Award of Recognition Winners May 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Aaron Ellis (United Kingdom), Beneath the Skin, LGBT, Actor: Leading (Aaron Ellis as Joshua)
Adam Smalley (USA), Let Me Go, Film Short
Avani Bahl (USA), Losing A Generation, Documentary Short (Student)
Bani LogroƱo (Philippines), Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story, Documentary Short
Barry Worthington (USA), Sponge, Film Short
Brett Williams, (USA), Mixed Emulsions, Film Feature
Brian Morelan (Canada), Mining Moon, Actor: Supporting (Blaine Nosworthy as Jaelon), Actress: Supporting (Samantha Hum as Mipa)
Cecilia Gragnani (United Kingdom), When He Loves, Music Video
C.J. Revan (UK), Christopher Wren builds a Cathedral, Title / Credit Design
Damien Dematra (Indonesia), From Seoul To Jakarta, Actress: Leading (Natasha Dematra as Lenny)
Evan Draper (USA), AVARICE, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Fernando Azevedo (Brazil), The sunflower, Film Feature
Glenn Ellis (Australia), The Infected, Movie Trailer
Ji Li (USA), Sakura Kids, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Nicholas (USA), Darkstar, Experimental (Student)
Karma Deki (USA), Kushuthara- Pattern of Love, Actor: Leading (Emrhys Cooper as Charlie)
Kerry Chalmers (Canada), Queer, LGBT, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Educational / Instructional / Training
Mika Ela Fisher (France), Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit, Experimental
Mikael Teo (Singapore), Selfie, Film Feature
Nick Roy (Canada), Decretion, Film Short (Student)
Paul M. Kelly (USA), Last Words, Film Short
Pierre Schantz (USA), The Sad Snowman (new version), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rachel Tatham (United Kingdom), Time of My Life, Film Short
Raz Bercu (Israel), Shote Akfar – The village fool, Disability Issues (Student)
Rob Pirie (Australia), Living The Stoke 2, Action / Adventure, Documentary Short
Savvy Jaye (USA), Dear Girl, Film Short (Student)
Shangyuan Liao (USA), Choice, Film Short
Stephen Chen (Canada), BLISSED, Experimental
Tracey B. Wilson (USA), Flying Monkeys, Children / Family Programming
Trellis Woods (USA), MisQues, Film Short
Ye-eun Son (Republic of Korea), HI, Children / Family Programming (Student)


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