Winners April 2012

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Satyricon PicturesSilver Case

Eric RobertsSatyricon PicturesSilver Case, feature film, has an impressive cast including Academy Award nominees Eric Roberts and Seymour Cassel. The film is a blend of comedy, action, and intrigue, and centers around a sealed briefcase sought by two powerful rivals. They didn’t count on the tenacity of two thugs who have the mystery prize in their possession. Brian Keith Gamble and Claire Falconer add outstanding performances. The Italian born director, Christian Filippella has filmmaking credits from around the world.

JewelLabs Pictures (Austria)Au Pair

Indie film  festivalJewelLabs Pictures (Austria)Au Pair, short film, is the story of the petulant and self-righteous teenager Jonathan who discovers an object of lust and develops manipulative possessiveness for his nanny Valerie. Valerie lives in Jonathan’s house where they share a sibling-like friendship. Au Pair takes an honest look at the disturbing and mysterious power that love has over us when we experience it for the first time. Director Paul Reisinger and producer Katharina Würthner made the film at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

indie film festival

AAA Analogy Service CorporationCowJews and Indians, feature documentary
Caid Productions, Inc.God Save My Shoes, feature documentary
Chandra PemmarajuLove, Lies and Seeta, feature film
Bozeken401(k) Magic, educational/instructional/training
Exodus CryNefarious: Merchant of Souls, feature documentary
Four Directions ProductionsMy Home, animation
Golden Era ProductionsThe Scientology Handbook: Tools for Life, educational/instructional
Guerilla Wanderers FilmsSimoom – “Cutting Seams”, music video
Helmut Dosantos (México), Dissent, short film
Lionheart FilmworksLet It Begin Here, history/biographical
Michael BondPassengers, feature film and leading actress (Angie Milliken)
MojoPro Films (Canada)Clutch, webisode
Oscar Studio Production (Cyprus)Marcos & Eva Wedding Trailer, wedding video
Passmore LabInner Earth, short documentary
Samvida Nanda (India)2B or not 2B, short film
Satyricon PicturesSilver Case, leading actor (Eric Roberts) and leading actor (Brian Keith Gamble)
Sourav De (India)1:30 am, short film
Wintershine ProductionsBloom, women filmmakers
Wonder Wheel ProductionsRumblestrips, feature film

Indie Film Festival winner

AB FilmsHold Up, women filmmakers
Alexa DiCambioThe Crane Wife, short film
American University of Rome (Italy)Veggie Propaganda, liberation/social justice/protest
Azusa Pacific University, We Present: Episode 9, experimental
Bottoms Up ProductionsGORK!, disability issues
Bunch Casseday ProductionsThe Green Rush, short documentary
Carbon Rush, Inc. (Canada)The Carbon Rush, feature documentary
Caritaps (Canada)Canary in the Mine, short documentary
Chandlery ProductionsElvis the Apostle, movie trailer
Chandra PemmarajuLove, Lies and Seeta, direction (Chandra Pemmaraju) and leading actress (Seeta: Melanie Kannokada)
Chapman UniversityJust at Puppy Love, leading actor (Donathan Walters)
Courtney WareRaspberry Jam, women filmmakers
Crossbow StudioFollowing Chase, short film
Daniel JaffeThe Mouth Wreaks Wet, short film
Deb Van DykeThe Story of Cholera, animation and use of film/video for social change
Eva NordholtMacy’s Journey, animation
Evan ApostolakusIn Black, casting
Federico VerardiWorking for Peanuts, short film
Fernando Usón Forniés (Spain)Reverberation, short film
Garland Waller ProductionsNo Way Out But One, feature documentary
Giganova Productions, LLCOxygen for the Ears: Living Jazz, feature documentary
Golden Era ProductionsThe Scientology Handbook: Tools for Life, religion/ethics
Got A Laugh EntertainmentThe One-Nighter, feature film
Grant HamiltonTime Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film, feature documentary
Habib SemaanBOMBS, short film
Haowei HuSeasons, animation
Illuminati PicturesGates of Hell, feature film
Inspirata FilmsWindsor Knot, short film
Islestone PicturesCoffee & Pie, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Jasmine GreerYellow, women filmmakers
Jeff P. JohnsStigma, feature documentary
JewelLabs Pictures (Austria), Talfahrt, short film
Kamen Casey, Ex Marks the Spot, African American
Kennedy PicturesMetal Gear, leading actor (Snake: Daniel Kennedy)
Laurent Morlet ProductionsWith Her, short documentary
Lawrence BuchérMutilation Mile, supporting actor (Jack DeGrasso: Lawrence Buchér)
Lexitricity Productions (United Kingdom)Gentlemen in Squalor, music video
Lindsay MorrisonGyre, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Lionheart Filmworks, Let It Begin Here, direction
Lost In Time PicturesLiquor Day Saints, feature film
Malao Film (Germany)Spaghetti für Zwei, short film and direction
Marc GreenblumWe Can Take Em’ On, music video
Michael BondPassengers, script/writer and leading actor (Cameron Daddo)
Michael BonnerEither Oar (By Virtue), music video
MojoPro Films (Canada)Clutch, leading actress (Kylie: Elitsa Bako)
Moxie Theory EntertainmentDiary of a Vampire, women filmmakers
New Path PicturesBridges, short film
One Films, LLCMy Country is the World!, short documentary
On-Site Research AssociatesStone & People, Native/Aboriginal Peoples
Paul TaylorCohesion, short film
Red Monkey FilmsPersona Au Gratin, feature film
Riley GibsonThe Flying Saucer Song, music video
Sababa Emporium Film Productions (Canada)Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, feature film
Sam KauffmannWhere’s The Blood Money?, short film and direction
Satyricon PicturesSilver Case, direction and supporting actress (Claire Falconer as Margot)
seventy7productions.comClay Matthews Fathead, commercial/infomercial
Spiderwood StudiosFlight of Magic, original song
Stanislava Buevich (United Kingdom)4th Dimension, women filmmakers
Sukhvinder ChamberFamiliar Faces, short film
Theory Pictures (Australia)Andrew & Bec’s Skydiving Video, short film
Tony GerminarioIn the Mourning, short film
True Form PicturesInside the Perfect Circle: The Odyssey of Joel Thome, feature documentary
TwoBirds, Inc.The Keeper of the Keys, feature documentary
Vladimir Maslakov (Russia)The Brothers Grim – Come Back, music video
Walid Salhab (United Kingdom)Innocence of the Spirit, leading actress (Farah)
Way To Go MediaDreams Awake, feature film