Winners October 2011

Oscar winners Indie

Indie Film Festival winner

Naoki Maeda (Japan)Fighting Okan
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Naoki Maeda (Japan)Fighting Okan, feature film, follows a 38-year old woman’s dream of becoming a professional boxer and the impact on her family. This film has a fun and uplifting storyline with strong character development created by a talented actress and director.

Nota Preziosa (Italy)Vucciría, music video

2011 Oct VucciriaNota Preziosa (Italy)Vucciría, music video, in which a young woman passes a mirror and her reflection is much more colorful than her real life. Drawn closer, she passes into a new world filled with strange and wonderful characters. A superbly crafted little film with dazzling special effects, unique costuming and souring music

indie film festival

553AMMemory Lane, feature film
7Ponies Productions, Inc.LA Love Story Part 1, supporting actor (Glen the Agent)
American Heart AssociationHeartsaver First Aid CPR AED, educational/instructional
Dan Lieberstein, Lights! Action! Music!, documentary feature
GivenTendency, LLC (Germany)Bright in the Dark, feature film
Perception, 2 Kings, short film and leading actor (Sam Nima: Jon Alex)
Prashant Nair (France)Delhi in a Day, feature film
Robot Films & Three 21 FilmsStarla, leading actress (Nancy Mitchell as Katie Wilson)
Saberman…tooMy Life as Abraham Lincoln, feature film
Swinburne University (Australia)The Grace of Others, art direction
T-Films Limited (China)Beach Spike, feature film
Zumapaz ProductionsI Omega, short film

Indie Film Festival winner

Almost Holden ProductionsResolution of Two, short film
Andy TubbesingAnother Day In (Retired) Paradise, music video
Anthony BrennemanFrienemies, short film
Backyard Green FilmsHillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court, short documentary
BadNinja9Just Another Noir, feature film
bio/pic filmsa wet dream, music video
Clever Lever PicturesPinching Penny, leading actor (Alex)
Daniel Killman, Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific, feature film
Dena GreenbaumThe Agents, short documentary
Different Drummer Films (Canada)Donkey Love, feature documentary
Digital Light Beam Productions (Canada)Affairs Across America – The Ashley Madison Story, movie trailer
Elemental ProductionsAfflictions: Culture & Mental Illness in Indonesia Series: Volume 2, documentary feature
Framework ProductionTrapped in Perfection, feature film
James RuffattoTinsel, experimental
Jon Ryan SugimotoHer, film short
Les Seraphins (France)Suivez La Flèche (Follow The Arrow), short film and direction
Light on a Hill Media & Diverse City Films (Australia)Worlds Apart: Together in Adversity, short documentary
Liquid Vision PicturesSnooze, Charlie, short film
Michael MazzeoThe Bakery, leading actor
Lisa ShreveLights! Action! Music!, editing
Moonshine Movies (Australia)LIFE Before Death, documentary feature
Morgan Paar Productions, Five Boroughs, music video
New Concept FilmsAwakening Atlantis, short film
One Way Or Another Productions, Uptown, leading actress (Isabel: Meissa Hampton)
Parousian PicturesBeneath The Veneer of a Murder, experimental
Perception, 2 Kings, post-production: overall, special effects: animation, and viewer impact: entertainment value
Preston RandolphBridging the Gap: The Beverly Morgan Story, short documentary
Productions Forever (France)Une Larme de Plus (A Tear More), short film
Raymond YeungDerek & Lucas, short film
Regent UniversityThe Fire that Sweeps the Pine, short film
Richard Weiss ProductionsThe Book, feature film
Rick AlmadaPapa Zeus, feature film
Sandra WestonPhone Monkeys, supporting actress (Sandra Watson)
Scooping Owl Productions, Inc. (Canada)I Choose Chaos, feature film
Spheroid ProductionsLove Carries, original song (Your Love Will Carry You Through)
Spinning Owls ProductionsThrough the Door , short film
Steven PristinLe Voidwell, tube length video
Susanne BarrChristel Clear, short documentary
Swinburne University (Australia)The Grace of Others, short film, cinematography, and costume design
Sylvideo Productions, LLCI Want A Man, short film
Tarantula EntertainmentThe Pact, feature film
T-Films Limited (China)Beach Spike, supporting actress (Rachel)
Trevor HollenThe Gate, short film
Winston TaoWash Me, short film
Zac GeoffrayObsolete, short film