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Hollywood Studios InternationalJunction

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Hollywood Studios International
Junction, feature film, is an edge-of-your-seat genre thriller full of twists and turns that follows four strung-out meth-addicts who discover a dark secret about a homeowner during a burglary, pitting them not only against the police, but against each other. Summer Crockett Moore and Michael O’Keefe (Golden Globe and Academy Award Nominee) deliver intense roles with direction by Tony Glazer.

Crevice Entertainment Company LLC
Indie Film awards
Crevice Entertainment Company LLCBroken Roads, feature film, is a character driven drama in which a passionate young man (Aidan Bristow) and his grandmother (Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland) discover they are unable to find peace with their own demons until they find peace with each other. This is a well-written, carefully-crafted film directed by the very talented Justin Chambers
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Alex EsberGod Don’t Make the Laws, feature film and leading actress (Ella Rae Peck)
Artful Dosger ProductionsAmerican Autumn: an Occudoc, feature documentary
Dori Media Group (Israel)New York, drama program/series
Fawzia Mirza & Ryan LoganThe Queen of My Dreams, experimental
First House by the River LLCBlood Film, experimental
Image Entertainment Corporation Inc. (Canada)Rocky Tandoori, children/family programming
Jamaal GreenCurveball, African American
James Boss (South Korea)Sudden: Butterfly and the Dragon, short film
Jinu RoThe Wooden Doll, experimental
New York Film Academy PicturesLIFELESS #BeingKindaDeadSortaSucks, short film
New York Film Academy – Guy MalimMedicine Men, short film
Picardia Films (Chile)Sal, feature film
Reed SimonsenMolly Goes West, short film
Ruby Tree Films (Canada)Nightmare Factory, documentary feature
Trillium PicturesBestow, feature film
WDR Cologne – Hans-Peter Metzler (Germany)Raising Resistance, liberation/social justice/protest

Indie Film Festival winner

Alejandro Pereira (Canada)Caravan of Hope, short documentary
Alex EsberGod Don’t Make the Laws, direction (David Sabbath) and supporting actor (Jason Crabtree)
Andrew JamesRemember, short film
Anna Troyanskaya (Russian Federation)Circle Drums in the Back Yard, short film
Aron ThompsonShuffle, short film
Augmented RealityThe Journey to Myself, short documentary
Bad Alliteration Films (Singapore)Hindsight, short film
Bipolar Films, LLCSide Effects, feature film
Brenda Hilbig (Germany)Leo, children/family programming
Brett WilsonUprooted, animation
Chia-Chi Lee25, women filmmakers
Chris SpiesGold Stars, feature film
Cognito Studios (Canada), Dead End, movie trailer
Cullen FilmsCherchez La Femme, short film
D Studios ProductionsVampires, short documentary
Danny McShane (Australia)Friend Request, short film
Dark Nightingale ProductionsSober, filmmaker 17 years and younger
David Ellis FamilyCat ProductionsFlash-Films: Three Experimental Video Shorts, experimental
DIM PicturesPassive Fist, short film
Dori Media Group (Israel)Galis, children/family programming
Driven Productions, Inc. (Canada)Waiting, short film
Elias Productions, LLCHot Flash And Company, Reality Programming
Entertainment33 (Canada)Universal Ninjas, feature film
Five Rings ProductionsThis Tunnel South, feature film
Floating Stone ProductionsThe Cardboard Bernini, feature documentary
Full Swing Productions (Canada)Hardwood, short film
Fuzz Track Pictures, LLCFuzz Track City, direction and supporting actor (Ziggy: Josh Adell)
Heart Anchor Productions, LLCProhibited, short film
Hollywood Studios InternationalJunction, direction (Tony Glazer) and supporting actress (Summer Crockett Moore)
Huang Jiandong (China)Life is Elsewhere, feature documentary
Jae il Son, Vicious Circle, animation
Jasone Urgoitia UrrutiaMartha & Chloe, women filmmakers
John Handem PietteDalai Mongol, experimental
Jong HaMemory Box, animation
Justin & Mike KulikThirty Years in Reno, short film
Karlem Sivira Gimenez & Mike BlaneyYour Very Own Feast, women filmmakers
Katy Erin Poulter, I Hate You, Stephanie, short film
Mantis Eagle ProductionsNo One Lives Forever, movie trailer
Marco NaggarJoy Ride, short film
Michael CawoodDevils Angels & Dating, animation
Michael GrundmannThe Farminator, short documentary
Mohammed Obaidullah (Canada)When Jackie Met Saleh, Islamic
Montserrat EspadaleCrescendo, leading actress (Role: Maria Magdalena)
MultimakersThe Messenger, feature film
National Taiwan University of Art – Yu-Tong WengThe Double, women filmmakers
Navi Nav Production, LLCJurisdiction, short film
Nhojj SongNhojj – Music and the Word, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Nino AbateKillers for Hire, webisode/internet programming
OohLaLa ProductionsSeriously?! Ep2 – How to Get a Talent Agent, webisode/internet programming
Pain MD ProductionsAmerican Addict, feature documentary
Paul HowardSauce (Verb): To Make Agreeable or Less Harsh, short film
Picardia Films (Chile)Sal, direction
Pixilotta Productions (Denmark)Little People Living Inside My Head, experimental
Playacting Productions (Singapore)A Gran Plan, women filmmakers
RCM ProductionsErnie and the Moon, short film
Reed SimonsenStrip Mall, reality programming
Regent University – Timothy KayThe Silver Crown, short film
Rick CormonaMotive, short film
Saba Sabatier-CurialAbout a Week, leading actor
Sam Kim (South Korea)Vexations, experimental
Shelley Taylor (United Kingdom)In His Footsteps, feature documentary
Shemaroo Entertainment LTD (India)Chanakya Speaks – The Seven Pillars for Business Success, feature documentary
Shivani Kabra (India), One Such Bedtime Story, short film
Skeptic ProductionsLatent, women filmmakers
Skool Life StudiosBagged, 17 years and younger
Tara-Nicole AzarianCardboard, Christian
Third Wave FilmsSalt of the Sea, short documentary
Tomasz Woszczynski (Ireland)House Breaking, short film
Trevor HillThe Religious Test, feature documentary
True Form PicturesWe Enjoy Yourself, feature documentary
Two of Us ProductionsTaste It: A Comedy about the Recession, feature film
Valentina Sutti (Italy)Falafel: Revolution has Just Begun, movie trailer
VanWestFilm Productions Inc.One Body to Love, educational/industrial/training
Vito RoppoJennifer Wants a Baby, short documentary
Wet Leaves Productions (United Kingdom)Croutons, short film
Wilson MediaSong in a Day, short documentary
Wim Vanacker (France)The Naked leading the Blind, short film
Wolf Pictures (Italy)Dreaming Alaska, feature film