (Spain)El Hijo Del Mar – The Son of the Sea, short film
Ariel Martin (Australia)Bars and Tone, short film
Ariodite FilmsExtraction Point, movie trailer
Be Dynamik Productions LLCTreacherous, feature film
Beast OAOpening Night, short documentary
Black Diamond (United Kingdom)To the Rock and Back, short documentary
Brian HermanSpiritus, short documentary
Chiwake FilmsMistura: The Power of Food, short documentary and editing
CK FilmworksDeath Interrupted, pilot program and supporting actress (Mary: Nicci Faires)
Community Television of Santa Cruz CountyBlinded by Love, animation
Debra TolchinskyFast Talk, editing (Ron Ward, editor)
Diva CommunicationsI Believe You: Faiths’ Response to Intimate Partner Violence, short documentary
Dreamscape CinemaDisposable, leading actress (Riley)
Films of Fire Productions (Canada)Footsteps Into Gangland, feature film
Francisco GuijarroMexican Cuisine, short documentary
Gary White (Ireland)Screenshot, short film
Golden Era ProductionsThe Problems of Work, educational/instructional
Hunger Artist FilmsIn Silence and Tears, short film
Insight Entertainment/USCCity of Angels, short film
Jill Golick Enterprises Ltd. (Canada)Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam, webisode
Ken GlaserStandardized English (EENGLISH), short documentary
KlufilmsStepping into the Stream, short documentary
Landfall Productions, Inc.Purple Mind, feature film
Lococrabz Productions (Australia)The Artist, short film
Lucky Star (Russia)Urban Sun, music video
Mattie Shisko (Canada)Complexity, feature film
MischiefBig Country Blues, webisode
Mouton ProductionsFat City, New Orleans, feature film
Neil McGregor (Australia)The Little Things, direction (Neil McGregor)
New Downtown ProductionsMonth to Month, feature film
Orkide Ünsür (Turkey)Metruk, short documentary
Project HappinessProject Happiness, feature documentary
Purple Wolf Ltd. (United Kingdom)Zooman, feature documentary
QuesProds@aol.comMurdered, Intersecting Memoirs, experimental and editing
Radio Television Hong Kong (China)All About Music: Tchaikovsky, educational/instructional
Renovatio MoviesFade, short film
Robert ThompsonMusky Country: Zero 2 Hero, short documentary
Roman PicturesSignals, feature film
Royal Holloway University (United Kingdom)The Memory’s Palace, short documentary
Sean Perry ProductionsBloodshedding Love, feature film
S.W.A.T.S. FilmsCollateral Package, short film and leading actor (Ortiz: Edgar Jimz)
Shakedown Films (Germany)Schlafende Hunde – Sleeping Dogs, feature film
Stev ElamThe Gadfly, short film
Storyteller Media LLCArena Kings: Story of the 2010 Spokane Shock, feature documentary
Tak SalmastyanThe Clone and the Tree of Life, animation
The Last Great Movie Company, LLCParody Movie, feature film
The Plaza ProjectDeleting Spam, feature film and leading actress (Geraldine: Mallory Jones Danaher)
To Blink Studio (Canada)5 Minutes Each, animation
Tom BashamBright Lights & Promises, feature film
Toy Gun FilmsPaper Flower, short film and direction
Trigonis FilmsCerise, short film
Velinsky Films (Australia)Next Door to the Velinskys, feature film, supporting actor (Matthew Kai) and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Wade ChitwoodThe Comet Chronicles, special effects: animation
Walker FlemingBehind the Lines, short film
Young & Running ProductionsWho I Am, music video