Award of Recognition October 2016

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of RecognitionAdam Velez (USA)
, Cellophane, Film Short
AJ Scordio (USA), Long Island Lights (Video), Television – Pilot Program
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), an anthropologist, Experimental
Amanda Barnes and David Speck (USA), The Duel, Film Short
Andy Galloway (USA), Gonzales: Come and Take It!, Film Short
Ann Huang (USA), Palpitations of Dust, Experimental
Anthony Donovan (USA), Good Thinking, Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons, Documentary Feature
Anthony Scibelli (USA), The Anthony Scibelli Web Series: “Dino-Warriors!”, Web Series
Ariel Sobel and Tao Mengdi  (China), The Lost Tribe, Documentary Short (Student), Jewish (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Blair Socci and Farah Brook (USA), Ladies Mass Shooting Association Meeting, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers
Brian Woodford (Canada), Wanting, Film Short
Burt Chojnowski (USA), Tirthraj, Documentary Short
Carlos Roman (USA), Touching Yonder ep. Perfection, Actress: Leading (Sharon Carpenter-Rose as Psychiatrist), Web / Internet Programming
Caroline Buzanko and Brandon Watson (Canada), Still Waters, Actress: Leading (Caroline Buzanko as Carlie)
Chamsy Sarkis, Smart News Agency (Syria), Nobel’s Nightmare, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Cheska Bacaltos (USA), It’s Complicated, Web Series
Chris Laforet (USA), Healed by Horses, Documentary Short
Craig Bettendorf (USA), Treading Yesterday, Television – Program / Series
David Haines (USA), B.F.F., LGBT
Declan Mulvey (USA), The Heist, Film Short
DI Wu (China), Dusk, Animation (Student)
Didem Avkan Gultekin (Turkey), THE LOSS, Film Short
Dominik Galizia (Germany), Figaros Wolves, Experimental
Elyssa Gershman (USA), My Big Fat Lesbian Bat Mitzvah, LGBT (Student)
Era  Waxer (USA), Tincture, LGBT
Ernesto M. Sandoval (USA), Fight or Flight, Disability Issues
Gabriela Maday (USA), Patrons, Web Series (Student)
Garrett Julian, Garrett Julian Productions, LLC (USA), Burning Man, Film Short

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Group of Rogues (Canada), Plight: A Comic Book Rock Opera, Webisode
Gung-Kai Koo (USA), Equipoise, Animation (Student)
Hae Jun Jeon (USA), Exit Interview, Film Short (Student)
Hung Ju Huang (Taiwan), Advancing like a shadow, Documentary Feature
Jack Reilly (USA), Simone, Film Short (Student)
James Durham (USA), Thirst, Film Short
Jason Zink (USA), Straight Edge Kegger, Movie Trailer
Jeewon Shin (USA), Fair Trade Meets Peace Coffee, Documentary Short (Student)
Jim Rucquoi (USA), loop the lake, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jonny Lewis (USA), G.I. Hospital, Animation
Jordan Work (USA), Julia, Christian (Student)
Kelly Schultz (USA), Lisa’s Hope, Documentary Short (Student)
Kenny Shedd (USA), Karma, Film Short
Kong Thao (USA), LIVEN, Film Short (Student)
Konie Kim (USA), Disappearance, Animation (Student)
Lark Buckingham (USA), Tattle-Tale Heart, Film Short (Student)
Layne Marie Williams (USA), DollFace, Women Filmmakers
Liliane de Kermadec (France), The cry of the ants, Documentary Feature
Liu Yan-ming (Taiwan), A Restaurant for the Wildlife, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Liz Taylor, Wild-Maple Films (Canada), Marital Aids, Actress: Leading (Liz Taylor as Christina), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Louisa  Adams (USA), Collision, Women Filmmakers
Luis Martinez (USA), Slap Worthy, Film Feature and Alien Story, Latin / Hispanic
Luke Van Mol (USA), Trial 47, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Cole Chilton (USA), A Well Read Woman, Film Short
Manny Rey (USA), Viking Zen, Documentary Short
Margie Kelk (Canada), Substratae, Animation
Maria Antonietta Romano (Italy), Miracle Works, Film Short
Mark Pressdee, Macoy Media (United Kingdom), The Final Scene, Actor: Leading (Mark Pressdee as Barry Bling), Actress: Leading (Carissa Wagner as Carissa Wagner), Experimental
Martin W. Payne and Grant Murphy (United Kingdom), Faith, Film Short
Massimo Bordonaro and Edward King III (USA), Caged, Actor: Leading (Trey McCurley as Chris Kline), Actress: Supporting (Karen Malina White as Karen Stevens), LGBT

IndieFEST Recognition Color

Melissa Gardner (USA), They’re Watching Us, Children / Family Programming
Melissa Ridgeway (USA), Dancing Around The Subject, Documentary Short (Student)
Michael Robert Anderson (USA), The Colors Of Perception, Disability Issues
Michal Imielski (Australia), Dead Sunrise, Film Feature
Miguel Chavez (USA), The Voices They Hear, Film Short (Student)
Mitzi Kapture (USA), The Process, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Muna Deria (Canada), Muslim Writers’ Room, Islamic
Nick Moon (USA), Ticking Hearts, Film Short (Student)
Owen Alabado (USA), Dudes, Web Series
PACTV (Plymouth Area Community Access) (USA), People of the First Light – Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective, Documentary Short (Student)
Parnia  Ayari (USA), Remember Me, Music Video
Payson R. Stevens (USA), Divine Spell, Experimental
Quinn Mulroy and Calvin Alley (USA), The Graveyard Shift, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rachel Black (USA), Possibly Cursed, Film Short (Student)
Rae Kanoa (USA), El Botone, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rafael Flores (USA), Amor for Alex, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Rafael Flores (USA), Immigration Turf, Latino
Rebecca Hardy (United Kingdom), DisPossess – Web Series, Web Series
Reni Walker and Jessica Maloney (Canada), Roomies, Film Short
Robert Lyons and Kevin Worth (USA), Little Princess Girl, Music Video
Roberto Sanchez (USA), Retribution, Movie Trailer
Samir Dash (India), Cleanliness Begins At ‘Home’, Actor: Leading (Student) (Abhinav Dash as 7 year old kid), Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Sara Walshe (Canada), Duck Soup, Animation (Student)
Sarah Scherer (Austria), Golden Shot, Women Filmmakers
Susan Downs (USA), The Big Secret, Documentary Feature, Documentary Program / Series
Takho Lee (Korea), Indie Music: Fighting Against the Stream, Documentary Short (Student)
Tanmay Shah (India), Pinch Of Salt, Documentary Short
Tiffany Toulze (USA), Surviving Woodlands, Documentary Short
Tim Carr (USA), The Other Ripken, Film Short
Tim Labonte and Frank Durant (USA), Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game, Documentary Short
Tristan McIntosh (Canada), Pillow Talk, Film Short
Tyna Ezenma (USA), Ghostwriter, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Urban Doe Productions (USA), VENDORS Web Series, Web Series
Vincent Chenzy Graziano (USA), Monday, Film Short (Student)
Violet Paley (USA), Chipped, Film Short
Vivian Zingleman and Jenny Kathryn Arasi, The University of Georgia (USA), Human Sexuality, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Will Scott (USA), The 27 Club, Africian American

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