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Imperia Entertainment, Inc.Say It in Russian, feature film
Faye Dunaway Oscar
Imperia Entertainment, Inc., Say It in Russian, feature film. Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway stars in this well crafted film. Andrew meets a young Russian girl, Daria, while on vacation in Europe. He goes to Moscow, where he meets Daria’s father, a rich Russian oligarch, and becomes entwined with his situation, which places the young lovers in grave danger. Great movies are all about storytelling, and this film excels in that regard. It is an audience pleaser.

 Ignatius Ignited EntertainmentRain Rain
Indie Film festival
Ignatius Ignited Entertainment
Rain Rain, short film. Trapped inside on a rainy day, a young girl discovers a family secret which unleashes her devilish imagination upon her house. This is an eleven minute fantasy/comedy; a simple story of a smart but ignored little girl. It is a hypnotic blend of character development and light-hearted action. It is such fun to watch and brings out mischievous child in all of us.

 Positively 25th StreetFood Fight
Indie Film award
Positively 25th Street
Food Fight, feature documentary, is a fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement rebelled against big agribusiness. This carefully crafted documentary is brilliant in delivering an important social statement without being preachy. It is a shot fired across the bow of agribusiness and government policy.


Chris GrobanAnother Day
Indie Film Festivals
Chris GrobanAnother Day, short film is reminiscent of Twilight Zone productions. This carefully-crafted little film excels at character development and is a joy to watch. The protagonist enjoys an extra hidden day each week until a beautiful woman makes her appearance. Together they try to understand what’s happening and whether it’s just a dream.

ConMar ProductionsBad Blood
Indie Film Festivals
ConMar ProductionsBad Blood … The Hunger, feature film & creativity/originality (color timing: Maria Janis), is a crowd-pleasing, tingles-in-the-spine horror film with an outstanding plot and unusually vivid images. Colors have been enhanced frame-by-frame which adds to the beauty of the film and intensifies the action. The film has outstanding performances by Conrad Janis and Piper Laurie, as well as by several attractive young actors.

Ether FilmsThe Zandorsky Tapes
Indie Film Festivals
Ether FilmsThe Zandorsky Tapes, feature film, is a raw psychological thriller shot in a hauntingly realistic style. Set in modern-day California, the film follows the exploits of three young men who record their sexual conquests on video. It includes a vehement performance by actor Matt Prater who creates one of the most unforgettable characters in recent memory. The final moments are utterly terrifying.

Burns Family StudiosPendragon: Sword of His Father
IndieFest Film Festival
Burns Family StudiosPendragon: Sword of His Father, feature film, is a tightly-crafted, action-filled epic set in Britain’s dark ages. As the barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain defend themselves and their faith. The film has stunning visuals and a powerful score.

Lukantum Pictures (Spain)Myna Se Va – Myna Has Gone
IndieFest Film Festivals
Lukantum Pictures (Spain)Myna Se Va – Myna Has Gone, feature film, is the story of a young illegal immigrant woman who cares for a young boy. Viewers will be dazzled, perhaps overwhelmed, with the intense, riveting performances of leading actors María del Barrio and David López-Serrano Páez.

Chickasaw NationPearl
IndieFest Film Festival
Chickasaw NationPearl, feature film, is the true and touching story of a Chickasaw teen who pursues her dream of flying against the backdrop of the deepening American Depression and catastrophic Dust Bowl. Beautiful cinematography, well-told story and high quality post-production. Actress Elijah de Jesus delivers a brilliant performance.

Craving Dreams Entertainment (India)Boond
IndieFest Film Festivals
Craving Dreams Entertainment (India)Boond, short film, is a study of human nature that revolves around the timeless story of the corruption of power. Set in a remote village in India, villagers are at the mercy of a widow who in her desire to avenge injustice becomes the oppressor. Tightly-edited, Boond is a gripping and tragic story.

Paranoid Pictures (Canada)Growing Up
Indie FIlm Festival
Paranoid Pictures (Canada)Growing Up, feature film, is a satire of classic 80’s teen coming of age films. It’s a hip hybrid of Garden State and Crazy, with a powerhouse cast including Rosanna Arquete (Pulp Fiction), Rachel Blanchard (Flight of the Conchords, Wallace Langham (Little Miss Sunshine), and a breakout lead performance by Steve Yafee. The film features a soundtrack of some of Canada’s hottest music artists. Well crafted and edited, the film has an engaging and entertaining storyline.


Chris/Chris EntertainmentAshleys Ashes
indie film festival
Chris/Chris EntertainmentAshleys Ashes, feature film, is a carefully crafted comedy about what happens when a curious man inherits an urn of ashes of an unknown person. Ashley’s Ashes is an open-hearted, bittersweet film that frankly confronts human isolation and the courage it takes to overcome it. Written and directed by Christopher Hudson & Chris Kazmier, the film is filled with entertaining, quirky, believable characters who engage and amuse audiences.

A Richer Lens Limited (India)A Richer Lens Limited (India)Land Gold Women
bollywood film festivalA Richer Lens Limited (India)A Richer Lens Limited (India)
Land Gold Women, feature film, explores the reasons for the honor killing of thousands of women each year from the perpetrators point of view. Richly filmed with outstanding character development; this film one long remembered. At the core of the film is the relationship between father and daughter, and how the dynamics how the dynamics of it play out when the daughter decides to take her life into her own hands.

Denkmal-Film (Germany)Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money
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Denkmal-Film (Germany)Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money, feature documentary, is about how Agro-Chemical multinational corporations victimize international scientist to prevent them from publishing their scary findings.

University of Central ArkansasTable at Luigi’s
Indie Film Festival
University of Central ArkansasTable at Luigi’s, feature film, is a romantic comedy produced by the feature film making class at the University of Central Arkansas. This well-crafted, entertaining film is full of food, fantasy and romance.

Constant Flow Productions (Germany)Neander Jin
Indie film festival
Constant Flow Productions (Germany)Neander Jin – The Return of the Neanderthal Man, feature film, plays with different genres and styles, parodying a wide range of movies. It delivers a highly entertaining story that is joyful with absurd surprises. Audiences are sure to enjoy this movie.

ZeroGravity FilmsAgadez, the Music and the Rebellion
Agadez award
ZeroGravity FilmsAgadez, the Music and the Rebellion, feature documentary, tells the story of guitarist Omar Moctar, Bombino, a cult-like figure in the Sahara region of Africa. His songbook is a lyrical manual for change in a dangerous and uncertain time. It’s a well-crafted and well-edited tale.