Awards of Merit – November 2014

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
Alexander Delnevo (Italy)
, Ballet Objectif, experimental    IndieFEST Film Awards
Alfredo Hueck (Venezuela), Package #3, movie trailer
Border Watch Films (USA), Refracted Glory, documentary feature, children/family programming, Christian
Bongani Mlambo (USA), Keep In Mind – Tori Vasquez Music Video, music video
Charlie Reeves (USA), Peacekeepers, webisode/internet programming
Cheyanne Kane (USA), Dispossessed, film short
Cody Mathieson Packer (USA), Tiger, film short
Edward King, III (USA), Riddle Me This, film short
Elpida Panourgia (Greece), time, animation
Eriah Howard (USA), No Weapon Formed Against Us, African American, Christian, dramatic impact
Eric Gerber (USA), Pester, film feature
Fiona Cochrane (Australia), All In Her Stride, documentary short
Fran Guijarro (USA), The Mural, disability issues
George Gaffney (USA), THE DESK, African American
House of Gorey Productions (USA), Boarding House, film short
Isaac Hoff (USA), Revolution Y, film short
Jill Sachs (USA), Ever Eve, film short
Kantarama Gahigiri (Switzerland), Pinot In The Grass, music video
Lesley Steele (USA), Destiny Jones, women filmmakers
Linda Millar (Australia), Long Shadows, movie trailer
Marissa Crisafulli (USA), Refuel, film short
Norman Gregory McGuire (USA), From Eva with Love, film short
Param Gill (USA), Last Supper, experimental
Paul Kaitson (USA), Antique Prayers, Christian
Peter De Verus (New Zealand), No Cigar, film short
Rebecca Kenyon (United Kingdom), Something You Can Call Home, documentary feature
Sam Lara, Georgie Patching and Naysan Santiago (Australia), Off Track, film short
Sanjay Patel (Canada), If You Love Your Children, film short
Scott Leger & Renee Sweet (USA), NEITHER AND BOTH, television/pilot program
Shu-Han Tsai (Taiwan), The Missing Piece of Life, film short
Veronika Riz (Italy), LAFNETSCHA, experimental
Vinodh Karuppiah Veeramani (India), Embolism, film short
Yen-Rung Chen (Taiwan), Grandpa, film short   Indie Film Festival winnerAlex Alessi (USA), Seek Shelter, film short
Alexander Sedyh (Russia), Away, film short
Alexia Salingaros (USA), A Girl With a View, young filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alicia Arinella (USA), What You Can Do Presents – Drought, Extreme Weather and our Marine Animals, use of film/video for social change
Alicia Arinella (USA), What You Can Do Presents – What You Need to Know About Mercury, use of film/video for social change
Amit Sharma (India), Simply Love, film short
Andrew Pisciotti and Joel N. Clark (USA), Wilderness, Christian
Andrew Wall (Canada), Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey, documentary feature, Christian
Anna Troyanskaya (Russia), Forbidden Evil, film feature
Art Herbig (USA), Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11, educational/industrial/training
Benjamin Owen (USA), Refracted Glory, documentary feature, children/family programming, Christian
Bernie Stern (USA), TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD, leading actress (Rachel Kerbs), webisode/internet programming
Brandon Freer (USA), Capsized, film short
Brian Corn (USA), Let’s Rise, music video
Bryan Cooper (USA), Corra at Home, film short
Christopher Nation (USA), SO IN LOVE, movie trailer
Claudio Sichel (Italy), The Man Who Was Forever Haunted by His head, music video
Damian Overton (Australia), the dead bird, film, leading actor (Alexander Gavioli), supporting actor (Ryan Light), direction
Dan Dixon (United Kingdom), The Stomach, film short
Daniel Vivanco (Chile), Maltreatment, Latin/Hispanic
Denise Carey-Costa (USA), Tony’s Tale, Tragedy in Arizona, documentary short
Derek Frey (USA), Motel Providence, film short
Diana Galimzyanova (Russia), february 28, film short
Ema Shah (Kuwait), Masheenee Alcketiara, music video
Eurico da Costa Ng (United Kingdom), Balloon Memories, animation
Florida Film Institute (USA), Silence, disability issues
Franco Esteve (Spain), Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, film short, original score (Consequence, The Doll Chronicles)
Fujio Torikai (Japan), Wild Mind 1, script/writer
Gabrielle Giacomo and Mary Grace Henry (USA), In Time, young filmmaker 17 and younger
Gary Zelasko (USA), Caught Inside, Christian
Giordano Cossu (Italy), Umudugudu! Rwanda 20 years on, documentary short
Gregory Graham (USA), Heavy Metal Greg, remixes/mashups
Homer Azari (USA), Lay with Me, film short
Hunter Wolk (USA), Girls Are Assholes, tube length video
Ilyssa Peltz (USA), Where Do The Torahs Go?, documentary short
Issa Ibrahim (USA), Patient’s Rites, documentary short
Jake Holm and Michelle Meyers (USA), Those Who Can’t Do, webisode/internet programming
Jake Mercier (USA), Defiance, film short, young filmmaker 17 and under, editing, sound editing/sound mixing, costume design
Jason Lange (USA), Share, film short
Jeff Kim (USA), Creep, leading actor (Jeff Kim)
Jensen Davis (USA), The Columbia Steps, young filmmaker – 17 and younger
Joel Mielle (Australia), Naked Picnic, film short
Joe Tong (USA), Naked Truth, film short
John Huntley (Australia), Interzone, film short
John Luksetich (USA), Shadow of the Monarch, film feature
Jonah Vigil (USA), People in the Trees, film short
Jose Montesinos and Brett Stillo (USA), Sensitive 70’s Turtleneck Tough Guys, film short
Joseph Spadaro (Italy), Upstairs, television/pilot program
Jui-Chieh Hung (Taiwan), Who am I?, animation
Justin Thomas (USA), Truth Through a Lens, documentary feature
Kazim Karaismailoglu (USA), A Key Is a Key: Stone Man (Made in Heaven), music video
Kazim Karaismailoglu (USA), Seaman, film short, young filmmaker
Keith Meyn (USA), Dark Mind, film short
Ken Oxman (USA), Dinner for der Fuhrer, film feature
Kevin Machate (USA), #RIP, film short
Kristian Messere (Canada), Ace on Fire, leading actor (Kristian Messere), film feature, action/adventure, dramatic impact, direction
Laura Enem (USA), The Loonies (WebL), webisode/internet programming
Lorenzo Berghella (Italy), Too Bad., animation
m & s Marshall Productions (Canada), Daughter of the King, direction (Matthew Marshall), religion/ethics
Mark Ang (Taiwan), Replace, original song (Old Age)
Mark Gendala (Australia), FREE AT LAST, film short
Martin Bamford (United Kingdom), Boom! Demographics are destiny, documentary feature
Matt Hausmann (USA), The Bigfoot Hunters, film short
Matthew Smolen (Australia), Chris & Josh (Season 2), webisode/internet programming
Matt Orefice (USA), Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache, children/family programming
Meng-Zhu Shi (Taiwan), JHENG-JI, film short
Meredythe Dee Winter (USA), She Rocks The Planet! TV #SheilaEICON, pilot program/series, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Micaela Silberstein (USA), Sharp Shooter, disability issues
Michael Horn (USA), And Did They Listen?, documentary feature
Off Off Hollywood Productions (USA), FreakMe, television/pilot program, leading actor (Guy Olivieri), supporting actor (Ryan Duncan), supporting actress (Kathy Searle), supporting actress (Patti Goettlicher)
Olympia Stone (USA), Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck, documentary feature
Ozfrank & Polygranate Films (Australia), The Castle of Macbeth’s Head, leading actor (John Nobbs), film feature
Paolo Pizzi (USA), The Blue Marble Of Joys And Sorrows, video
Ricardo Martin Coloma (Spain), Big Bag, animation
Ronnie Cramer (USA), September Sketch Book, animation
Runze Zhou (China), Copyright Warfare, film short
Ryan Blitzer (USA), Reveal, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ryan Francis Johnson (USA), Stray Dog Freedom, film
Samantha Sergeant (USA), Preface to Being Jaded “Band Dudes”, leading actress (Samantha Sergeant), television/pilot program
Scorpione (Italy), Memories from the Past, documentary program/series, web series
Shane Burley (USA), Hill Cumorah, tube length video
Shawn Richardz (USA), Painted Parakeets, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Sin-Ren Hung (Taiwan), Will You Be Back Again?, film feature
Takumi Kawagoe (Japan), Life of Sarumomo, animation
The JaM Project (USA), Gravity, music video, tube length video
Toby Poser (USA), The Shoot, film feature
Tom Snelgrove (USA), Perpetual Heliolatry, experimental
Tzu-Ching Huang (Taiwan), Lotus, documentary short
Wim Bien (USA), Losing It, film short
Yao-Jen Chang (Taiwan), Sexy Gun, music video
Yi-Kai Chen (Taiwan), Home Drifting Home, film short
Yi Zhong (USA), Mara, film short
Yvonne Mackay (New Zealand), The Berry Boys, documentary short

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