Award of Recognition October 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Aberto Martinez(Canada), Scumbag, Music Video
Aidan Dickens (New Zealand), Sophie’s Den, Film Short
Alex Anikina (United Kingdom), Ostrannenie, Experimental
Alex Wroten (USA), The Girl from Carolina, Webisode, Web Series
Ante Novakovic (USA), Leaves of the Tree, Actress: Supporting (Sarah Sebastiana as Danielle Messina)
Anton Seregin (Russia), There is a bright light, Documentary Feature
Beecher Reuning, Regent University (USA), A Pointless Pencil, Film Short (Student)
Carlos Etzio Roman, Roman Pictures (USA), Dissensions, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming, Actor: Leading (Tom Lyle as Senator Bennett McCarthy), Script / Writer
Carlos Etzio Roman, Roman Pictures (USA), Touching Yonder: For Love, Film Short, Web / Internet Programming, Webisode, Actor: Leading (Therron Dumas as Jason Lewis), Actor: Leading (Kevin Troy as Ty Lewis), On-Camera Talent (Sharon Carpenter-Rose), Direction, Script / Writer, Concept, Creativity / Originality
Carole Eglash-Kosoff (USA), The Life & Art of David Labkovski, Documentary Short
Caroline Caza (Canada), Zoomorpic Ramble, Experimental
Carrie Yang (USA), Inundated, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chad Bruns, Tim Gallo and Scott Cunningham (USA), I Had Fun, Film Feature
Charalambos Margaritis (Cyprus), Large Scale Absurdities Vol.1, Animation
Chih Han Lin (USA), Purusha, Animation (Student)
Christian Nicoletta (Italy), L’allenatore dei sogni, Documentary Short
Christophe Karabache (France), Sadoum, Film Feature
Christopher H.K. Lee (USA), The Last Tear, Documentary Short
Chu-Jen Wu (USA), Paper Tiger, Asian American
Ciarán Lawless (Ireland), A Hollow Friend, Film Short
Dailey Pike (USA), Trumpopolis, Film Short
Dan Jonathan (USA), Malibu Living, Film Short (Student)
Dan Reheuser (USA), Man Servants, Web / Internet Programming, Webisode
Daniel Orentlicher (USA), Wonderment, Film Short (Student)
David Bussan (USA), The Gospel According to Charlie, Documentary Short
Dee Garceau (USA), We Sing Where I’m From, Documentary Short AND  Honor Song, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Derrick Wong (USA), Dreality, Experimental
Diablo Dean (USA), Deet n Bax Save the World, Film Feature
Dominick Evans (USA), trip, Film Short (Student)
Edward Reid (USA), Moscow, Idaho…, Television – Pilot Program
Elyse Ostrow (USA), Donald’s Mom, Actress: Leading (Lauren Langley as Maureen / Donald’s Mom)
Enrique Rico Diaz (USA), Harmony, Christian (Student)
Gianina Ferreyra (USA), Curly, Documentary Short
Gina Haraszti (Canada), Orison, Experimental AND  REI, Women Filmmakers
Hark Y (Hong Kong), UmbrellaCity, Documentary Short

IndieFEST Recognition Color
Jacob Miles (USA) , Therapist, Disability Issues (Student)
James Christopher (USA) , DisAssociationVille, Film Feature
Jennifer W Stein (USA) , Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton, Documentary Feature
Jose Cedeno (USA) , M.F. Robot, Music Video
Joseph Aceves (USA) , Too Fast, Web Tube Length Video
Joseph Ruzer (USA) , The Squatter, Film Feature
Kadri Koop (USA) , The Crossing, Documentary Short (Student)
Kahlil Maskati (USA) , FLY, Film Short (Student)
Kai-Huei Li, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) , The Whisper, Animation (Student)
Katrina Munday, Maite Garcia and Crystal Lane Swift (USA) , Silence, Actor: Leading (Andrew Tarr as The Accountant )
Kellyann Chippendale (USA) , Getting Meisnered., Women Filmmakers
Kirsty Robinson (United Kingdom) , Tea + Cake, Women Filmmakers
Kristian Hanson (USA) , Shadow Theory, Film Short
Kristine Clifford and Austin Lane (USA) , Heavenly Evan Lee, Web / Internet Programming (Student), Webisode (Student)
Lance Benedict (USA), Crazy Bill, Documentary Short
Lester Speight (USA), INSIDE, African American
Lin Shr-Jie, (Taiwan), Out of One’s Control, Film Short (Student)
Lindsey Weissman (USA), Adrenaline Rush, Remixes / Mashups (Student)
Luca Machnich (Italy), THE EVE -SHORT MOVIE 2015, Film Short
Luciana Lagana (USA), Aging and Falling, Educational / Instructional / Training AND LGBT United, LGBT
Mary Piller (USA), From the Cliff, Women Filmmakers
Matthew Aaron (USA), The Way We Talk, Film Feature AND Bromance, Film Feature
Max Jubilee (Australia), Missy Jubilee. 053. Voyeur, Experimental
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Quitter, Actor: Leading (David Topp as Gabriel), Public Service Programming / PSA
Meng-Wei Wang, Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), Addicted, Commercial / Infomercial (Student)
Mohammed Rashed BuAli (Bahrain), The Sleeping Tree, Film Feature
Nancy Romine Minkler, Bonnie Hallman, Heidi Brook Myers, Moosie Drier, Bless Her Heart Productions, LLC (USA), THE BAR, Web Series
Nihal Dantluri (USA), Parallel, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Po-Yi Chu, Kunshan University of Technology (Taiwan), Gluttony, Animation (Student)
Qi Dong Peng, Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), SUN CITY, Animation (Student)
Robert Cantrell (USA), Sharks of War: Truth, Tales, and Terror, Documentary Short
Ryo Saitani (Japan), Cesium and a Tokyo Girl, Film Feature
Scott Cassidy (USA), Black Figs, Film Short
Scott Strosahl (USA), Most Dangerous, Film Short
Sellus Wilder (USA), The End Of The Line, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Shanna Roberts Salée (Canada), Mistakes Were Made, Web / Internet Programming, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
Shihui Ye (USA), A New Year in Shanggan, Documentary Short (Student)
Shi-Yu Li, Hwa Hsia University of Technology (Taiwan), Just the seniors, Music Video (Student)
Silvia Kovatchev (USA), Moments From A Sidewalk, , Film Feature
Stephen Sherwood (USA), The King’s Guitar, Film Short
Steve Lainer (USA), The Attendant, Film Short (Student)
Thomas Florek and Doug Gentile (USA), Whateverland (the Tom and Doug Show), Television – Pilot Program
Wan-Jung Wang (Taiwan), Archipelago, Film Short (Student)


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