Winners February 2014

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

SMBC Theater, Starpocalypse, comedy web series

winner Indie film festivalAn encounter with the long-lost god who created humanity; sex-obsessed and entirely mad (Jessie Lande)

SMBC Theater, Starpocalypse, web series, is a comic space soap opera set in the far future where the last liberal arts professor and his brother, a physics professor, go into space after having outlived their usefulness on earth. This series hinges on deeper statements about human nature and is particularly thought-provoking when the subject is alternative and often irreverent ways of looking at theology. In a desperate attempt to find some purpose for philosophy, the brothers encounter a being in outer space who claims that she is the long-lost god who created humanity. She is sex-obsessed, entirely mad and takes them hostage. The plot is zany, clever, over-the-top and yet balanced. The series results from a collaboration of screenwriters James Ashby and Zach Weinersmith, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) and director Jason Axinn. Viewers love this campy, online hit.
indie film festival90th Parallel Productions, LTD (Canada)The Norse: An Arctic Mystery, documentary program
Aquavision TV Productions (South Africa), Cheetah Race to Rule, short documentar
Arely Miranda González (Ireland)Why Do They Fear Us?, feature documentary
Cathy YanLast Night, Asian American
Circle Films (Ireland)The Kennedys’ Irish Mafia, documentary program and viewer impact: entertainment value
Diane VillaviejaSuppose the Night Tasted Like Sugar, experimental
Education Bureau (Hong Kong)Happy Fruit Day, children/family programming
Hanfgarn & Ufer Film & TV Produktion & MA Motion Filmproduction (Germany)The Aryans, feature documentary
Havelock Arts Studio (Australia)Frangipani, gay/lesbian/transsexual and leading actor (Chatmath: Dasun Pathirana)
Ian CincoGamma Haze “Bodies”, music video
Misplaced Planet ProductionsHell Froze Over, webisode
Olga Korotko (Kazakhstan)Dove on the Roof, women filmmakers
One Planet Films (Australia)The Assange Agenda: Democracy and You!, feature documentary
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)Dream Obama, leading actress (Margareth: Natasha Dematra)
Psycho Rock ProductionsCUT!, feature film, direction (David Rountree), and leading actor (Lane Hayes: David Banks )
Smart Life Production (Slovakia)Monthlies, short documentary
Sterling Rock ProductionsThe Other One, feature film and leading actress (Amber: Grace McPhillips)
The House of Films (Spain)To The Other Side (Alicia Albares), short film

Indie Film Festival winner4th Street Park ProductionsBlue Butterflies, short film
90th Parallel Productions, LTD (Canada), Wind Rush, documentary program
A Voice Unspoken, Adam, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Alexander Bergmann (Germany), Momentum, filmmakers 17 and younger
Allen Morris, One Man, Four Lives, short documentary
Arely Miranda González (Ireland), Why Do They Fear Us?, feature documentary
AS Film Production (Kosovo), Agnus Dei, feature film
Asset PicturesLeave Keys in Car, short film
Barking Dog Pictures (Canada), Troubled Waters, Native/Aboriginal Peoples
Cal Coast Entertainment Corporation, Forget Me Not, feature film
Carlos Solano Perez (Spain), We Are Friends, short film
Christopher Defaye (Japan), LAMI, children/family programming
Citizen Kayne Productions!, Post Haste, experimental
Clark Kokich, 20/20, short film
Cornell Herg, Vision, Christian
Daniel Goldberg, The Master Cleanse, short film and direction
David Safin, The Birthday Present, humor/humorist
Derek Taylor, New Dress, public programming/PSA
Eddie Alcazar, Tapia, feature documentary
Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Good Habits in Public Places, educational/instructional
Fresh Air Productions, Thrown For a Loss, short documentary
Fricero Films (France), The Hunting, short film
Harm Weistra (Netherlands), Damaged Goods, experimental
Harold Salakianathan (United Kingdom), Turn a Blind Eye, short film
Havelock Arts Studio (Australia), Frangipani, supporting actress (Sarasi: Yashodha Rasanduni)
Horizon Films, LLC, The Passage of Time, feature documentary
Indie Chi ProductionsKantemir, feature film
Innovation Films (Israel), Short “Love”, short film
It’s Terrific Pictures, The Frontier, feature film
Jack StannardFlyelyfe NYC, short documentary
Jeffrey Bird (Australia), Who Mines the Riches: Strange Tenants, music video
Jewson Film Production (United Kingdom), Born of War, feature film
Joey Medina, Missing, Latin/Hispanic
Jolanda Ellenberger (Switzerland), The Freedom of the Heart, short documentary
Joyce Sherri, Down, Down, Baby, women filmmakers
Keller Entertainment GroupMy Persian Family, pilot program/series
Maxim Moskalev (Canada), The Dead State, filmmaker 17 and younger
Menlo School – Natasha Lasky, The Fly, film maker 17 and younger
Oaklvy ProductionsMary Loss of Soul, women filmmakers
Oscar Studio Cinema (Cyprus), Dragana & Fady: The Story Trailer, wedding videography
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia), Dream Obama, feature film and direction
Paul Emmanuel (United Kingdom), The Maid, feature film
Paul M. KellyMy Day, short film
Peter ZuppardoHelp Wanted, pilot program/series
Pixela PicturaFor the Love of Dogs, short documentary
Psycho Rock ProductionsCUT!, sound: overall impact
Purple Shoe Company (South Korea), Cheonggyecheon Stream Romance, music video
Randy Bacon, Man Up and Go, feature documentary
Rebecca Basso (Italy), Wish, music video
Rebel FilmsAvenge, feature film
Rita Blitt, Inc., Abyss of Time, experimental
Robert BaldoriBoogie Stomp!, feature documentary
Seayoon Jeong, The Last Day of Summer, short film
Shovel Kitty MediaWinners, webisode
Silent Giant ProductionsLegacy Cleaning, short film
Sister Batten ProductionsWalking In the Spirit, short film
Sterling Rock ProductionsThe Other One, supporting actress (Vera: Nancy Sellers) and cinematography (Christian Hins)
The Trouble Man Productions Company, LLCThe Trouble Man, pilot program and leading actor (Fick: Paul Nobrega)
Thomas Sanchez, The Knife of Don Juan, feature film
Tim Burton ProductionsSky Blue Collar, short film
Tip Jar Films, One: A Story of Love and Equality, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Tony Lawrence (Australia), Hercules Prince of Denmark, remixes/mashups
Toy Gun Films, Running Deer, Christian
Unity Productions FoundationEnemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story, short documentary short
Victorian College of the Arts – Yingxiu Shen (Australia), The Kid in the Closet, short film
Whitestone FilmJudith, experimental
Wilson M’BiavangaEnlightenments, short film
Xin TianLost In New York, short film
Yellow Dot Productions (Australia), OUT in the line-up, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Yolanda CentenoZugzwang, women filmmakers